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Chapter One

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(frerard)Frank has his eye on a certain red haired male, but hes taken! how will it all pan out?

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‘Mom, Dad… I’m gay.’

Who knew four words could chance my life forever… not for the best, either. My parents are huge homophobes, but I just had to tell them. I thought things would be different, and they would be accepting of me, but clearly I was wrong. My Nan was accepting; she even gave me a few thousand to get me started, help buying an apartment and keeping up with rent until I found a job.

Maybe leaving my parents was for the best, this way; I can have a new start. I can forget about my past; the high school bullying, the depression, the self harm and over all, having to hide my true self.

I sighed at the memory, I haven’t seen my parents in four months, nor had any contact from them. I quickly got dressed into my usual skinnies, band tee and a jacket. I stared in disgust at the state of my hair in the mirror. I dragged a comb though it, but gave up after a few minutes. I smudged a little red and black eye liner around my eyes and pulled on my purple scruffy converse before heading out the door for my first day of work.

I kicked a stone along the pavement as I walked, remembering all the happy times I had spent with my family, before I came out, that is. We always used to watch movies in the evening and have meals together as a family, but now, I have to do these things on my own.

I quickly walked through the doors of starbucks. I walked up to the counter and the young girl peered at me over her magazine.
‘Um, hi… i'm Frank. Frank Iero... um, it’s my first day’ recognition flashed across her face and she led me into the staff room, handing me my starbucks shirt and gave me a quick briefing.
‘Right, all you have to do is work the till, and ill make the coffees. Oh! And i’m Katy by the way’ she said, smiling. I smiled back and walked back out to the counter.

The shop was dimly lit, with subtle colours painted on the walls. It was still early, so there weren’t that many people here, but the aroma was comforting. I was still admiring my new job place when a burst of red walked though the door. The man had bright, fiery red, dishevelled hair. He was also wearing skin tight leather pants, motorcycle boots, misfits shirt and a leather jacket. He looked completely out of place in the room, as everyone in it stared at him. He awkwardly closed the door and casually walked towards me, the eyes of the room following him as if he were prey. I too, was watching him carefully as he shuffled his way over. This man was gorgeous.
‘Ummm… coffee to go, please’ his heavenly voice brought me out from my trance like state. I felt my cheeks turn pink as I turned round to Katy, who was watching the scene with an amused grin, and told her to make the coffee. Moments later, I passed him the coffee, our fingers touching a little. I felt myself turn pink again, and he slipped some money onto the counter.
‘Keep the change’ he said with a breathtaking smile. He turned to walk back to the doors, everyone still staring at him. My eyes were on his ass that was well pronounced through his tight pants. As he reached the door, he wiggled his hips seductively and turned to wink at me, before hurrying out the door and down the street. I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the counter, he was that mesmerizing. The people in the room carried on as if nothing happened, but I was left staring at the door. Katy started laughing hysterically behind me. I snapped my head up and glared at her
‘What?!’ I half shouted as I walked into the staff room ‘taking a break’ I mumbled, in hope she could hear.

To my luck, the day passed quickly. I couldn’t take my mind of that gorgeous man! I didn’t even know his name for fuck sake! I pulled off my starbucks shirt and threw it on the counter before walking out into the pouring rain. Fuck my motherfucking life. I was soaked and freezing. It shouldn’t be like this in the middle of June. It should be warm and sunny, but no. I bet that man sucked the sun into those bring eyes and fiery hair. I chuckled to myself as I headed through the doors to my apartment. I stuck my jacket and shoes in the dryer and slumped down on my bed. Wow I was exhausted.


The red haired guy had come in every morning without fail for three weeks. I don’t have a clue why, but I was kind of worried when he didn’t come in at his usual time. I had already bitten my nails down to the point that my fingers bled, and my eyes were fixated on the door. Over those three weeks, I’d noticed how, every time he came in, I became more attracted to him. I always got butterflies when he came in, but I never had the courage to talk to him more than necessary.
‘What is up with you, man?!’ Katy shoved my side as she spoke
‘Hmm? Oh! Nothing!’ I said blushing slightly.
‘You liiiiiiiiiiike him!’ she teased.
‘WHAT?! No. Of course not. Don’t be stupid. I don’t even know his name for god sake.’ I sighed and looked down at the counter in front of me.
‘What ever you say’ she said with a wink as she walked off. Katy and I had become best friends throughout the few weeks I had been working here. She knew every thing about me, even me being gay, which I didn’t feel very comfortable talking to people about at the best of times.

I’d gotten tired of watching the door, so I busied myself with the latest Kerrang! Magazine. I didn’t even notice that the door had opened, let alone the pair stood in front of me. The man cleared his throat and my head snapped up ‘what can I get you?’ my eyes grew wide at the man stood in front of me. He was back! He finally came! He gave me a smile as he ordered his usual.
‘How about you sweetie?’ the man turned the black haired, pale girl clinging onto his arm. My smile faded when I saw her. Fuck. He had a girlfriend. Well, that’s my chance gone.
‘Latte with a chocolate chip cookie’ she ordered, blowing a bubble with her gum.
‘Of course… go get a table I’ll be right over...’ he said giving her a half hearted, stressed smile. She shuffled off to a table in the corner as Katy started on the coffees
‘You seemed stressed?’
‘Uhh, yeah, I guess… um…my names Gerard by the way… erm... I think you should know it since like... erm... never mind.’ He ducked his head as cheeks flushed pink. Aww! He’s so cute when he’s embarrassed!
‘I’m frank’ I said, gesturing to my name tag with a smile. Katy put the coffees and the cookie on the counter. Gerard slipped the money across the counter and walked back over to his girlfriend. I was about to slip the twenty into the cash register when Katy spoke up
‘You better check that twenty’ she said with a smirk. I looked at her dumfounded and checked out the note, and there, scribbled across the top, was a phone number. I’m pretty sure my face turned bright red. Katy was having one of her famous laughing fits as I turned my head to look at Gerard. He winked at me and went back to pretending to listen to whatever the girl in front of him was rambling on about. I slipped the twenty into my pocket and replaced it with one out of my wallet.


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