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Chapter 3!

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My sister needs to learn to stay out of my crap. I was typing again, I used over half the day, and when I came on, it was webkinz... Whatever the hell that is. And I'm sorry it took a while for an update, I had to go to a wedding.

Still Mel's POV
beepbeepbeepbeep I jumped at the sound, almost having a heart attack, before realizing it was just my phone. Who the hell calls this early? It's... 9:43... Nevermind "Hello?" I said, standing up and wiping the sleep from my eyes. "Hey, Mel! Mikey's not answering," Where is that damn piece of electronic crap? "Do you want to talk to him?" "If he's up..." "He'll be up shortly." I said, I placed the phone to my chest so Gee wouldn't have to hear any swearing that might occur, and I began to poke Mikey's side, attempting to wake him. "Mikes. Miiiikey..." He grumbled something that resembled swear words, and rolled off the couch with a thud. I snorted a laugh as Mikey stuck his hand out pitifully. I grabbed it, and hoisted him up to his feet. He stumbled a foot or two, then took the phone. "Yeah?" He grumbled, still half-asleep. "Oh, hey Gee... Yeah, it's under the pizza box... Cool! Okay, see ya." He clicked my phone shut, and starte giving me the stink-eye. Oh, god! He looked ridiculous! "What?" I laughed. "You pushed me." He said, sounding like a little kid. "No, I didn't!" I said, just as childish. He stared deep into my eyes, and I stared back. I walked till I was an inch from his face. Three words. /Poker Face Off/.
Bob's POV
"Mai. Mai. Mai. Mai! Mai! MAI!" "WHAT?!?" "Hi." "What is it Bob? You only do that annoying name thing when you've got something to talk about, so spill it." She grumbled, She was flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch, and I was pestering her from the other side of the couch. "You should've been there! It was awesome! Ray is a guitar god! And Gerard gives every ounce of his voice when he sings! It was awesome!" I said, excitedly. "You have to be there next time!" I said, she gave up on the remote, and looked at me. "I dunno, Bob..." "Pleeeeeeeease, Mai?" I tried to muster up all my power to... use 'Bambi eyes'. She looked at me with the 'It's not going to work' face, then it dissolved, and she smiled. "Okay. I'll go!" "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!"
I know it's short, but, my dad's pestering me to get off the computer, but I'll try to write more tonight and post it from my iPod!
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