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Haunting thoughts

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Gerard has something to tell Frank. We'll have to fast forward 3 months here guys, we're time lords. Matt Smith, The Doctor.

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Some people think that everything's okay when you're with the one you love, they think nothing could go wrong. But what if you're with the one you love, they love you back, but you're not happy? I'm sad to say, this is my case. This is my problem. It's complicated, you see; it's been 3 months since Frank's been released from the hospital after the whole car incident and I'd never told him that there was another car involved. Last week I got a call from the police saying that the person driving the car was caught, and that he just so happened to have the last name as Frank. I was in shock, I couldn't speak when I was told. I knew I'd have to tell Frank some time, I planned everything carefully ever since I got that call. I have everything planned in my head, tonight is the night I break the news to him. I can feel, the way he talks to me he can tell something is wrong. He'll hate me when I tell him, but I just want him to know the truth. He can hate me all he likes, won't stop me from loving him more than myself.

I'm lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I've moved into an apartment with Frank since and we've been together for 3 months. I go through my plan in my head, whispering to myself like an idiot. The slam of a door distracts me from my thoughts and makes me shoot up with fear. I calm down when I hear Franks voice from the living room.
"Gee! I'm home from work."
Here goes nothing.
"Hey." I smile, "How was it?"
"Shit, apart from the free coffee." He laughs, planting a soft kiss on my cheek.
"Frank, do you have a brother?" I turn to him.
"Not that I know of, no. Why do you ask?"
"It's just, I think you do. I don't know, the police called 2 weeks ago and told me that there was another car involved in the crash, and that he had the same surname as you..." I let out my breath and wait for his answer.
Nothing again...
"Frank?" I ask him.
"Is that all?"
"I just, need some time to think this through. You're not joking, are you?"
"Of course I'm not!" I say.
"Just give me some time, and space." He pushes me back lightly.
I nod. That went better than I expected, at least he didn't have a tantrum and throw things. I sigh and go to our bedroom. I grab my sketchbook, a pencil, walk downstairs and sit on a bench outside our apartment building. I begin to draw my surroundings. More what's in front of me, a park. There's trees, and bins, and swings, benches and people. This is what I need right now, to relax and forget everything else. I wish... I wish everything was back to normal, how it used to be. When there was not a care in the world! I could've told Frank how I felt and he wouldn't have to think about stuff, his brother if it really is. I put down my sketchbook and pencil and close my eyes. I let the breeze blow my hair out of my face, I'm a lot happier now. I'm glad I let out the thoughts that were haunting me for the last 2 weeks... I smile.

Okay, sorry this is short. I'm on my ipod and it's 1:42 am so I couldn't write for too long, this took me like 30 minutes. Sorry for spelling errors, I'm somehow going to end this story in the next chapter because I have more to write. :) thanks if you've read this story or reviewed, review this chapter and I might make the quality of the last one better and it will be longer. ;)
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