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What now?

by LolumzGirl 2 Reviews

Frank is stuck in Gerards house. Will Franks secret tangle with Gerards curious stripe? Will the two personalities clash, or pull them closer together?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011/10/18 - Updated: 2011/10/18 - 924 words

Frank stared out of the window, a mixture of excitement and fear overcoming him. He'd never felt this before, not since his last b... well, then it all went bad, didn't it? It got him thrown out. The truth was that Frank was secretly... gay. He'd known for some time now, and had never had any objection to it what-so-ever. But, when his sexuality got him thrown out of his home, when it lost him everything he'd gained, he guessed it was probably better to be straight. He became almost homophobic, his stomach lurching when he kissed his boyfriend again. He felt awkward around other homosexuals, like maybe he didn't belong. The feelings got so overwhelming that one day, while drunk (yes, he's fifteen. I get it.), he lashed out at his boyfriend. Frank had screamed "I am a straight man, and I want nothing to do with you especially!" and he'd left. He vowed never to think of men as attractive ever again. Now Gerard was changing everything for him. But oh god, if Gerard got the wrong idea. Frank would so be on the street again. And that tearing, heart-breaking feeling of rejection? Was it even worth it? No, of course it wasn't. One day Frank would find a lovaly girl. He'd take her home and start with hugging, then kissing, then having sex. He'd marry, have a baby, get an office job and a house with a window view of a street and a black, big, German car, and be happy. Or, at least, socially acceptable. Not the homo hobo he was currently.

"Um... Frank?" Frank hadn't realised how close Gerard had gotten to him. Startled, he jumped from Gerards grip, away from Gerards whispering lips against his ear and the eagle-eye view of kids playing in the snow. Gerard, also startled, jumped away from Frank. Great, now Gerard thought Frank was demented.

Why was Frank being like this? Trying to have the perfect balance in everything! He just wanted to be friends, nothing but, and even if that meant ignoring his ridiculous urges, god damn he would be friends with Gerard.

"Sorry.. you.. um.. startled me." Frank babbled. "Don't- Don't come too close. I have bruises on my ribs and hips." This was true, but they didn't hurt half as much as Frank was making them out to.

"Ah, yes, sorry." Gerard frowned again, and Franks heart broke to put him out of his good mood. However, it was essential to balance out the friendship Frank was suddenly taking so seriously. Rather than watching Gerard sulk, which Frank did for a few seconds, he decided to point out some of the things around Gerards house. He noticed a picture framed on the wall of a black parade, and it interested him so much. He walked over to it, tracing all of the pencil drawn lines and curves with his little finger, before realising how feminine this was.

"Do you like it?" Gerard asked. Frank turned around.

"I do, very much. I'd love to take this skeleton just here..." Frank began to point out different things on the picture that he liked, his heart fluttering as Gerards grin slowly but surely returned. "...and put this rose in his mouth, and surround him in this type of smoke. And this picture, over here!" Frank shot to the other side of the living room, getting more enthusiastic with each idea. "The skeleton could be surrounded by these babies, but the babies could look less cute and more dead, y'know. With, like, pale skin and dark rings under red, blood-shot eyes. And they could be tied up too, but loosely. And just emerging from the smoke, not entirely clear. That would make an amazing sleeve." Gerards jaw dropped, then his face snapped back into a mad, frenzied grin.

"Glad you like them. Have you seen the signature yet?" Frank looked in the corner of the picture he had just been looking at. Then he read aloud what was written.

"Gee... Gee A. Way? Who the fuck is Gee Way?" Frank turned around to see Gerard standing very proudly, his fist balled and thumb pointing to his heart. "Gee Way is you? Gerard A. Way? Is that your full name? What does the A. stand for?"

"Arthur." Gerar said. "I can draw up that tattoo you wanted, you know? And I can get it done for you. I'm in a band so money wont be a problem."

"Gerard Arthur Way, you just get better and better..." Frank must have almost fainted by this point, because when he returned to reality, Gerard was giving him a curious look. It was even worse that Gerard saw right through him.

"Frankie, don't give me sensual looks. What is your problem?"





Dun dun duuuuuuh, cliffhanger! Lol! Basically look for how Frank reacts to being called Frankie, if he likes this new nickname, if he is upset by being asked about his problem and if he is embarrassed for givng Gerard 'the look'. Also, will Frank or Gerard feel awkward around each other after that. AND I have a big surprise in store for my readers, when Frank bumps into his ex later in the story, but who will his ex be?
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