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Crap chapter, sorry guys :c Gerard gets Frank help.

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Gerards POV

I didn't know that the fuck to do. We just made out, like old times. But this time, I'm married. This time, I'm a father to the worlds most beautiful daughter. And Frank was a father too, though he didn't get to see his girls. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuckery fuck! I got up and went to the bathroom, peeking through the doorway to see a very pale Frank slumped over the toilet seat. He looked like shit. He looked up at me. 
"I thought you weren't going to throw  up?"
"I wasn't... At the time." 
He paused, before sitting up and throwing up into the toilet, making me cringe. It stunk. The stench and sound of it made me want to vomit myself. He groaned and looked at me.  
"Was my kissing that bad?"
I joked. He managed to crack a smile. 
"Of course not." 
He whispered, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. So he couldn't stomach food. That was a problem. 
"You need to see a doctor about that."
"About what?"
"You are bulimic."
He dropped his gaze. 
"No I'm not."
"Obviously. Frank, you have made yourself sick so much that your stomach is rejecting all food you try to eat. You have fucked your gag reflex."
Frank looked at me for a long moment before pursing his lips and shaking his head. 
"You're wrong. I'm not bulimic."
He said, getting up and flushing the sick away. He washed his hands, avoiding my gaze. 
"Making yourself sick isn't healthy."
I pointed out. 
"It is. I eat, I get fat. This way I can eat and eat and eat and get rid of it."
He said. I couldn't see why he'd do that to himself. He wasn't fat. 
"You're getting counselling."
I said, going back to the livingroom. He followed. 
I spun around to face him. 
"Because you aren't well, Frank. The cutting, the purging, the abuse. It's changed you. I need the old Frank back."
He looked quite shocked. 
"The old Frank?"
He whispered. I nodded and took his hand, putting it over his heart. 
"Yeah. The old Frank. The one who didn't give a fuck. The hyperactive little shortass. My favourite tattooed little guitarist. My best friend."
Franks eyes were watery by now, as were mine so I would leave it there before we became sobbing messes. He leaned up and kissed the corner of my mouth. He stunk of sick, though I didn't complain. 
"Go to bed Frank. You need it." 
I smiled. He nodded and went upstairs. I'd make a doctors appointment tomorrow. 

I got up early the next morning, at about seven before Frank woke up so I could book the appointment. It took about ten minutes before it was all set. I had asked for an appointment as soon as possible. Tomorrow, ten in the morning. It was soon enough. I was happy. Bandits familiar thump of her bottle being thrown caught my attention. I rolled my eyes and went to get her, doing the usual routine of taking her downstairs, putting on her cartoons and getting her breakfast. 
"Yes love?"
I smiled. She wanted to draw, just like me. She loved drawing too. I got her some pencils and paper and she set off to work. Frank came down, looking like shit and that was putting it nicely. Bandit gasped in delight. 
"Fwrankiee! Here! Draw!"
She demanded with a giggle. Frank knew he had no way of getting out of it, so he sat down beside her, getting a pen and a sheet of paper and began to draw a cat. Bandits picture turned out as too large circles and a few lines here and there. 
"What have you drawn there Bandit?"
I asked whilst brushing her hair. 
"It's Frank!"
She giggled. Frank raised an eyebrow at the picture. 
"But he is fat."
She frowned. Hurt was etched on Franks features. Shit. Bad move. He looked down at himself, checking how fat he was. 
"But Bandit... Frank isn't fat."
I said a little too quickly. Bandit nodded and got her pens. 
"Frank not fat. Frank thin."
She agreed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Frank relax a little. Bandit  started on a new picture, drawing something then tugging on Franks sleeve. 
She beamed. Frank looked at the drawing and frowned, unsure of what it was supposed to be. 
"What's that?"
He asked. Bandit got a red felt tip and smiled. 
"Your arm!"
She said. Frank nodded. Bandit drew lots of little red lines over the 'arm'. 
"What're you doing?"
Frank asked curiously. 
"Your cuts!"
She replied. Frank frowned and got up quickly, running upstairs. Bandit looked at me blankly. 
"He run away..."
She pouted. I followed Frank upstairs, peeking into my room to see him lying on the bed sobbing.
I sat beside him, stroking his hair until he calmed down. 

Franks POV

I wasn't being a pussy. But Bandits picture broke my heart. How did she even know about that?! 
Gerard was by my side in seconds, stroking my hair and shh-ing in my ear until I ran out of tears. I cuddled into him. 
"Your doctors appointment is tomorrow." 
He whispered, playing with my hair which made me feel sleepy. Ugh. Doctors. 
"I don't want to go."
I mumbled into his stomach. I knew I didn't have much of a choice now. Gerard wanted me to get better. I wanted myself to get better too but I don't want to give up my self-harm.
"You have too Frank."
Gerard told me. I lifted my head from his stomach to look at him. He was so beautiful. Hazel eyes, red fluffy hair that at the moment was unbrushed so it was poking up all over the place. He flashed a small smile at me. I wondered if that kiss meant anything to him. It did me. It was amazing. The happiest I've been in a while. I wanted to kiss him again. But I think he'd reject me, being married and stuff. 
"I'm not going."
I told him. He sighed, a frown forming on his perfect features. 
"You are."
He said. I shook my head stubbornly. Then it hit me. 
"There's only one way you'd get me to go."
I said. He was instantly intrigued.  
He asked. 
"Kiss me again."
He frowned at my request. 
"Just this once."
He said, leaning down. I shook my head making him stop.  
"No... More... Like a relationship."
He looked startled by my request. I was shocked at myself for even saying it. 
"You want me to have an affair?"
He asked. I nodded. 
"Only if you want too... I'm not trying to blackmail you or anything."
I said quietly, my cheeks going hot. He smiled and leaned down, brushing our lips together. 
"I love you."
He whispered. 
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