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How I miss yesterday

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"Oh memories where'd you go? How I miss yesterday. And I let it fade away."

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Authors note: This is my first story. It takes place before Panic was formed and it was just Ryan and Spencer. This is all 100% fiction(as far as I know) and yeah I know they started the band when Ryan was like 12(?) but in this we're just going to pretend he was 14. WANRING: Some foul language. They smoke cigarettes. Just thought I should warn you guys. Also the person in this story used to be best friend's with Brendon Urie.

He watched as I unfolded the note. His eyes studying me as I began to laugh. I looked across the classroom to him.
"So you're the new kid huh, Alex is it? Cute name;). Well I'm Ryan. I'm probably staring at you as you read this so hi! P.s meet me after class." That's what he wrote to me.
"Yeah and Ryan? I love you hair. Haha creeeep staring at me! Hi! Meet you by the door!" Is what I wrote back.
I felt the butterflies in my stomach and my heart skipped a beat as he looked at me with his hazel eyes. They were beautiful. So innocent and gorgeous. He definately had a baby-face. Looking nothing like 14.
I looked over to the clock. 15 more excuriating minutes until I can talk to him.

15 minutes of a boring lecture on something about hydrogen and oxygen atoms later

I finally could talk to him.
"Hi Alex" Ryan said putting his hand up as I wait by the door for him.
"Hey." I said as I blushed I didnt know why I blushed but I did. I guess because I had never heard someone say my name so beautifully.
"Your face matches your hair!" he laughed refering to my auburn hair.
I didnt say anything, just kind of began to walk away.
"Hey I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that, I actually think it's kind of cute." he winked at me and I couldnt help but smile wildely now. I couldnt help it. "Hey lunch is about to start you should come sit with me and my friends Spencer and Brent. They'd really like you." I didnt have enough time to protest nor did I want to. I had no where else to sit so why not?
Ryan took my hand and led me down a few halls until we got to the lunch room. He sat down and I sat next to him, in between him and spencer.
Spencer was gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as Ryan. Ryan introduced me, then I realised he was still holding my hand under the table. I looked at our hands, his long boney fingers intertwined in mine, hoping for him to never pull away.
"You're pretty hot." Spencer said as he winked at me. My face turning red again. Ryan squeezed my hand tighter, I squeezed right back. His face angry, but trying to look calm. "Whoa sorry Ryan didn't realize you and Ms. Red-Hair here had a 'thing.'"
"We don't..." Ryan said letting go of my hand. I sighed because I never wanted him to let go. He immediately grabbed my hand again, and I smiled at him.
"I'm going to get lunch," he started as he stood up, my hands still in his "wanna come Alex?"
"Uhm, sure?" it came out more like a question. I stood up with him.
Spencer just stared at us. He knew Ryan was taller than me now, if he hadn't before.
"Sure looks like you guys aren't together." Brent said pointing to our hands. I blushed again.
"Fuck you, Brent." He hissed at the younger boy sitting at the table and began to walk away with me trailing behind still hand-in-hand.
We walked out of the school. "I thought we were getting lunch?" I said trying to stop him.
"We are." he purred as he turned around to stare at me with an evil smile. I was afraid of what was going to happen next. I saw way to many rape movies. I didn't know him. I was small and weak compared to him, even though he looked like he was a skinny weakling. He could easily overpower me.
"I- I wanna go back." I stuttered trying not to sound scared but it was obvious I was.
"Why? You're hot and I'm still a virgin." He said laughing, and I knew what he meant but I knew he was joking. I was less scared now. He pulled me into a hug. "What did you think? That I'm going to rape you or something?" He laughed and I felt the tears well up in my eyes. I nodded into his chest. He pulled me away from him gently with his hands still on my shoulders.
"T- that's exacly h- how it happened l- last time." I said looking at my feet tears spilling violently from my eyes. He hugged me tighter than I had ever been hugged, and god did I love it.
"Oh god Alex I'm so sorry, I- I didn't know. I'm so sorry." He said, his voice cracking.
Then he kissed me and I loved it. It was perfect. He beautiful, pink lips against mine. Everything I hoped my first kiss would be.
I fell to the ground into a heap of sobs. He stayed by my side the entire time. By the time I stopped crying the school day had ended.
"Who was it? I'll fucking kill them!" He screamed. I laughed through tears but he had a straight face.
"I- I don't know I was walking home alone late at night and..."
"Bye Brendon!" I said waving at my friend as I walked out of his house.
"Bye Alex are you sure you don't want me to walk you home or my parents to drive you home?"
"No, no I'm fine." I said smiling.
"Ok call me when you get home." He said waving to me.
"Will do!" I said waving back to him.
I was staring at the stars when I heard footsteps behid me. Probably just Brendon making sure I got home ok, but these footsteps were louder than Brendons. I started to get scared and walked faster.
"Brendon stop following me! You're creeping me out!" I said turning around. This person was much taller than Brendon. Only by a little he looked 16. He began to laugh as I tried to run but he grbbed me by my hair. I begged and pleaded and cried. My best argument of the entire time was 'Please! No! I'm still a virgin!' that was it.
"Hey why are you running?! We're gonna have some fun!" He slurred his words. It was obvious he was drunk. I got knocked out by something and I didn't remember anything when I woke up. When I woke up my pants were down and so were my underwear. My shirt was ripped and my hair was a mess. I pulled out my phone and dialed Brendon's number not caring that it was 3 o'clock in the morning.
"Alex? Did you just get home or something?" He asked, I could tell he was sleepy. I started to cry.
"Brendon please come get me I'm on the next block. B- Brendon, I was j- just raped..."
"Oh my god stay right were you are I'm coming to get you and I'm bringing a knife."
"Please hurry." I said and I passed out. next thing I knew I was in Brendon's house. His mom was on her cell phone with my mom and his dad was on their house phone with the police.
"YOU CAN'T JUST FUCKING NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! SHE'S A FUCKING FOUR-TEEN YEAR OLD GIRL!" His father screamed into the phone. "SHE WAS A FUCKING VIRGIN YOU IDIOT!" I had never seen him so angry. After he hung up he broke down and cried, running to the bathroom to throw up. It was comforting to see him crying actually. He was usually a strong man. Never cried about anything. His father, mother, and Brendon were all crying.
"Brendon," I started and he stared into my eyes "can I stay over tonight?"
"Of course! Were do you want to sleep?"
"C- can I sleep with you in your bed? I wanna feel safe." He looked at his mother and she nodded.
"Don't worry Alex we'll find him." Brendon said hugging me.


Ryan started crying too. "Did they ever find him?"
"Yes. He's in the state penitentary for 30 years. I went there once to ask him why he did it, and he cried and said he didnt mean to. He said he never wanted to steal my virginity he was drunk and stupid and he said he never wants to drink anything ever again. I didn't believe him." I said looking at my feet.
"Follow me." Ryan said holding out his hand for me to grab. I stood up and grabbed his hand.
"Where are we going?" I said looking all over the place.
"You'll see." He said smiling.

Authors note2: Please review! Tell me where I need to improve please!
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