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Chapter 2 - Innocent

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"Oh my god, he thinks you two are perverts!"

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“Lexa… Lexi… What are you doing?” I asked, watching my two friends stand on tip-toe and look through the window of the art room.
Lexi giggled “Gerard’s in there. He’s doing some artwork.”
“After school?” I asked “Doesn’t he have a home to go to?”
“He’s really good at art.” Lexa told me “I saw some of his pictures in my lesson today. He’s amazing!”
“It doesn’t matter.” I muttered angrily “Can we just go now?”
“Go where? Go and wait for James?” Lexi asked “We are waiting for James. But we’re spying on Gerard at the same time.”
“Why?” I asked, rolling my eyes “He’s not even that good-looking.”
“Are you kidding? He’s gorgeous!” Lexa squealed “You don’t know lucky you are Stacy. I wish he had a crush on me!”
“He’ll probably develop one for you.” I blushed. This was clearly a new experience for them as well. “How long did James say he had detention for?”
“One hour.” Lexi informed me “You know we don’t have to wait for him.”
“Of course I need to wait for him!” I snapped “And you guys do too because you promised you’d wait with me.”
“Why do you need to wait for him?” Lexa asked.
I sighed “Because I promised him I would.”
“Right…” Lexi and Lexa said at the same time “That’s the reason.”
“You guys are so weird.” I commented “Could you stop looking through the window? He’s gonna turn around and notice you any second.”
“Eek!” Lexi squeaked as her and her sister ducked “I think he just did see us!”
“Oh my god, he thinks you two are perverts!” I laughed, sitting down next to them “Do you think Gerard will really make me fall in love with him?”
“I don’t know.” Lexi shrugged “He might, depends on how hard he tries.”
“He seemed pretty determined.” Lexa said jealously “But you’re really not interested?”
“Well not for now.” I replied “The way he said it though made me think. What if he does make me fall in love with him?”
“Then you’ll gain a boyfriend.” Lexi told me “Which would be a first.”
“Shut up!” I cried. I’d never had a boyfriend before and I was really sensitive about it.
Lexa punched my arm “We’re only teasing.” They nearly always refer to themselves as ‘we’ even though Lexi had been the only one teasing me about not having a boyfriend. “And besides, Gerard is really cute. So it’ll be quite good if you fall in love with him.”
“But I-“ Then I suddenly stopped myself “But I don’t think I want to love Gerard.”
“You act like such a geek sometimes.” Lexi replied, rolling her eyes “We love you and you know that which is why we’re concerned about you.”
“Don’t be concerned!” I snapped “Just because I’ve never had a boyfriend before doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with me!”
“No comment.” Lexi replied “But we’ve been doing some thinking. We think you should agree to go on a date with Gerard.”
“Well it’s not really down to you, is it?” I asked, getting slightly irritated “I don’t like Gerard like that. I’m not really sure I like him at all.”
“We just think you should give it a shot.” Lexa replied, fishing into her bag. She pulled out three bars of chocolate and handed us one each “What could really go wrong?” Lexa asked, crunching her bar.
Lexi looked at me thoughtfully “I’m starting to understand what Gerard sees in you.”
“Are you saying you used to think I was ugly?” I asked, a little offended.
Lexi laughed “Of course I’m not saying that!”
“Then why are you laughing?” I asked a little huffily.
Lexa sighed heavily “Oh don’t get all humpy!”
“Oh no, I should be totally fine that you two think I’m ugly.”
“We never said that!” Lexi cried “We love you Stacy, come on!”
“I’m going to go talk to Gerard since you two think I’m so inexperienced.”
I stood up and stormed off. Lexi and Lexa both yelled “Well, you’re still a virgin!”
I was tempted to yell back “Yeah and so are you two!” But I decided against it since I couldn’t be bothered to argue with them.
I walked into the art room. Gerard looked up and smiled at me. I blushed and walked over to him.
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