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Where Could She Have Gone

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Why didn't she just go straight home?

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I try not to stare at Amber as she stirs the milk around in her baby blue cereal bowl. She looks pretty this morning; her hair kinda crazy, pale skin showing without all the makeup on. Her lips are still a little puffy from the kiss upstairs.

I’d kissed my best friend and enjoyed it. It was wrong and we both know it. Amber probably felt pressured into kissing me back. Not taking about it will be best. We’ve both got people we care for. I can’t be in love with Amber.

“So are you taking devil to the carnival down by the river?” Amber questions breaking the silence; I wish she wouldn’t have asked that.

“Yeah I am, we can meet up with you and Garry if you’d like. I know he takes you every year,” I answer before taking both our bowls to the sink.

“Um…yeah, I think that’ll be alright. I’ll have to talk to Garry. The carnival is kinda an ‘us’ thing,” Amber explains as she gets up from the stool to head back upstairs.

Shutting my eyes, I let out a long sigh. Thing between Amber and I cannot get awkward. She’s been my best friend since we were young. I can’t let one stupid kiss ruin everything. I have to fix this.

Hurrying up the stairs after her I reach and grab right under her elbow. Amber stops, turning around, her eyes showing sighs of pain. I’d grabbed on of her bruises. Shit…way to go Frank.

Letting go I just look at my best friend, “Sorry about that. Hey, this morning….”

“Was something that happened in the heat of the moment…it won’t happen again. I’m going to get my jacket then head home. Thanks for letting me spend the night Frank; I’ll call over on the walkie later.”

With that she leaves me standing on the steps just a little bit hurt. I knew Amber didn’t feel anything when we kissed but somewhere I had been hoping that maybe, just maybe she would. What a ridiculous thought. Even though Garry hits Amber she loves him…she’ll never love me.

I’m still standing halfway up the stair case when Amber comes back. She doesn’t even say anything as she passes me, just smiles and waves. Way to screw things up. I’ll give Amber time, she’ll work whatever is going on in her head out and things will get back to normal.

So having nothing better to do I head back to my room. My eyes instantly go the mattress but I don’t sit on it. Instead I grab my guitar and play for a while, these actions not requiring me to use any brain power whatsoever. I do a lot of thinking over the next couple of hours.

By the time I hear the walkie crackle I know that I like Amber a lot more than a friend should like another friend. I also know I enjoyed our kiss very much. Another thing I’ve come to realize is that Devlin and I are not really meant to be. She’s got no head in her skull and besides her good looks nothing is really tying me to her. Amber is everything, then again she has Garry. I want Amber though…I want her to say she loves me and to be able to kiss those soft lips whenever I please.

“Hey man this is Gerard,” a male’s voice sounds over my walkie.

Confused I get up, grabbing the green walkie talkie off the window seal, shooing a stink bug back down the brick wall, “Hey man what’s up?”

“Is Amber still at your house…she never came home?” Gerard says his tone just a little frantic. I will admit I don’t much like this fact either. Where could have Amber gone?

“No, she left a while ago. Maybe she went to Jonny’s or Garry’s,” I reply trying to think logically. She was still her pajamas with no cell phone.

“Alright cool, she just walked in. Thanks Frank,” Gerard says before the line goes.

Where the hell could have she gone after leaving my house?

Note: Sorry it's so short. I will update more tonight and it will be longer.
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