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Goodbye,i'll miss you.

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Lauren&Drus morning!
It was about 3am when i woke upmi couldn't sleep knowing that me and Dru wouldn't be together for a week,it broke my heart.So i woke him up , not because i was awake but because he had to leave for ibiza at 5,and i had already packed all of his things for him,because he deserved a long nights rest.Dru woke up and asked ehat time it was,i said about ten past three bab,you excited?He replied saying not really,so i said why and he said i don't want to leave you behind,i will miss you too much.So I started to cry and he asked me what was up and told me to stop crying,i couldn't stop cring i said Dru i will miss you so much,and i'm scared thet you will find someone new,that's better than me and when you come back you kick me out and will never love me again,he hugged me and said everything would be alright,i might see if we can only stay for three days,i love you and only you Lauren,i will never leave you i promise so i smiled and hugged him,and told him to get dressed,so he did.

Anna&Stefans morning!
Right so yeah,i have to wake Stefan up to go shoot in Ibiza,i really don't want him to leave,what if he leaves me for some tanned scruff,i'll bitch em' up!STEFAAANNNN WAAAAKKEEE UUPPPP,IBIZA TODAY!He woke up and hugged me and said morning love,i said morning,if you even look at a pretty tanned girl,i will not be impressed with you and i will not speak to you when you come back,you need to phone me everyday,okay?He nodded and kissed me and said Anna i will stay faithful,i promise,anyways i wont be too impressed if you're eyeing up boys while i'm away either,i love you and why would i ring you?I punched his arm in a joking manor,he said ow,i said grow some muscles,his responce was grow some tit,i said i already have some thanks,i see you do too,now get dressed you will miss your flight!

Alex&Ashleys morning!
Urgh,It's fucking 3am and i'm waking Ashley up to go to Ibiza , without me!I'll miss him so much.ASHLEY WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY!He woke up and said morning,ooh whats wrong?He had realised i was crying,so i said you,you're what's the matter with me.He looked at me in shock,what have i done,i'm sorry for what i have done.He kissed my head and hugged me,i said,you're going to ibiza without me,but you know who else will be there?who?He said.Lots of beautiful tanned girls,and well i'm scared incase you leave me for one of them.I burst into tears again.Ash held me close and tight and said i wont i promise i want you and only you,i love you so much Alex,i can't imagine my life without you,your my baby girl.I hugged him,i thibnk i may have squeezed him a little too tight,and told him to get dressed,the the phone rang it was Lauren she asked it The boys were up i said yes and she said that her and Dru were on there way,Ashley hadn't even packed yet!
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