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As I got ready to go to class. Max had other problems to deal with as a principal named Mrs. Fox was picking on her as She questioned her, and humiliated her in front of everyone.

"Why are you not in class missy?" She said.

Max looked at her scarily as everyone started laughing at her as sweat came pouring down her face as teenage girls pointed at her even talked about her as Max swallowed her saliva down her throat as she spoke.

"Cause you haven't gave me time to get there" Max said.

Mrs. Fox walked towards her, and picked her up by the shirt, as she stared deep into max hazel green eyes.


Everyone laughed as Mrs. Fox looked at everyone, as everyone stopped laughing.

"What! Nobody is laughing?, Your scared of me are you?, Come on speak up!!! Cause I know on your records I know where u lives I know every detail about you including my teachers who work for me. So if u don't want to be picked on THEN GET TO CLASS ALL OF YOU'S!!!" Mrs. Fox said.

So as Mrs. Fox put Max down, I finally came in as Mrs. Fox went back into her office, As Max cleaned her off. Oh I must of been a bad brother as Max looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes as she ran to her next class.

Max!!! I said. But it was too late the damage has been done, Oh! How stupid I must feel for letting my sister gets tormented by this principal day in and day out, Ohhh!! It makes me want to yell at her, Makes me want to tell her to pick on somebody her own size.

Then in the cafeteria it was lunchtime I was sitting next to Anna. My sister sat a few tables down, as she didn't even take one bite of her lunch. She knows I didn't want this to happen, But my best friend Anna was holding much of my time in being with her. As she wraps her arms around my neck and looked at me in the eyes

"Enough of your sister, It's me time now" Anna said.

I lightly pushed her away, but her grip around my neck gets tighter and tighter. As my head touched her as she kiss me a few times. Then French kissed me in front of everybody as I pushed her away again as I looked in surprised.

"Are you insane! Your going to French kiss me in front of the entire school. This isn't a wedding, heck we didn't even graduated yet," I said to her.

But Anna didn't care; She was so deeply in love with me it was imposable for me to get some time with my sister. As she kept hugging me and plus making threats like she's my wife.

"If u don't give me some me time, I will kill your sister then I will kill your family, Then soon you'll be all alone with nobody to run to but me, And soon we will be married and everybody will be slaves to us" She said with an evil chuckle.

"You belong in a psyche ward your mind is sick and needs to be treated with medication," I said.

Anna looked back at me as she shook her head. "Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. When are you going to realize that I'm the one that loves you way more then your sister or your classmates. Screw this Juneior high you belong in High School with me. Yes I'm Insanely Jealous not Super jealous, Insanely Jealous I will haunt you day and night even in your dreams, There's no escape Gilbert YOUR MINES!!!" She said with an evil, Sadistic, laugh,

As I sat there scared as my good day turned into a nightmare I prayed to myself hoping there's a way out of this, As school continued on forever!
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