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The Watchmen

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A new generation of watchmen.

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My father was a famous man, praised by the police and feared by criminals he my mother and their friends once formed an alliance a group of Watchmen making the streets safe and New York’s citizens sleep soundly, I was trained to be apart of them follow in my mother’s footsteps and make my father proud, but the alliance was broken and each member went a separate way. My mother was glad she despised the Watchmen for stealing her youth and identity she never wanted me to be put in danger so I guess she wouldn’t be to happy with my actions now.

I sit in the backseats of my victim’s car the cereal killer has escaped police reach several times now leaving me to take control, the car is currently pulled up out side the local whore house Discretion, the killer inside picking up his next victim I’ve been there for a while now, though he can’t see me no-one can my mother’s powers were passed on to me meaning with will I can turn completely invisible to the naked eye. The killer walks out of the strip club followed by a blonde busty woman in stripper heels and a leotard, her skin is orange and aged her dead eyes framed by thick black false lashes. The killer climbs in to the car leaving the whore to open up the passenger door and climb in herself, the killer is clearly a gentleman.

He starts up the car and the 20 minute journey is done in complete silence the killer seems on edge the whore just looks out of the window her face either to thick with makeup to show emotion or she had died inside long ago. The killer parked down an alley and climbed out of the car the whore followed, I waited in the car until they were out of sight before too climbing out running to catch up with them I slip easily into the apartment block behind the whore and follow them up the stairs, on the 6th floor we exit the stair shaft and walk along to the last apartment on this floor; room 621 once again I slip in behind the whore and take in my surroundings.

The flat is all one room and looks like a squat, there’s a funny smell in the air and everything is as I remember from previous visits. The whore perches on the back of the old couch and the killer moves over with her kissing her roughly he quickly begins stripping the woman once she is naked he un-zips his pants and begins to fuck her hard, the whore groans and gasps for show and its not long until the killer has finished. He zips up his pants and moves towards the kitchen area I notice the knives next to him, the whore re-dresses herself and too walks over to the kitchen “50 dollars”
She demands her hand open in front of her the killer laughs shaking his head a small smile twitches on the woman’s lips “50 dollars for me, or my boss and his boys”
The whore thinks she has the upper hand making the killer laugh more I see his hand moving for the knife, I haven’t got long so I move silently across the room until I’m standing behind the killer the knife now in his hands. I grab his head and neck and with a swift movement I drop his lifeless body to the floor the whore screams and I make myself visible bending down to the body I remove his wallet and keys I chuck the wallet at the cowering woman and let myself out of the flat I run down the corridor and stairs quickly letting myself out of the building I walk swiftly towards the alley in witch the killer’s car is parked. I unlock the drivers side and climb in I reverse out of the alley and drive quickly home, I abandon the car a few blocks away from my house and run the rest of the way climbing over my back yard’s fence I change quickly behind the shed into some jeans and a jumper shoving my other clothes into a bag I walk up to the back door its unlocked so I let myself in.

My mother is reading at the kitchen table and looks up at my arrival “Oh Bandit you’re home!”
She beams “There’s some dinner in the microwave if you want to heat it up”
I shake my head and make my way out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my bedroom I chuck my back pack down onto my bed and grab a sharpie from my desk walking over to my poster covered wall I lift up a Panic! Poster revealing the face of the man I just killed I draw an X through his mug shot before returning the poster to its place. I then take off my baggy jumper and jeans replacing them with my blue pyjamas I climb into bed nocking the bag onto the floor.

I’m nearly asleep when my mother comes up to say goodnight “Night B, sweet dreams sweet heart”
She kisses my head and my father appears in the door way “Sleep tight baby girl”
He calls an easy smile on his young face, I mirror that smile as he and my mother leave my bedroom shutting the door on their way out it isn’t long until I fall into a deep sleep.

A/N So I’m so exited about writing this its completely different to anything I’ve done in the past and my first time at writing in first person for a fic… also my first time involving Bandit in one, I should warn you if you’re going to read this that there will be violence and character death from pretty early on in the story!
Anyway I’d love feedback because this is something very new for me!
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