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Chapter 4

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Mikey's POV
"I won! I won! I won!" I sang, skipping down the sidewalk, dodging other people who were looking at me like a was an idiot. I looked back at Mel who trailed not too far behind me, and saw she had the same look plastered to her face, but with the addition of red cheeks. "C'mon, Mikey! We're in public!" She complained, and tugged at my arm, until I stopped. I turned to look at her, her bright green eyes piercing into mine. I felt a small shudder run through my spine, I broke away from her gaze, and walked down to B&N. I pushed through the door, and Mel gave me a small peck on the lips, before turning and walking into the music section. I headed up to the books. Please, no lazies... I silently prayed. Lazies are the people who leave stacks and stacks of books around. I'm okay with a couple of books lying around, but the stacks are hard. There are different books that go into different sections, and sometimes they're part of a series, so I have to track down where the series are, and it just makes everything harder. I saw a pile of four books on a table, and then two lying on the floor around it. I sighed and bent down to pick them up and examine the two. 'Peace Like a River' by Leif Enger, and 'The Corrections: A Novel' by Jonathan Franzen. I picked up the four other books and put them on top of the two already in my right hand. I put my hand ontop of the stack and realized they were luckily in the same general area. As soon as I put the last book down, my phone buzzed (Mel found it in in my pants pocket from yesterday). I pulled it out, and ducked behind the shelf. "Hello?" I said once I pressed the button. "Uh, Mikey! It's me, Frank." I racked my brain, but couldn't remember. "Who?" "Frank Iero, I was recording at Eyeball when you worked there." I searched my brain again, then finally remembered. "Oh yeah! Pencey Prep, right?" "Yup. Uh... How are you, Mikey?" "Um, fine. I got a girlfriend, apartment. My brother's starting a band." I said awkwardly. What else am I supposed to say? "Really?" He said, he sounded interested. "Yeah." "HEY! Way! Back to work!" Aaron, the manager barked at me. "Sorry, Frank, I gotta go." I said then I clicked my phone shut. I continued to think about why Frank had called all day, and when Mel and I got off work, we decided to stop at Starbucks. "Hey, do you remember Frank? Iero?" I asked while we were waiting for the coffee to brew. Her forehead scrunched up, then she turned to me. "Um, was he that guy who was recording while you interned at Eyeball?" "Yep." "What about him?" then the coffee was done, and we stepped out into the chilly city air. "He called today. He wanted to know what I was doing with my life." I said taking a sip, and nearly burning my mouth on the scalding coffee. "Thats odd... What did you say?" she said holding her hand to her mouth, probably had burned her mouth on the hot beverage too. "I told him about the band, how we were together." I shrugged. "But then Aaron caught me." I sighed, staring down into the deceitful little cup of Joe. "Well, maybe you should call him back, see if he needed anything." she suggested, I thought about it. I wonder why he seemed so interested in the band...
Mai's POV
Bob was right. They were an amazing band. But there was something missing. I could feel it. No it wasn't the bass, but it seemed like there should've been more guitar or something. "Hey, guys?" I spoke up. "Uh, I noticed that there's something other than bass missing from the music." I squeaked. "Like what?" Gerard said, looking intently into my eyes. "Well, there should probably be another guitar player, but it's not a huge deal." I shrugged, they looked around at each other, then Mikey and Mel walked in, Mikey set his bass up, then asked what we did today. Gee filled him in, that they had written some more lyrics for the song he couldn't find a title to, and he also gave it a title. "'Our Lady of Sorrows'... What do ya think?" he asked his brother. "I love it dude." 
Frank's POV
Two years of music... Just down the drain. Pencey Prep was done. Over. The past. I sat into what used to be where we all practiced, but now it was just a small studio in the Eyeball Records building. I had gotten all of my guitars, mics, and other equipment I had, into my girlfriend, Frankie's car. I walked out, stopped in the door way, and looked back into it a final time. I met up with Frankie, just outside the building, and threw my arm around her. "How're you feeling?" she asked. "Like shit." I honestly replied. She giggled a little, then we both hopped into her car. I kept glacing at my phone every few seconds, to see if I had gotten a call from maybe Mikey. He was a kid, just wandering around, and stopped at where our band was recording. He listened for a while, then ran out and brought a girl with a swollen, newly pierced lip. They listened, and when we finished playing, I went out to talk to them. They both said they loved our style in music, and we ended up switching numbers. That was 1 3/4 years ago.    
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