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Today's Old News (Poems)

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Warning: May be triggering.

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A pink dress is what she wears.
Laced collar and skirt.
A pink net veil and headband lined with pearls.
Shes faceless, but its ok.
She doesn't need one.
No one needs to be seen or known.
No one wants their story told.

You follow this young womans rules.
They're sound very simple.
Getting on her bad side could cost you.
You'll soon find the pretty pink dress she wears fades gray,
the net veil is faded too.

You can't stare, it will consume your soul.
Her face will be shown.
Her eyes are a dark blood read.
She stares at you for hours until you can't take it, until your soul is hers.
Until you give in and 100 becomes a last resort.

Her sister is no better,
maybe even worse.
All hope is lost with her.
You've lost it all, just like that.

She says there is to much of you.
No one cares because of you.
Nothings moving toward you and there's notes to walk away.
No one even hugs you from fear that you will break.
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