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Sugar we're going down swinging.

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I haven't slept since I called her. My heart's still pounding. Why do I feel like this? My stomach's churning and flipping and burning. I hate this feeling. Why did I have to call her, why couldn't I just leave it alone? I couldn't bring myself to cut my wrists again. I couldn't. I had to though. It was the only thing that made me feel better. I looked over to the clock, 3:41. God, I was tired. I wanted to sleep so bad but I couldn't. I'll just force myself I guess. I stared at the ceiling for at least an hour. 5:26 the clock read. I need to sleep. I haven't slept in almost a week. I need sleep. I need her.

yay so i finally updated! sorry its so short its 12:16 am and i'm really tired but i wanted to update so r&r pwease because you all love me:) k bye!
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