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In London the party continues. Katherine speaks to Gerard about Mikey.

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While Casey released Carrie from the leather straps Marcus stood then stripped off his clothing. He turned to smile at William who was still standing just inside the doorway. “You were so wrong, this blood bound is special.” He taunted.

William’s eyes flashed with anger.

Once Carrie’s arms and legs were freed Marcus held out his hand to help her off the bed. Casey stood silently watching.

“I think it’s time we pay some attention to Casey, don’t you agree?”

Carrie nodded while looking deeply into his eyes. While she didn’t exactly understand why she only knew she felt deep relief that she was not with William.

Marcus walked over and took Casey by the arm. Smiling he led her over to the center of the room. Before she knew what was happening he grabbed her hands and pulled them up, over her head. A moment later she felt the cold steel of the cuffs as her wrists were secured. Marcus took a step back surveying his work. “That’s lovely.”

Casey’s face remained blank as she stared into his eyes.

He took a step closer to trail his finger down the side of her neck to the top of the leather bustier. “Nice but not revealing enough.” His fingers unlaced the front so he could tug the leather down enough to free her breasts. “That’s better.” Now his fingers reached the top of the leather skirt. He glanced over at Carrie. “Remove this.”

Carrie moved to do his bidding. Now Casey stood, arms secured above her head, breasts bared, wearing the bustier and small leather panties.

“Nice.” Marcus hissed. His fingers again traveled down her body. When they got to the panty he ran them down the leather to the crotch. As he’d hoped he felt the opening. Using his fingertip he slightly pushed it open. “No need to remove these. I can get to where I want.”

Casey moaned as his finger slipped inside the opening to gently caress her wet slit. A moment later when he moved away she bit her lip to keep from crying out. She needed his touch.

“Spread her legs.” Marcus said to Carrie.

Carrie fell to her knees in front of Casey. Gently she pushed her legs apart making sure Casey didn’t lose her balance.

“Now return the favor.” Marcus growled, “Do to her what she did for you.”

Carrie nodded then using her fingers she parted the leather of the panties. Casey’s heart began to race when she felt Carrie’s tongue push through the slit in the leather to tease her throbbing nub.

“Oh.” Casey moaned as Marcus walked to stand behind her. He placed his arms around her body pressing his body to hers from behind. Casey could feel his need as his fingers cupped her breasts.

“You like this?” He whispered as his thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipple.

“Yes.’ Casey whispered, “Oh yes.” The feel of Carrie’s tongue and Marcus’s fingers was starting to ignite a fire deep in her body.

Marcus nuzzled her neck.

“Please.” Casey cried. She wanted him to bite into her neck.

“Oh not yet, Little One.” He crooned knowing what she desired. “You’re not ready.”

“I am.” Casey ground out. “I need..”

Marcus smiled, “Patience.”

For several minutes he continued to fondle her breasts and grind against her while Carrie’s mouth brought Casey to the edge. When Marcus felt her body start to shake he commanded Carrie to stop.

Casey groaned in frustration, she’d been so close.

Slowly Marcus walked around her body letting his eyes drink in every last inch of her. He extended his hand to help Carrie stand. “Let’s switch places.’ He grinned.

Carrie nodded and walked behind Casey. Her arms encircled the woman and her fingers captured her nipples. Casey’s eyes were on Marcus as he slid down to his knees before her. “So beautiful” He whispered as his fingers parted the leather of her panties. “I need a taste.”

“Yes.” Casey cried when his tongue darted out to tease her nub. “Oh yes.”

Marcus stopped. “Silence.” His eyes flashed when he looked up at her. “I’d hate to put a gag in that beautiful mouth of yours but I will.”

Casey’s look was pure shock.

He smiled, “You are mine to command.”

She nodded silently.

He seemed pleased by her response. Once more his mouth began to tease her nub. It was all Casey could do to remain silent. When his hand trailed up her leg she held her breath. When he slipped a finger inside her she cried out again.

“Oh yes.”

Immediately he removed his finger and stood. “I did warn you.” He growled. Quickly he walked across the room towards the closet. Casey tried to turn her head to see what he was doing but it was impossible.

Marcus grabbed the item he was looking for then walked back towards her. His Pure blood was on fire. She was his and he’d do whatever he wanted, when he wanted. When he saw the look of uncertainty in her eyes he paused.

