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Charlotte learns more about Joel and benj

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Charlotte's Pov

They Surrounded Me. I Couldn't get Away. I was Going to die and I never Got to Say good Bye to Magi, or the Twins, Joel and Benji. They Came Closer and Closer then I heard Rustling in the trees and saw Benji Up there “Benji!” I screamed. He looked Down On me, he wasn't the same Benji I knew. He Face was Scrunched up, His eyes were Red and he had Fangs. “Benji?” I said Looking at him. “Benji is Long Gone, love” He said. He Jumped down on me then I felt Stabbing pain. Everything went Black.

“Charlotte! Get Up!” I Heard Magi Yell from The Living room. Magi Is one of my best friends, She has Pitch Black hair, Ice Blue eyes, She was Pale, and She had Snake bites. Magi and I moved in together when we were 16. I'm 17 now and shes 16 ½ . I Got Up and Went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, I squeaked, I forgot I had Piercing Red hair and Gauged ears and a lip ring. I Put Lime Green Eye liner around my Dark Brown eyes. I went in my room and Got A Buck Cherry Tee-shirt and Blue Skinny jeans on and ran downstairs. “Finally” Magi said handing me Coffee. Arhooooo Ruff Bark “ Polar, Pablo, and Dani! Shut up!” I screamed at the barking dogs. Knock knock knock. “I Got It!” I yelled Running to the Door. I Saw Two Figures, one had Spiky hair and the other had plain Black hair. I Opened the door “Hey Joel” I said. Gulp. I thought about my dream and then I thought Benji's Face turned in to The vampire face from my dream. “Char?” Benji said reaching at me, I jumped back. “Benji!” I screamed “You Okay Charlotte?” Benji asked “Yeah Well Kind of.” I said Sitting down in the living room. “Whats Wrong Charlotte?” Joel asked As We Sat Down on the couch. “I had a dream last Night.” I started out “ It was about me and I was walking in the graveyard and then I was near a tree and Vampires came out of no where. Then Benji was in a tree and he was a Vampire as while and he Bite me.” there eyes winded as I talked about Benji and Him becoming a vampire. “You okay Guys?” Magi asked Giving us each a cup of coffee and Sitting down. “Yeah.” Joel Said Standing Up. “ I Gotta go Pick up some new Kids That live by us. Wanna Come Benji?” “Yeah.” Benji said standing up and walking to the door “Thanks For the coffee Magi” Joel said pushing the door open and walking out. We Watched them go to there Black Mustang. Benji and Joel's Parents were billionaires, Literary. “Lucky Mo Fos” Magi said stand standing up. “ Don'tcha think its kinda weird that they Both had to leave? I asked as the drove away. “No” Magi said Getting ready for school. “Humf” I said Getting up. I was worried because I have a crush on Benji.

Benji's Pov
“Joel She Knows! She Knows What we are!” I said looking out the window it was a sunny day. I know what your thinking vampires in the sun? Impossible. Well Joel and I are Special vampires, We have the ability to be in the sun and not burst into flames. So Do the 'new kids', Yes They are vampires. Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero,Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, Ryan Ross, Patrick Stump, and Pete Wentz. We're all from the same 'Family'. “Benji Calm down she might know what we are but she doesn’t know what she is yet.” “She Might.” “She left her parents, They're the only ones who would know.” We Showed up at Pete's house. I got out and walked up to the door and knocked. “Yeah?” Pete asked answering the door. He Looked Drunk or Hung over. “Pete We have school today get dressed.” I said walking to the Car “Joel I’m going to stay here with him and make sure her gets dressed and ready.” I walked back to the house. “Come on Pete lets go get dressed. Are you Drunk?” I Asked as We walked in the house. “Benji you know I quit a few years ago.” “Just making sure.” “ Your a good Friend, Benji” Pete said Patting my back. “Thanks. So are you, Pete.” I said. He Lead me in the kitchen and opened the fridge. “ You Like o- Right?” he asked tossing me a bag of blood. “Yeah. Thanks” I said biting into it. Man I haven’t had good blood in along time. Pete Laughed and Went upstairs and got dressed. I called Joel “Who have you got yet?” pause “Okay So Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob and Brendon.” Joel Said. “Okay Pete is almost ready so be here soon” “Kay” “Bye” I Hung up and stood at the bottom of the stairs. What if Charlotte did know about her-self? She probably doesn’t. Pete came down Dressed and ready to go. Joel honked outside. We walked out and saw that Bob had to bring his Jeep. We Jumped in Bob's Jeep and Speed off to school. “Hey Guys.” Magi Said When she saw us. She haven’t seen the group we brought with us yet. “Magi” Joel said. Joel was a douche when the gang was in town. “Hey Magi” I said Hugging her “ Hey Charlotte” I said going over and hugging her. I have a slight crush on her. “Hi Benji.” She said “Guess what?” she said Grinning. “What?” I asked getting excited. “You know what vampires are right?” she asked “yeah.” I looked a Joel. “Well Turns out I’m the Vampire Slayer.” she said in a hushed tone. “Uhhh Cool I guess.” I said walking away. Fuck. Friendship equals Ruined. “Maddens!” We heard Gerard yell. “What?” we yelled back. “What do you want done with it.” He said. We turned around he had his arms around Charlotte's neck. “Put her Down!” I yelled and Ran over to Gerard and Pushed him off of her. “Thanks Benji” she said. She got up and walked inside. Magi ran after her. “Looks Like we cant stay here.” Joel Mumbled.
“We Can and We will.” I said walking inside and getting Magi and Charlotte and dragging then back outside. “We need to talk!” I Screamed and dragged them to the woods, Joel and everyone fallowed us. “Charlotte We're all Vampires” I said gesturing at Joel and the Guys. “Wh-wha-what?!” she said eyes getting big. “Yes Charlotte Joel and I are vampires. We always have been. And theses guys are vampires Too.” I Said. “But that means- I Can't Kill you Benji! I Can't! I Won't!” Charlotte said Standing up and walking away. Magi ran after her. Well So Much For that.

