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The arrival of bandit lee way

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Bnadit arrives home

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Gerard woke to tghe phone ringing.
"What,Hello?"Gerard said into the reciver.
"Sorry,hon,did I wake you"LynZsaid sounding rather cheerful for 8am.
"Yeah,but its OK,whats up?"Gerad asked waking up.
"Not much,just had baby,not seen my husband in 3 days and i'm
still in hospital eating crappy food"lynZ moaned"I cant belive
I'm saying this but I actually miss starbuscks right now!"
"Ok"Gerard chuckled"Gimme,what an hoyr and i'll pick you up?"
"Ok,bye!"LynZ said.
Gerard goy put of bed and walked downstairs in his boxers,made
himself a coffe and sat on the sofa.
"WHAT THE HELL?"Gerard swore as the sofa started moving.
"D'you mind npt sitting on me"Frank groaned.
Gerard lept of the sofa a nd screamed.
Frank laughed"Nice boxers,mate"Gerard snatched the blanket of Frank to cover
up his spider-man boxers.
"Gee?"Frank said.
"What?"Gee snapped.
"Now,i'm in my boxers"Frank laughed.
"Oh,fucking hell!"Gerad trough the blanket at him and ran upatirs.
A minute later he ran back downstairs dressed.
"Get dressed I told LynZ I'd pick her up in an hour"Gerard told
Frank picking up the coffe pot"Oh and how the Fuck did you sleep
through the phone?"
"I have the gift of sleep"Frank said rolling of the sofa and landing
on the floor-hard."OW!"
"Get dressed I'll make you a coffe"Gerard chuckled.
"Thanks"Frank said walking out,5 seconds later he came back in weraing-boxers-.
"I need my clothes"Frank said picking up a bundle of stuff of the floor.
"Might help"Gerard laughed.
Frank looked at him and gave another award winning look and finger.

An hour and 6 cups of coffe later they arrived at the hospital.
They turned the corner into LynZ's room and gerad bent down to kiss
her.Frank cleared his throat,Gee scowled at him ,then looked
back to LynZ and smiled"Coffee,starbucks"holding up one hand"and a
warm bacon sandwich"holding up the other.LynZ snatched them off him and
started devouring the sanwich.
"This is why I love you"She said round a mouth full of bread.
"Thats disgusting"Frank said.
"piss off"LynZ swore taking another bite.
"You nearly ready to go"Gerard asked looking at the bags on the floor.
"Yep,oh theres someone I want you to meet"LynZ said swinging her legs of the bed.
"Uh,LynZ?"Frank said quietly.
"Where did the bacon sandwich go?"
They all laughed and followed LynZ to the other side of the room where a oink bundle of clothes were lying.Gerad lent in to the cot to pick up the bundle and as she was lifted she woke up and turned to face her Dad.

Thats the last chapter so feel free to comment on the entire story.It was my first one so all comments are welcome!
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