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"Happy to see me?"

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For the rest of the week the pattern continues. Gerard is over on the weekends to check up on how I’m doing. Mikey is going to school and interning but he’s home in the evenings. Mom and Aunt Donna have work so they leave at seven and don’t get home till six. When everyone is gone Linda, Frank’s mom, comes over so I’m not alone. If Linda can’t come over cause of work Uncle Donald comes over. Frank continues to visit me everyday after school, normally using the back door. I’m never alone for longer than five minutes. Mostly I just stay in my room, trying to drown out the pain and sleep off the depression.

On Friday Mikey, Donna, and my mom are at work. Frank, who took the day off on Monday, is at school and Gerard is in classes. I was left in the morning with the promise that Uncle Donald would be over soon. Normally he runs late so I don’t pay much attention to it. I just sleep, like normal, until the phone rings. Eventually I decide to pick it up. I’m expecting a call from my lawyer so it’s best I get it. I have to pee anyway.

I pull myself out of the bed and head down the stairs. This is the first time I've been down here all week. I go into the kitchen and pick up the phone.

"H-hello?" I ask.

"Are you alone?" the voice replies. I feel my heartbeat quicken as fear grips my body.

"N-no," I lie.

"Liar," he says though the voice doesn’t come out of the phone…it’s coming from behind me.

I spin around. Garry is standing in the door way, cell phone pressed to his ear. He snaps it shut and I freeze in fear.

“Happy to see me?"

I take a moment to breathe, "I thought the police were holding you."

"They let me go."

"My uncle is on his way over right now."

"I've got time."

I take a step backwards. The phone is still pressed to my ear. I move my thumb over the off button twice…it beeps letting me know it’s ready to dial. Garry looks at the phone, his eyes narrowing, fists clenched.

"Make one more move and I swear to God I'll kill you."

I freeze again, breathing heavy and trying to figure out if I can call 911 quick enough.

"I thought I told you not to tell anyone."

"I never do what I'm told."

He makes a move for me so I do what my instincts instruct me too. I pull the phone away and dial 911 as quickly as possible.

"Fucking bitch!" he spits.

I scream and bolt toward the front door. My instincts tell me to run to the safety of my bedroom but I know that is a mistake. I am thinking more logically than at the fair. I’m aware of what he will do to me…what he’s trying to do.

I wrench the front door open and make it to the bottom of the steps before I feel him rip be back by my hair. I scream, hoping to God one of the neighbors hears. There has to be at least one who hasn't left for work yet.

Garry grabs my neck, “Hang up the phone and shut up or I’ll break your neck you stupid bitch.”

I’m not positive if he can actually do that but I feel a lot braver than last time around. I don’t scream again or bother to hang up the phone, instead I let go of it and put up the best fight I can. Garry and I wrestle for a minute before I hear a sound I honestly did not expect…the sound of a shot gun going off.

"Let her go or I'll blow a hole in your brain," came the heavy smoker's voice of an old man; my neighbor from next door.

Damn he is fast. Garry only tightens his grip though I do feel his head jerk slightly as my neighbor pushes the barrel of his shotgun up against his head.

"Let her go," my neighbor says again sternly.

Feeling Garry’s grip loosen I roll away quickly, jumping to my feet. That is when I comfirm that my savior is my neighbor, the old war veteran who always keeps his shotgun handy and loaded. I’m more than grateful to see him.

"Amber, what is going on?” Uncle Donald questions. I spin around to look at him.

"It's him!" I say near hysterical and in dire need of my inhaler.

Uncle Donald takes me by the arm, pulling me over towards his car which is left idle by the side of the house, “Have you called the police?”

Glancing over to where the phone is I nod, “I think they’re still on the phone.”

I point to where our home phone is lying in the dirt next to Garry’s feet. He is currently staring at my neighbor, the shotgun still pointed at his head. Finally I hear sirens in the distance. The police must have heard enough to send a cop out to investigate. I notice Garry squirming as the noise reaches his ears as well.

"Don't you fucking move, little shit," my neighbor says. "I've killed bigger and scarier men than you. Don't think for one second that I'll hesitate to pull the trigger. I've been itching to use this son of a bitch. Scary, ain't it?"

In this moment I feel an overwhelming gratitude towards my neighbor. He probably saved my life today. I’ll have to find a way to thank him.

Garry decides my neighbor doesn’t have the balls to shoot someone point blank. He jumps to his feet and begins to run. I jump when the shot fires and at first think its hit the dark haired boy who pounced on Garry. Garry, being bigger than his attacker, has the upper hand but my neighbor drops his gun and goes over to help him hold the fucker down.

By this point I am having a full-fledged asthma attack. I feel my legs start to wobble and after a second I hit the ground. Sitting up I put my head between my knees, wheezing. As I continue to breathe hard I hear the sirens get louder until the cruiser stops in front of my house. I still hope the bullet didn’t hit whoever tackled Garry.

"Amber, are you okay?" Donald asks me.

I shake my head, tears streaming down my face, gasping for breath.

"She’s having an asthma attack. I’ll go get her inhaler.”

It’s a voice I would probably recognize if I was paying more attention but right now all I’m trying to go is keep breathing. Eventually a hand passes me my white inhaler. I quickly use it waiting a second for the medicine to kick in.

"Thank you," I say finally, looking up. There are those eyes, hazel green with those little flecks of brown, that black hair hanging in his face. Frank. He jumped on Garry. I scan over him making sure he’s not bleeding…he isn’t.

"You alright?" Uncle Donald asks as Frank sits down on the ground next to me.

I nod, melting into Frank’s strong arms.

"When did he get here?"

"Right after Donna left," I answer

"Did he break in?"

"I don't know. He was at the back door. He called the house. I went down cause I thought it was the lawyer. "

"Did he hurt you?" Donald asks, as Frank glares at Garry as the police cuff him, leading him over to the cruiser.

I shake my head, “No.”

Then I start to cry, burying my head in Frank’s shoulder, sobbing it all out. Uncle Donald just rubs my back as he explains things to the cops. He tells them everything; who Garry is, that he had violated me and that the hospital gave his DNA to the police already.

I watch as they load Garry into the back of the police car, taking him away while a few other cops stay to check things out. Frank and I stay on the ground though I have stopped crying.

Frank gently takes my face in his hands, “What happened Ambo?”

“He came back for me…to kill me like he promised,” I answer.

“You’re sure he didn’t hurt you?”

“Besides getting thrown around a bit, I’m okay.”

"Are you sure?"

No, I’m not okay. I’m afraid I’ll never be okay again but I nod anyways. I don’t want Frank to worry about me anymore than he already does. I wrap my arms around my best friend’s waist, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Who's this?" the cop who had been talking to Uncle Donald asks.

"He's her best friend. He lives across the alley," Donald answers.

"How long have you been friends?"

"Since we were like... seven? I don't know," Frank answers, gently running his fingers through my hair. I don’t want them to tell him he has to leave. I need Frank.

"That's about right," Donald confirms.

"You're the friend that found her the other night, right?"

Frank nods again, and I wipe a few more tears from my eyes.

"It's okay now, Ambo," he says, hugging me closer. "They've got him now. He can't hurt you anymore."

I just nod, snuggling up against Frank, and shut my eyes.

Note: Anyone who thought he'd come back you were right. Hope this was enough drama/excitement to tide you over for a few chapters cause it's probably going to go back to Amber in bed for at least the next two chapters then something exciting will happen again. Thank's to everyone who has reviewed, please keep it up. Also I had someone ask me if this is my real life story and the answer is the story is loosely based off of what happened to me. Please don't read this story any differently now that you know this. :)
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