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So yeah,they were gone,not here no more.Me,Anna and Alex all stayed silent for abit until i broke it and said so shall we go shopping?Anna looked at me asif i wass mad for a second but then smiled and said yeah.Alex nodded.We got into a taxi and went to the shopping centre.Alex spotted lazy oaf and ran over to it,so we followed,i bought a bag,Anna bought a necklace and Alex had bought a bag full of random t-shirts and some sunglasses for Ashley.Then i saw a hat shop,it sold new era hats,the type that Dru wears so i went and bought him a purple one with a green alien on the front,i liked it.Anna decided to get stef a cap to,it was orange,red and yellow,it looked rather like a fire.I saw a beautiful green dress,so i bought it,Anna bought a similar one , except hers was purple.We decided we were going to go around a few of the night clubs later on that night,so we all went to buy some new shoes and make-up and what not.We heard insults being shouted at us,names like,slugbag,slag,slapper,ugly tramp and so on,Anna turned around,they were talking about us,i was wearing a hoodie,denim shorts and some converse,Anna was wearing a floral printed dress and flats and Alex was wearing a vest top , denim shorts and knee length converse.A girl came and stood infront of us and asked us if we were dating members of the midnight beast,we said yeah,so she smacked me in the face,and dragged my phone out of my pocket,she texted Dru saying Ring me please,babe?xxx.The next minutee i heard my ringtone,and then Drus voice,she replied Dru,i have your girlfriend and your friends girlfriends too,if you don't stop shooting the new video,great danger will come over you ugly girlfriends heads,and a little damage too,so yeah,here tomorrow 11pm,i don't like to be kept waiting.Then she hung up and we tried to run but we were surrounded,they grasped us firmly and shot up into a basement of some sort,are we going to die?...
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