Casey saw in his eyes he was torn. His Pure blood was demanding he control her yet he was resisting. She understood how important it was that he let that blood control him especially since they had an audience.

“Punish me.” She whispered praying he’d realize she understood what was happening.

His eyes flashed. “Yes, that’s what I intend to do.” A moment later he had the ball gag in her mouth secured tightly.

Looking at Carrie his voice shook when he spoke, “Get the whip.”

Carrie nodded. Her face was blank when she handed the leather strap to him.

“Remove the bustier.”

Again Carrie did his bidding without any show of emotion. When it was done she stood back.

Marcus walked behind Casey letting his fingers trail down her bare back. “Such lovely skin.”

Casey gripped the chains holding the cuffs preparing for what she knew was about to happen. When he delivered the first blow her skin stung. Had it not been for the gag a scream would have escaped her lips. Immediately Marcus was behind her licking the welts. As her body healed the pain disappeared. In it’s place was intense pleasure when he slid a finger inside her.

“Pain and pleasure.” He whispered in her ear. “I give you both.”

Casey’s head fell forward. It snapped back up when the leather whip bit into her back again. As before he was behind her healing her skin, pumping his finger inside her.

The process was repeated three more times before pure lust consumed Marcus. Her blood touching his tongue was so good but it wasn’t enough. He threw the whip down then walked around to face her. He smiled then fell to his knees. Again his tongue pushed through the leather slit. Casey’s whole body began to shake. She needed him, she needed his blood.

Marcus placed a hand on each of her legs. Teasingly he ran his fingers up and down them. Then without warning he removed his mouth. “Take out the gag.” He commanded.

Carrie nodded.

Casey’s eyes were still on Marcus but she remained silent. He looked up at her. “”Be a good girl and remain still.” As soon as the words left his mouth he placed his lips on her inner thigh. Gently he kissed the skin. Casey’s head fell back as pleasure tore through her. When he suddenly bit into her skin she snapped her mouth shut.

Marcus moaned as her sweet blood filled his mouth. His fingers caressed her legs and he drank. Casey closed her ears the sexual sounds of William and the blood bound. She could only hear the sound of her heart beating for the man on his knees before her.

It was torture but Marcus forced himself to stop. If he took any more of her blood she’s be weakened and the night was young. Licking the wound to stop the blood flow first he then stood to face her.

“Now I want to hear you say you are mine. I want to hear you say you belong to me, every inch of you.”

“I am yours.’ Casey whispered. “But please..”

“Please?” Marcus repeated. “Please what?”

“I need.” She ground out.

Marcus laughed. “I love the sound of a beautiful woman begging me.” He touched her cheek, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want..” Her voice started as a whisper but trailed off impossible to hear.

Marcus moved closer, their faces inches apart. “What do you want?” He was shocked by how quickly she moved. Her lips pressed against his, her teeth bit into his lip. As his blood poured into her mouth her body caught fire.

His body also caught fire. Bracing her back with his hands he thrust into her.

Casey moaned against his lips. “More.”

“Wrap your legs around me.” He ground out against her lips. His blood gave her the strength to lift her feet off the ground. When her legs were around his waist he began to thrust harder. Within moments they both orgasmed together.

Marcus slid out of her as she unclasped her legs. Standing back he smiled. “You please me.” He said knowing they were being watched. He reached up to release her hands. As her arms fell to her sides he turned away. “The night is young.” He said to his guest who had come to watch. “There is so much more to enjoy.”


Katherine removed her arm slowly. Mikey, whose eyes were locked with hers, sighed.
“Sleep now.’ Katherine said softly. “When you awake the pain will be gone.” She turned to leave the room when she was shocked by the sound of his voice.

“Can I tell you about the ranch?”

Katherine had never before had a mortal disregard her command. Turning slowly she looked into his eyes. What she saw there caused her to pause. “The ranch?”

Mikey nodded slowly. “Yeah, I ….” There was confusion in his voice, “I feel like I should tell you.”

Katherine was intrigued by this turn of events. Slowly she sat down in the chair by his bed. “Then tell me.” She urged.

By the time he’s told her what he felt he needed to say his voice sounded weak but his spirit was strong.

As she left the room Katherine was shaken. Her body was weak from the amount of blood she’d given Mikey but this feeling went much deeper.

