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Chapter Twenty Four

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Short chapter, sorry D:

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Two months later, Lady Madness was putting Bomb Sunshine to bed while the rest of us were busy making a plan to go out and get supplies. Discussing who would go out, who would drive, who would watch out... Just the usual stuff, the same stuff we'd been doing for the past two months.
Suddenly Lady Madness screamed and ran into the living room, holding Bomb Sunshine's head. We all leapt up "What the fuck?" Fun-Ghoul yelled, backing away from her as if she were crazy.
Lady Madness burst into tears "I was giving her a hug and it came off. She buzzed, sparked and just passed out. She's a robot!"
We all blinked. I asked "You mean... That wasn't your daughter?"
"Of course not!" Lady Madness cried, throwin Bomb Sunshine's head at me. I picked it up and saw all the wires inside. A robots head.
"I'm so confused." Colourful Shadow said "Why was she a robot?"
"Oh, I dunno." Party Poison snapped. He recovered the day after we saved him from BLI. And he was irritated that we hadn't managed to save him before he went to BLI but he won't admit it, instead he's just being moody "Why don't we go ask BLI?"
"Party, you're scaring her." Screaming Revolver pointed out. We all looked at Lady Madness who was taking deep breaths and clutching her stomach.
"Honey, are you alright?" I asked, going over to her "Look, calm down. We can always find another place to hide, right? We could go and stay with Missile Kid."
"That's not what I'm worrying about!" Lady Madness yelled.
"Lady Madness, I know you're scared," Agent Anarchy hissed "But could you possibly calm down? You're gonna wake the babies!"
"What's he done with Bomb Sunshine?" Lady Madness sobbed "Has he hurt her? Did he kill her? I don't know what to do!"
"Look, just sit down and we'll think about this!" I said calmly, putting my arms round her and helping her sit down.

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