Pete's Pov
“Benji!” I said though gritted teeth “How could You! Tell The Vampire Slayer that we're vampires!” Benji just sat there. “She found out. She knows.” He said looking blankly at the ground. “It's okay Benj” Joel Said patting his back. “Joel, Shes Going to kill us.” Benji said looking at Joel. “Maybe not.” Joel said, He was ling to make his brother happy, Typical Joel. “Yeah” Benji said Getting up and walking to the school. “We have to go to school?” Patrick asked. “Yes Love” I said taking his hand and walking to the school. Patrick Kissed The Top of my head. “Back To School.” We laughed. “I'm Hungry Rick.” I said Wrapping my arm around his waist. “Me To Pete, Me To.” we got inside, Hundreds and hundreds of human Kids. I Licked my fangs. “Pete You can't eat them, Hunny” Rick Said Into my ear. “I know that, Rick” I said back to him. We walked to the office.

Patrick's Pov
I Grabbed Pete's Hand and we walked in the office. Joel and Benji went to class already. “Uh, Hello Boys.” The office Lady said when she saw ten teenage boys walk in. “we're new here we need Stuff.” Gerard said. “Uh Sure, but I need to talk to your parents” “ We Don’t have any” Brendon said. “oh.” she said. I looked at Brendon and Ryan they were holding hands. Gerard had his arm around Frank. Ray and Bob were Talking and Cooing to each other. And then Spencer and Mikey were Just sitting there talking. I laughed, we're one fucked up group. She came back and Gave us what we needed and we went to class. “Bye Rick” Pete said Kissing me. He's So Short! I laughed and he walked away. I went to class and Found a spot to sit “ Hi I'm Andy” The kid next to me said Putting his hand out. I shook his hand, “ I'm Patrick.” “Cool” He said and went back to drumming on his desk. “You a Drummer?” I asked “Nah. I want to be though.” “ Cool. I want to be a singer.” I confessed. “ You know a Bass player ” he asked laughing. I laughed “I do. Pete,my Boyfriend.” We laughed for a few minutes. “We should start a band.” he said smiling. “We should. But a guitar player? I mean I can play but-” I said. “Oh my Bother plays” he said “ His Name is Joe.” Now I want to be in a band. “ Awesome!” Just then the teacher walked in. Class Droned on for 45 minutes. The bell rang and I stood up “ nice to meet you Pat.” Andy said Picking his stuff up and we walked out the door. “Yeah We'll have to meet up and make a band.” I said walking to my next class. Andy came up to me 'Whats your next class?” “Math” I said “Joe is in that class” he said looking around. He stopped at looked at a girl who was motioning him over “Gotta go!” he said running off. I walked to class and took a seat. No one sat by me. The teacher came in and talked a bit then she looked at boy who I could've sower was Andy “Joe! Pay attention.” 'Sorry” he said Putting a notebook and pen away. Beep Beep Beep. A fire? Or a drill? We lined up and went outside. I went up to Joe “ hey are you Andy's brother?” He jumped and looked at me “Yeah. Why?” “ I talked to him about being in a band” “Oh Cool.” I spotted Pete and Brendon. Andy Came over to us “ I see you to met” “Yeah. Uh Come meet my boyfriend and one of my best friends” I said walking over to Pete and Brendon. “Rick!” Pete yelled running and jumping in my arms. “Hey Babe” I said Kissing him. “Hey Rick” Brendon said “Hey Bren” “Where's the Ways, Maddens, Iero, Toro, Byrar, and Ross?” Pete asked looking up at me. “I don’t know” I shrugged. Frank and Gerard came up, Gerard was carrying Frank Bride style. Frank was Covered in ash “Frank! Are you okay?” I said running over him and Gerard, Pete Still In my arms. “he tripped on his way out. The fire almost got him. I almost lost him.” Gerard said Bawling at the end. “He'll be okay right?” I asked. I was NOT about to lose a vampire “Family” member. “Not till he gets Ya Know” I Gerard said “Feed off someone? Or Blood bag?” Brendon asked. “Brendon Shut up!” I yelled. Mikey, Joel, Benji, Ray, Bob and Ryan all walked over. "Blood Bag?” Andy asked. Shit I forgot about them not being vampires. “Its a joke” I said. They nodded and walked away. “Brendon!” I yelled. “I didn't know they weren’t one of us!” he yelled back. We all walked home. Frank was not doing well. Gerard sat him down on the couch and Ran and got him a blood bag. Frank was doing much better by 5'o clock. Apparently some kids from school fallowed us home because there was a knock on the door and Faces looking in our windows. I ran to the door. “Uh Hi” I said 'Why did you leave so fast? Why didn't you stay at school till we were dismissed?” “Because we had to go to the hospital” I said slamming the door in there face. A few hours later we were playing video games and talking. We heard a knock on the door and the doorbell ring. I ran and got it. It was Joe and Andy.
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