Jacob was immediately alarmed when he saw her. Getting out of the car he took her arm to help her into her seat.

“What has happened?” He asked leaning down to touch her cheek gently.

“I need to speak to Gerard.” Katherine whispered.

“You are weak." He closed her car door then raced around to the driver’s seat. As he steered the car through the early morning traffic he glanced over but saw that she’d put her head back and closed her eyes.

When they reached their hotel he resisted the urge to carry her inside. Instead he took her arm to help her. However as soon as the door to their room closed she was in his arms. Gently he carried her to the sofa. He pushed up his sleeve and bit into his arm.

Katherine who was slowly regaining her strength shook her head, “I’m okay.”

“No Love, you are weak. Drink.” He was relived when she lowered her head and began to take the blood he offered. As she drank he caressed her back. When she pulled away he smiled seeing the color had returned to her cheeks. “It must have taken a great deal of your blood to heal him.”

Katherine sighed, “Yes, but it’s not that.”

Immediately he was concerned, “Please tell me you did not heal him feeling it was wrong to do so.”

“Of course not." Katherine sighed, “I knew it was right.” She paused, “I just didn’t know how right until after it was done.”

“I do not understand.” Jacob said looking into her eyes.

Katherine snuggled up closer to him. “Me either, it was so weird.”


She laughed, “Yeah, that’s the only word I can think of at the moment. I suppose you would say surprising or unreal.”

“Kat, what the hell happened?” Jacob asked nervously. It wasn’t often she seemed as if she’d lost her cool and control.

“I need to talk to Gerard.’ She answered suddenly. “Could you please call?”

As a fellow Pure he respected her wishes. He understood whatever had happened had shaken her. Immediately he pulled out his phone.


Gerard lay in Anna’s arms as she held him tightly, murmuring words of love. When her phone rang she got off the bed crossing the room quickly.

“Annabelle, is Gerard with you?”

“Yes, Jacob.”

He sighed “He did not answer his phone.”

Anna looked over at Gerard who had sat up. “Where is your phone?”

He looked confused. “I must have left it downstairs. Why? What’s going on?”

Jacob could hear their conversation. He broke in. “Annabelle please let me speak to him.”

Nervously she walked over and extended the phone. “Jacob wishes to speak to you.”

Gerard’s hand trembled as he took the phone. This call no doubt had something to do with Mikey and he was almost afraid to hear what the Pure had to say. “Hello.”

“Gerard.” Jacob knew Katherine was waiting to speak to him but first there was something he needed to say. “Annabelle told me about your brother. You must understand I could not go to him.”

Gerard closed his eyes bracing himself for what he believed was coming.

“As you know your brother met me several times.” Jacob continued. “It was my fear that if I felt it was right to heal him the amount of blood it would require would make it impossible for me to completely erase his mind of my visit. If that were to happen the consequences could be dangerous for you and Annabelle.”

“I understand.” Gerard muttered sadly.

Jacob was pleased that even though he understood Gerard was upset he did not question his decision. “However” He continued, “That concern did not present a problem for Katherine.”

Gerard spoke up. “Katherine went to see him?”

“Yes, and she wishes to speak to you.” He handed the phone to Katherine.

“Hello, Gerard.” Katherine said as she leaned back against the cushions. Beside her Jacob had returned to his seat.

“Hey, Katherine.” Gerard tried to keep his emotions in check. “Jacob told me you went to see Mikey.”

“I did. First off I need you to understand that if I had felt it was wrong to heal him I wouldn’t. As a Pure I understand it has to be this way.”

Nervously Gerard’s grip tightened on the phone. “Yeah, sure. I understand that. But how is he?”

She tried to remind herself that Gerard still had retained his human emotions and was trying to control them. Wanting to put his mind at ease she simply said, “I healed your brother.”

Relief flooded Gerard. “Thank you.”

Katherine reached for Jacob’s hand. She needed to feel his touch was she admitted something that for a Pure was troubling. “Gerard, here’s the thing. When I first saw him I knew it was the right thing to do. It’s been a very long time since I felt that so strongly. I have to say it shocked me.”

“Because you knew it was right to heal him?”

“Because I knew it without a doubt.” Katherine clarified. “However what happened after I healed him is really why I wanted to speak to you.”

