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Lost and lonely

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I dont like writing summary's, so your going to have to just read it wont you :P

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‘Lin?’ I whispered down the phone.

’Yes? Who is this’ She asked, slight annoyance in her voice, god only knows where she is and what time it is, Its 2am here.

’Its Isabelle, can you come get me?’ I hear her gasp and call someone’s name. I heard a grumble and whispering.

’Isabelle, as in Sophia’s daughter?’ I nod my head then realise she can’t see me.

’Y..yes’ I hear another gasp.

’Oh sweetie where are you? Are you ok?’ Her voice is rushed and frankic.

‘I’m … I’m… New Yo..’ Then the line went dead. I’d run out of money.. and I had no other money to ring her back. Now I’m truly fucked.

My name is Isabelle Ann Ballato and I am 17 years old. I’m short, with black hair, Brown eyes and I’m skin and bone. No I don’t have an eating disorder, there’s just no money for food, the little money we do have goes on drugs and alcohol, and no not for me, for my mother. You see my Mother is a heroin addict and a alcoholic. And I bet your wondering how im still in her care? She ran away with me when I was 5 because our family was going to take me off her. Oh how I wish they had before she ran. I’m sure I would have had a better life with them than I have with her. The stuff I’ve seen and done most adults wouldn’t even have a nightmare about. I’m a fucked up 17 year old with a drug addict and a alcoholic for a mother.. and my father? He’s not around, never has been. And I’m sure he’d be a better parent then my mother, even though he wants nothing to do with me. I’ve been a slave for my mother, made get her drugs for her, I’m 17 and I have to walk around the streets to get her drugs at 2am in the morning. Tonight though my mother didn’t have the money so she sent me out to see what I could do. Smash, her drug dealer wasn’t happy about that. And now I’m covered in bruses and cuts. Nothing new, but tonight was different, he wanted his payment, and he got it. Trust me. So I’ve had enough. I went home and gave my mother her drugs. She passed out and I looked for her old phone book. I found it and left, with the few shillens I had I used it to call my Aunt Lin,. But I ran out of money.

And know I’m alone.. in New York… at 2 in the morning, But nothing will make me go back.. Nothing.

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