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if you want one. yep.

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  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) Vengefulscout 2011-10-09 01:54:07 PM

    Here's my audition!

    Name: Emily Toye
    Age: 14
    Short Bio about yourself: She is very shy, quiet, self-conscious, kind and caring but will lash out at anyone who hurt her friends and can get angry easily. Has a older brother, Kai (17), has a metal plate in her arm from a motorbike accident. Has a crush on Mikey
    What you want the story to be about: Can it be about me and the band go to a old haunted mansion filled with ghosts, demonic beings and phantoms which can inflict harm on people, but we get locked in and we cant get out?
    One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: Whatever is the best for you :D

    Hope that's all ok. Let me know if you need any more info.

    Happy Story Writing!
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) ONotz 2011-10-09 02:09:14 PM

    Can i have a super flufy/kinky (like choclate sauce...and cherry stuff..) Frikey? Plz?

    Oh, i love your storyies.
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) Blackdangerheart 2011-10-09 02:24:46 PM

    Name :Lelia wright
    Age :14
    Bio: Shes ginger . wears black skinny jeans a band t shirt , multi coloured studed belt and converse always listening to music ( black veil brides ,green day , avenged sevenfold and guns n Roses and stuff like that )she self harms because she feels alone, worthless ,fat and ugly( she's quite pretty . She doesnt eat . She gets bullied because of how she dresses and because she's hasn't Many friends She's told she pathetic worthless and fat l the time . She has loads of scars on her body and bruises for when she's beaten . Her parents are alcoholics and physically abuse her not sexually . I would like the story to be about her meeting Frank iero at school he finds out she self harms and is suicidal and wants to help her .they like way other more than friends . Frank also makes her stay at his house bEaucse he found out about her parents and wants to protect her. Hope you do my story would be amazing :) xx
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) Blackdangerheart 2011-10-09 02:25:54 PM

    Oh I forgot can it be a full story or similar :) xx
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) vampiresdontglitter 2011-10-09 06:03:11 PM

    Name: Gia Russo.

    Age: 17, feel free to change if needed.
    Short Bio about yourself: Only child. Vegeterian. Outgoing. Expressive. Intelligent and creative in her own mind. Lives for the moment, but fears contemplates for the future too much. A little bit of a perfectionist. Not easily offended, but doesn't like getting put down down.

    What you want the story to be about: Things are good in Gia's life, until she begins to get bullied by Bob for no apparent reason. It starts to take a toll on her as she wonders why he doesn't like her, and finally she decides to demand why, but deep down Bob has a reason for it.

    One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: One shot.

  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) MCRnA7xlover 2011-10-09 07:32:25 PM

    Name:Angela Rios
    Short Bio about yourself:she is a very troubled child no one seems to understand her. she is a bad ass but is also a loner.
    What you want the story to be about:The cheerleaders in the school "beat me up" and frank sees and finally stands up and we fall in love and all that good shiz
    One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: uhh 3 chapters i guess

    thank you :D
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-10-09 07:42:02 PM

    Name: Demolition Bunny
    Age: 14
    description: small, has big navy blue eyes, teased black hair, wears bunny ears, white tutu, white leotard with bloodstains on it, ripped white tights, white lace fingerless gloves, short white booties (shoes), neon blue raygun that says 'DEMOLITION LOVER'

    Short bio: excitable, likes to goof off, gets scared easily, quick to jump to conclusions, acts like a bunny, observant, loyal, usually pretty happy
    Lived with group of double-agent killjoys who took her and her 18 year old brother to Battery City where they were tortured and used for experiments. Her brother (Detonation Wolf) was murdered by Korse and she ran away and passed out in the desert.

    What you want your story to be about: Gets rescued by the fabulous killjoys and finds out she is the daughter of fun ghoul. Gets kidnapped by korse and fabulous killjoys wage war against bl/i. She helps in battle.

    I think like maybe three chapters if that's okay?
    Thanks :)
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) AhoyMikeyo 2011-10-10 12:14:16 AM

    Name:Hester Ellery
    Short Bio about yourself:Lives with a gang of theifs though they are her onl family none of them are friends she has been abused physically and mentally there and wants to get out, her past has made her timid when in the group but bad ass when out she gets grumpy easily and has great respect for her elders
    What you want the story to be about:Frank kidnaps her from the group after she trys to steal from him, love story
    One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters:I don't mind, whatevers best for you
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-10-10 01:05:00 AM

    Name : Wynter Ow
    Age: 16
    Short Bio: long black straight hair that reaches the mid back, greyish blackish eyes, slightly pale skin, 5'5 , skinny , likes to wear black hoodies and black skinny jeans, plays bass, doesnt have parents, her 23 yr old brother takes care of them. Doesn't like coffee cuz they're bitter, likes tea, loves MCR
    Bro's bio ( if you want it ): Name is Zero Ow ,basically looks like Andy biersack from BLack Veil Brides without piercing or tattoos and the hair reaches below neck. Loves coffee, plays guitar, is in a band called Full Moon Shine. The other band members can be random.
    What you want the story to be about: Wynter is touring with her brother and his band and meets MCR at one of their gig , and her brother surprises her by telling her they'll be touring with MCR for the next year. Wynter likes Mikey
    One-shot, full length, or like 3 chapters: anything :) you decide since ur writing it :)
  • Personalized Stories and stuff.

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-10-10 06:19:16 PM

    Name-Jasmine Price. Age-ummmmm...maybe like 21. Short bio about yourself-is nice when you meet her, shy around crushes, gets hyper if you give her soda or coffee, she has a good imagination, she punches hard and defends her friends, is very good with comebacks, is a party animal, smart and gives good advice, she can also break a bone if she needs too. People call her Jay, Jazzy, Jazz hands, and Price tag. I have long straight dark brown hair with purple highlights, dark brown eyes that always show emotion, pale skin that tans easily, has a small scar on her neck, always wears black nail polish on, is 5'4 and skinny. Her style is girly/ punk rockish, so she wears band shirts, solid colored shirts, skinnys, skirts with fishnets, converses and knee high boots. What the story is about-so she is the new girl and she meets Gerard and the rest of MCR and they are vampires. She falls in love with Gee and then a bad vampire tries to hunt her down. So basically a vampire love story. And can it be full lenght. Thank you

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