Anna was concerned by the look on Gerard’s face as he listened to Katherine. She sat down next to him then put her arm around him.

“What happened?” Gerard asked.

Katherine sighed, “I had to give him a great deal of my blood. His body was full of infection, infection that was killing him. I know that if I hadn’t gone to see him today he would have passed away tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Gerard closed his eyes.

“After I healed him I commanded him to close his eyes and sleep. He had been so sick and in so much pain I wasn’t worried about him remembering my visit. If anything I just assumed he’d believe his fevered mind had imagined me.” She smiled, “But as I started to leave he spoke to me.”

“What did he say?” Gerard whispered.

“Look I gotta tell you at first I was almost annoyed. I’m not used to mortals disregarding my commands. But when I turned around and looked into his eyes…well it was something I’d never seen before. He was speaking from his heart and to be honest I still don’t really understand it.”

“Katherine I’m confused.” Gerard admitted. “Did something go wrong?”

“No, something went very right, I think. I believe in some way I don’t understand what he said was meant to be heard by you.”


Katherine laughed lightly, “Gerard, your brother had a great desire to live. But it wasn’t for himself. He asked if he could tell me about the ranch. I mean it made no sense that a man who had just been healed would want to tell a complete stranger standing in his hospital room about the ranch but he did.”

Gerard smiled, “Because it is so important to him.”

“Very important. He told me how he and Alicia had wanted to get the ranch going for several years but funding hadn’t come through until recently.” She closed her eyes remembering the conversation. “The ranch, set up for children with life threatening illnesses, is his dream. It will provide medial care for those children while they are given a very important opportunity to try to forget their problems even if its for a short time. They will ride horses, do crafts, you know vacation shit.”

Gerard grinned knowing that until now Katherine had tried to sound like a Pure. However as she spoke she was opening up.

“Hell, you know what I mean.” She sighed. “It’s going to be a great place. But what your brother is really excited about is that he personally will teach art classes. The passion in his voice when he spoke of giving the kids a chance to release their emotions through art was so strong.”

“That’s Mikey.” Gerard whispered softly.

“Yes, your brother is a good man.” Katherine said. “A very good man. As I said his passion to live was not for himself but for others.” She looked over at Jacob who was smiling. “You should be very proud of him.”

“I’m fuckin’ proud.” Gerard answered. “Thank you for tell me all of this.”

Katherine sighed, “While I don’t really understand mortal’s emotions just listening to your brother made me wish I could. Anyway there is one more thing."


“After he’d told me about the ranch I knew he was getting tired as my blood was still healing his body. I suggested again he sleep. This time he nodded and closed his eyes. But when I got to the doorway he spoke again.” Katherine paused. “He wanted me to know the name he’d chosen for the ranch was “Gerard’s Hope.” I still don’t understand this. It was like he somehow knew it was important to tell me.”

“And now I know.” Gerard’s voice was full of emotion. “Thank you Katherine.”

Her Pure blood demanded she try to make sense of the situation. “Maybe I’m just wrong but damn it, he spoke to me like he knew me.” She paused struggling to explain, "No, not really like he knew me but like somehow he knew telling me would be getting the information to you. But that can’t be.”

“Mikey has always cared deeply about other people.” Gerard said softly, “I’m sure he just wanted to tell you Katherine because he felt what he was doing would mean something to you too.”

Katherine was shocked. “But I’m a Pure. While I understand what he’s doing is noble it doesn’t emotionally matter to me.”

At the same time Gerard spoke, Jacob gave her hand a tight squeeze. “That’s not really true, is it? What he told you touched something inside you.”

Her first thought was to disagree but something in the way Jacob was looking at her made her pause. “Oh hell.” She whispered. “Okay I’ll admit it. Hearing the passion in your brother’s voice made me feel good.”

Jacob leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Jacob is a lucky man.” Gerard said not wanting to say anything else to the already confused Pure. “Thank you again, Katherine.”

She sighed, “Gerard I should thank you. It was an honor to meet and heal your brother.” With that she disconnected.

Jacob pulled her onto his lap.

Katherine smiled into his eyes, “Okay don’t start. I’m sure you think it’s good that a mortal’s emotions touched me but….”

Jacob first silenced her with a kiss then whispered. “You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful, Pure heart.”
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