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High Schol Demolition Lovers...

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FRERARD; gerards the new kid. frank hates him, he will never understand why. when the get told the have to be dorm buddies, things change...

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(Gerards POV

god... first day at boarding school. i will never understand why mom thinks it will be better for me here. its just gonna be like all the other public schools. ,the bullies and teachers who hate me, the fact ill never fit in, only this time, i cant go home at the end of the day. i decided it was getting late, so i pulled the batman covers over me and enjoyed the last night in this bed.

fucking alarm. i scramabled out of bed and rubbed the sleep out of my i eyes, i stumbled to the bathroom and began to clean my teeth. i looked in the mirror. SHIT! i forgot to dye the bright red out of my hair. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. i ran around like a headless chicken looking for the god damn black hair dye. i began rubbing the cream on my scalp, i decided i would try and multi task. i pulled on my faded skinny jeans and ran downstairs to get some toast, mom gave me an awkward look, all i said was 'hair, red. dye black. gotta go!' and with that i ran upstairs, pulled my head over the bath and began to rinse out the dye.

when i hade finished i shouted bye to mom and began to walk to the hell hole, i was gonna be living in until the next holidays. i wish my brother was here. he lived with our dad though, and there was no way i was parting with my loving mother.

i pulled out a packet of cancer sticks and began to light one. this probably wasnt a good idea, as i was just approaching the school. it probably wouldnt be good if i was done for smoking on my very first day. i took a few last drags and flicked it on the floor, rubbing it out with the sole of my converse.

i made my way to reception. the woman behind the desk was very nice. she motioned me to follow her and said 'ill take you to your dorm room so you can settle in, you'll be on your own for the first few weeks until we find a roommate for you, hope you dont mind?' i replied with a simple nod, implying that everything was fine. when we got to my dorm the kind receptionist said she would leave me to it. when she closed the door behind her i flopped on the bed, thinking what i had got myself in for.
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