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"Be mine," Kat's POV

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But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find

That awkward moment when you happen to be walking with a good looking guy and everyone stares and starts to whisper…yup that’s exactly what is happening right now. I don’t understand why Frank insisted on Gerard coming to classes with me today. I mean come on, no one can get in my school without a valid reason and proof they are related to the person they’re here to see.

As a black hearse pulls up in front of the building, Gerard pushes me forwards, his eyes shifting around, “Get inside.”

“Shannon,” I call to my sister who has her earbuds in completely oblivious to the world around her. “Shannon keep up.”

She looks up, green eyes angry before turning her iPod up. Whatever. Grabbing Aven’s hand I pull her towards the math building. Whoever is in the hearse isn’t someone Gerard wants us being seen by. The second all three of us are inside we get seats in the back, Gerard sitting next to me.

“You can leave,” I mumble, pulling out my notebook as the teacher puts notes up on the board.

“Believe me; I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me here. Frank doesn’t want you alone but he can’t be around you so I get stuck with babysitting the human,” Gerard retorts, studying his nails.

“You’re jealous,” I answer not paying any attention to what my middle age teacher is going on about. The dark haired vampire fascinates me, his hazel eyes holding so many secrets.

“Of you, hardly, I hated being a human. So weak, so…stupid, so irrelevant, you’re nothing in a world of everything. I really am surprised Frank hasn’t killed you yet.”

“Miss Scott, would you mind paying attention or is what your boyfriend saying more important that algorithms?” the instructor asks, his slate grey eyes turned to me.

“I wouldn’t date her even if you paid me sir,” Gerard answer before propping his feet up on the desk and closing his eyes. I don’t understand why he is such an asshole.

As the lesson comes to a close, an hour late, I realize my little sister never came in. Figuring she just skipped as normal I continue to pack up as Aven drools over Gerard.

Flicking the sleeping vampire in the ear I head towards the door not caring if he follows. In truth I’d like to get away from him and venture in the woods. Frank would surely be waiting for me just inside the cover of the trees.

“So how did you meet the boy?” Aven asks as we sit down at a red picnic table a few feet from the math building; our next class isn’t until two.

“Through Frank,” I reply as Gerard takes a seat next to me, his eyes scanning our surroundings.

“Frank…I don’t like him much,” Aven states, not keeping her opinions to herself then again she never had so why should I expect her to start now.

“There’s nothing wrong with Frank,” I reply quickly. “He’s a nice person.”

Gerard burst our laughing, hitting his palm against the plastic table. Both Aven and I look at him, wondering just what had come over the dark haired man. I’ve never seen Gerard express any emotion but boredom, this is new.

“Yes,” I prompt wondering what snide comment he would come up with this time.

Shaking his head Gerard continues to chuckle. I can tell today is going to stretch on much longer than I’d like it to. Today is Friday and the start of Thanksgiving break which means I’ll have an entire two weeks with Frank. This thought brings a smile to my face.


By the end of school I still hadn’t seen my sister. It’s not like her to skip all her classes. Although I’m worried about her I understand that Shannon is a big girl and tends to enjoy time by herself. If she needs anything I’m sure she’ll call, after all the girl does have a dorm key.

Following behind Gerard I lead Aven towards the house where I will be staying for a full two weeks. She’s never actually met my extended family but I figured if I want her off my back I might as well introduce everyone.

An anxious looking Frank greets me at the door, gently kissing my cheek before extending a hand out to Aven, “I’m Frank, come inside, it looks like it might rain.”

Stepping into the living room I notice everyone, even Ari is gathered in the living room each holding a styrofoam cup of Ramen noodles. This is different. Aven waves, smiling as she sits down in front of the fire; I suppose I’ve got to introduce everyone now.

“Alright, well Aven, you’ve already met Gerard, um, the one who hugged me is Frank. Uh, the skinny one with the dorkie glasses is Mikey, Gee’s little brother. His girlfriend is Mel, the one with the red eyes. Ash-lee is Gerard’s girlfriend,” I start swaying back and forth awkwardly wishing I could hold Frank’s hand.

“Ash-lee’s the one with the bright orange leggings on, right?” Aven asks, having learned about Ash’s infatuation with bright leggings.

Nodding I continues on, “The one with the blue streaks is Mia, next to her is Jasmine. Then Juliet has the blonde hair with the purple and pink in it. Ari, who is injured right now, well she’s the only other one I haven’t introduced.”

Taking a deep breath I move to stand against the wall glad I’m done introducing everyone. I don’t think I ever realized there were so many people in this house. Then again I don’t think we’re ever all here at the same time.

“Big family, reunions must be fun,” Aven says and I pray the others play along. The only way this will work out is if my best friend continues to think I’m joining in celebrating Thanksgiving with my ‘boyfriend’ and his family.

“They’re a blast,” Mikey answers before disappearing into the kitchen, Mel following shortly after.

For almost an hour Aven talks to everyone, not even noticing the nod behaviors such as finishing each others sentences or Mia and Jasmine’s constant tuning out to look into the future.

Juliet walks Aven back through the forest, claiming that there are a few wolves that like to roam around at night. If only Aven knew what was really out there, she would never have agreed to come into the woods with me.

Once everyone has cleared the room Frank pushes me against a wall, his lips moving feverishly with mine. I’ve never had him show this kind of affection.

“I thought they were going to get you,” he mumbles hugging me close to his chest. “I couldn’t lose you.”

“I’m fine, Gerard kept us safe,” I answer.

“Be mine?”

“Sorry,” I answer just a little confused.

“Be my girlfriend,” Frank answers kissing my cheek.

Smiling I nod before he presses his lips to mine again; I’m so glad I’m on break.

Author's Note: Hope you like it. Sorry if there are mistakes,I wrote this and didn't have time to edit. Title/lyrics at beginning from Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade. Happy Reading :)
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