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Chapter 18

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“What happened to your father Vee,” Frank said with a seriousness I rarely saw.

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Fall had covered Jersey in gorgeous colors. The brown and orange leaves sheltered every bit of grass. Every day seemed to blow winter closer and closer. Thanksgiving was approaching fast and my mother was jumping off the wall. She had informed me casually that her new boyfriend had invited us over for the holiday. She was thrilled. I was indifferent. I didn’t know how to approach my mother’s constant changing relationships. They never lasted long, and the awkward moments I had with the short-term boyfriends always drove me insane.

“So what’s so bad about them?” Frank asked one afternoon. I had explained to him my Thanksgiving plans with little enthusiasm. He plopped down on my bed in a sitting position leaning back to stretch his legs before him.

“Nothing,” I admitted standing in front of him. “They’re just boring and temporary.”

“What’s your mother? A hussy?” Frank laughed.


“Oh, I’m joking,” he said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards him. His strength overpowered my resistance and I fell down on the bed beside him. He pulled us down in a laying position and wrapped a strong arm around my body so there was no escape.

“I think she’s lonely,” I confessed staring in his hazel eyes.

“What happened to your father Vee,” Frank said with a seriousness I rarely saw.

I never talked about my father; not even with Emily. “He, um, isn’t around,” I answered trying to avoid his eyes.

“So he left?” Frank continued.

I sighed. “Yeah.” I didn’t want to carry on the conversation, but of course Frank read me perfectly.

“That isn’t everything, is it?” He pulled me closer, and clamped a protective hand on my cheek.

I didn’t want to look at him, but my weak attempts at resistance failed. “He’s in prison,” I confessed. “He was a drug addict…cocaine. He couldn’t control his addiction. It was more important than me, my mom, anything.”

“When’s the last time you saw him?”

“Um, 6,” I said trying to remember. “It’s not like I want to. He wasn’t a good guy Frank.” He let me pull back a bit as I rolled on my back. I hated thinking about my dad and the shitty things he had done. He used every bit of his income for drugs. He sold everything he could, and eventually progressed to stealing to satisfy his cocaine habit. ‘We’re better off’ my mother had said when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. And we were better off.

“Vee,” Frank said pulling me away from my thoughts. I turned my head to see his face. He was laying on his side reaching for me like some small child. I had to let a small smile emerge


“Let’s sign your mom up on some dating website,” he said brightly claiming me in his grasp once more. “I’ll have Mikey set up the profile. He’s good with that sweet talking stuff.”

I laughed thinking of Mikey placing a profile to attract older men. “No.”

“Oh c’mon,” Frank laughed twisting me towards him. “Older mom still looking for a hot Friday night with a sexy man.”

“Frank! That’s my mom!”

“Interests: dancing, jiving, baking, strutting my stuff for anyone who wants a look.”

“Jiving?” I laughed as Frank rolled on top of me pinning me to the bed.

“Oh, she likes to jive,” he smirked before closing the distance for a kiss. His lips felt cold on mine, and the goose bumps exploded all over my body. He kissed me again running a loose hand through my hair. I let my weakness for him give in for a while, but I soon pulled back.

“No thanks Frank,” I smiled. “Besides she already has a boyfriend, remember?”

“That’s right,” Frank sighed rolling off me. I sat up and straightened my hair. “Who’s the poor soul?”

“His names George,” I said standing up. “and he isn’t awful. In fact,” I continued turning to face him. “She told me he has a son about my age.”

“Does he go to our school?” Frank asked quickly sitting up.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I don’t even know his name yet.”


“Yeah. He’ll be at Thanksgiving with his dad, so I’ll meet him then.” I put out my hands to Frank. “C’mon, my mom will be home soon, and we shouldn’t be rolling in bed.”

Frank smiled and grabbed my hands to pull him off the bed. “But I love it so much,” he responded pulling me in a tight hug.

I squealed before pealing the boy off me. “Be good,” I laughed.

“Oh you know me.”

The truth was there was so much more to Frank Iero, I didn’t know.
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