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Chapter 2

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George decides to tell Ringo his story.

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Cos she’s his daughter, too.
The more these word entered Ringo’s mind, the more confused he had become.
“It’s a long story,” George sighed before Ringo could say anything. From the look in George’s eyes, Ringo could tell that he was feeling pain.
“Well, if you don’t want to talk about it, it’s fine by me,” Ringo said. “But if you do, I’m all ears.” He turned to leave once again to be stopped by George’s words.
“Wait.” Ringo looked back at his friend. “I… I guess I… do want to talk it…” Ringo walked over to George and sat down next to him. “I haven’t talked to anyone about her in a while… a LONG while…” He looked up at Ringo. “Plus… you’re one of me best mates, Ritch… you should know by now…”
Ringo gave him a smile. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.” George gave him a weak smile, looked down at the photo, and took a deep breath. In his hands had been a part of him he never liked to talk about- a part that gave him grief. But at the same time, it also made some of his teenage years seem more worthwhile. He was very happy during these times, but the events that took place also gave him his nickname- the "Quiet Beatle".
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