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I'm unashamed, i'm gonna show my scar.

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Frank likes Gerard. Gerard likes Frank. Will they ever tell each other how they feel?

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A/N Two updates in one day? You guys should feel honoured ;) I don't know how long this will be but I doubt it will be long. Hope you enjoy!

~Transmission Exploder xoxo

Gerard’s P.O.V

I stayed at Frank’s for a couple of hours, until I got a text from Mikey telling me to get my arse home. Frank seemed to be very unhappy about me leaving. I don’t understand why. All we were doing was watching movies. As I was leaving he gave me a hug. At first I wasn’t sure, we never hug sure when we were little we did. But when we got older it stopped. It was rather strange but I eventually hugged him back.
Maybe he likes you too.
'Oh shut up why would someone like him, like me?’
What makes you say that?
‘What makes me say that? Well where do I start? I’m a loser! An ugly loser who is currently talking to myself. Which I really need to stop doing.’
Good point. You’re probably right. Who in their right mind would like you?
‘Exactly! But when you say ‘you’ you’re talking about yourself aswell.’
So are you dumbass!
‘Shit. I think I need help!’
You can say that again.
‘Fuck off!’
You just told yourself to fuck off.
‘Gerard who are you talking to?’ Crap my mum just heard me talking to myself.
‘Uh... J-just writing a song ma.’
‘Ok have fun!’

That was a close one.

Franks P.O.V

Am I really that much of an idiot? What the actual fuck was I thinking? We never hug anymore and I just practically launch myself at him. He seemed to be hesitant as well. He didn’t seem to want to stay either. Maybe he hates me and was just trying to be polite. Fuck that’s what it is, he hates me. I could really do with something to take my mind off him. Right on queue my stomach growled at me.
‘Food time.’ I mumbled to the empty kitchen.
As I was looking in the fridge, a bottle of vodka caught my eye. Well getting drunk will take my mind off things right?
I grabbed some cold pizza and scoffed it down then took a few gulps from the vodka bottle. It slightly burnt my throat but I don’t mind, it’s a nice kind of burn. I took a few more gulps and because I am such a lightweight I thought I better slow down as I can already feel the effect of the liquor I had drunk.

What I need right now is to cut. I know I said I wouldn’t anymore but one more time won’t hurt will it? I can stop anytime I want. But the question is, do I want to?
I ran upstairs and found one of my razors. Only 3 today. I downed some more vodka. ‘This is good stuff!’ Great I’m slurring. I picked up my phone to see I had 3 missed calls from Zoe and 1 message.

Hey we need to speak. I’m coming over now I’ll use the key I still have to let myself in. See you in 5 – Z xo

Shit it was sent 5 minutes ago. I heard the door open. I don’t have enough time to clean up the blood.

Zoe’s P.O.V

I walked into Frank’s house. I really needed to speak to him about Gerard. This is not healthy for them. It’s got worse over time, they don’t even bother paying attention to anyone but each other but they can not see that the other is. It’s so frustrating!
I walked into Frank’s room to see half full bottle of vodka and blood around him. ‘F-frank? What’s going on?’
He just shrugged. ‘I needed something to take my mind of things. It’s not like it’s the first time.’ He slurred his words. Not the first time? Wait how long had this been going on for?
‘Frank. Ca-can I see your arms?’
He shrugged and held out his arms.
I gasped there were so many scars some old but a lot of fresh ones as well. Gerard needed to get over here and talk to Frank. Now.
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