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Paper Moon

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Mermiads and Werewolves galoure!

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Nina sat at the water’s edge looking in she could see shoals of fish weaving in and out of the coral, the water was incredibly clear here and far to shallow Nina sighed and pulled herself up if she was going to do this she would have to do it right so she started up the hill the wind beating viciously at her clothing threatening to throw her over the side prematurely hugging her bright t-shirt tight around herself Nina continued up the hill at the very highest point she stopped looking down over the cliff edge below her the sea churned and splashed smashing into the rocks Nina shuddered her parents had always guided her away from water given her this un rational fear of drowning from early on in her life but now in her final moments she would over come that fear as it came true she tipped her head back and took a step towards the cliff edge her final wish that the water wasn’t to cold a single tear slipped out of her closed eye as she took another step forward one final step and she begun falling the wind rushing past her eras she could barely hear anything just one final cry from somewhere above someone must have seen her but they were years to late to have saved her as she crashed into the water instantly being thrown against a rock Nina let it happen the water submerging her and throwing her about, she had lost all feeling in her legs just a slight sense of pins and needles remained as she was dragged down and with one more violent wave she was smashed into the cliff smacking her head and nocking her out.


Three men carried Tanner Riley along to the moon room she struggled against them scratching and bighting whenever she could but it was no use, it was that time of the month again, no not that time of the month but as a werewolf it was a lot worse Tanner was one of the youngest in the pack and struggled to control herself when in wolf form so to protect the pack and the towns near by on the night of the full moon each month Tanner would be tied up and left for the night while her transformation took place Tanner hated it and tried to hide whenever it came around but wolves have an uncanny way of tracking to whereabouts so it was never very long until the rest of the pack found her.

Tanner was the strongest wolf in the pack despite being the youngest and probably the shortest, she came from a long line of werewolves and was one of the last pure blood wolves left, this meant that she could shift into a wolf form whenever she was in the moonlight rightfully she should have been the pack leader, but she was only 15 and still in school her hormones made her stroppy and un rational so instead the pack was lead by one of the elder wolves Tyron.

The wolves neared the moon room now and Tanner struggled even more thrashing against the men dragging her they walked in and pinned her against the board tying the silver around each of her limbs, no matter how hard she tried she would never be able to break free, one of the men the shortest one looked sympathetically in Tanner’s direction on leaving the room Tanner just scrunched her face up in disgust and made a point of looking the other way the men locked the door leaving her for the night.

A/N Yeah another chapter done and dusted fist pumps I'm genuinly getting really exited about writing this, its gonna be FABULOUS, thankyou for the reviews and to whoever rated! Today's question is what is your favourite scary film?
I personaly love Drag me to hell because it makes me laugh for hours, but if I wanna be really scared The Fourth Kind does a pretty good job of making me pee my pants, anyway i'll leave you to do your thang I will possibly update again later hasta luago!

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