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The image of the mind and soul

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Mortuus Magica


AN: Here we are again. Another chapter out and I'm actually starting to like my own writing. Is that a good thing? Am I supposed to like my own stuff? Whatever. So far the votes are leaning towards harem with people pushing Luna and Fleur. No understand if I do go full harem I only intend to raise it to a max of four girls total. I want to focus on the story and not get sucked into the harem trap of spending all my time developing Harry's relationship with the trillion or so girls he's dating or what have you. Anyway thanks again for all your support I feel the love in all your comments and reviews. Especially voratiousreader over at hpfanarchive for your long detailed letter praise like that reminds me I'm not the only one thinking of this story. But I've padded my word count enough for now on with the show.

Disclaimer:Unfortunately not even the sacrifice of a new born baby goat will appease god enough for him to give me rights over Harry Potter and Bleach. So until I manage perfect my disguising technique they still belong to J.K. Rowling and Tite Kubo.


The days started to blur together as a routine was set in place for the students of Hogwarts. Time passing faster than anyone noticed. Alex had finally learned to form his Fullbring at will, Harry was working on a technique with his new weapon, Sam was learning the joys of blowing things up with her magic, Hermione was getting hungry, but Ron was the most shocking of all. Ron was developing Table Manners.

It was on one of these unremarkable days that Harry could be found in what he now called his quiet room. Quiet in his mind due in no small part to the fact that Sam didn't know about it. Don't get him wrong the girl was his best friend by a wide margin but energetic blonds and quiet meditation don't really mesh well. At some point during his meditation Harry felt the faint sensation of wind on his face. Assuming he had left the window open he opened his eyes and stood up to close it. However when he looked at his surroundings he was left rooted to the spot. At first glance it looked like a giant forest. Massive trees wide as a skyscraper and just as tall stood in even lines each placed perfectly apart form each other. Upon close inspection however the skyscraper look became more apparent large openings in the trees possessing the look of windows, strange growth patterns suggesting doors to the interior of the tree. Opening one of those 'doors' Harry explored the inside of the tree/skyscraper. The interior looked like an all wood version of any office building all the furniture growing directly form the floor. The chairs even slid around the floor without ever separating from it. The road outside was made up of shaggy grass. Short enough to suggest maintenance while still long enough to look natural there was even a sidewalk made up of rich fertile soil.

As Harry was exploring this unusual city wondering where all the occupants were a faint whisper of a voice caught his attention. “Harry” it spoke tickling his ear and forcing his attention on it. “This way Harry. I've been waiting.” It continued leading him deeper and deeper into the forest/city. The voice grew louder and stronger as he drew closer to an odd building. It was much shorter than the rest of them and much longer and wider. It seemed to be made from a vast amount of smaller trees all growing and connecting to form a greco-roman design that reminded Harry of the Parthenon in Rome. That resemblance was compounded upon by the images impressed on the Large main gateway. Pressed into the wood was what looked like an image of the roman pantheon, however upon closer inspection Harry was quick to note that in place of Olympian gods of myth were images of him and his friends. Harry stood in the center standing sideways presenting a profile his right arm raised in front of him his hand slightly above head level. Hand open palm up like he was holding something. His entire arm seemed to be encased in a metallic armor. To his right stood Sam striking an intimidating pose her arms and legs held outward slightly making her look bigger than she was, a half seen image floated behind her that Harry couldn't fully make out but for some reason it worried him. On his left was standing in profile as well he had a uniquely designed sword held in front of him a faint mist of power emanated from the sword. Beside Sam was Hermione standing confidently a fierce look in her eyes and an open book in her hands, even from the ground Harry could make out an intricate design on the front of the book like a complex crest of some kind. About Hermione's feet were small monsters of all sorts each one connected to the book by a faint shroud. Next was Ron standing off from the rest on Alex's left. He was the only one not looking outward. Instead he stared at the others a look of deep jealousy filling his features. There were several other incomplete images around the group as well however they were still lacking enough detail to tell who or what they were.

Steeping into the building Harry was confronted with the sight of a massive library a carpet of soft grass filled the floor from one wall to the other. In front of him was a man sitting comfortably on a sofa that was growing up from the floor. The man was obviously tall even while sitting no less than one hundred-eighty-six centimeters (six feet). He had a lithe figure and was wearing a finely made business suit and hat. A pair of reading glasses perched upon his nose. His suit was deep red with black trim and his long royal purple hair fell straight down his back from beneath his hat. Looking up from his book Harry could see a pair of eyes of the same purple color staring out from his aristocratic face. All in all the man struck an impressive image. Standing from the sofa and closing the book the man moved quickly to Harry taking his hand in a firm handshake.

“Hello Harry it's so good to finally meet you. I've been waiting quite a while for you to visit. I must say while I quite enjoy the reading time it is quite annoying being kept waiting for so long my boy. Oh but where are my manners my name is %#!@^$@&$^#*” He man concluded the last word passing right through Harry. Like listening to a person while focusing on something else he heard the name but it didn't seem to stick.

“Could you repeat your name please I didn't quite catch that.” Harry requested of the man. The person in front of him frowned a look of slight disappointment in his eyes.

“No I guess you wouldn't have heard it yet would you. But that can be left for another time. For now I need to show you around Harry. This is your soul after all you should know your way around. It's only reasonable.” The well dressed man continued on leading Harry out the front entrance he had just entered through.

Wait what do you mean my soul, and just who the bloody hell are you anyway?” Harry spoke up demanding an answer. The one guiding him turned to the boy with an amiable smile.

“Why Harry you mean you haven't figured it out yet. I am the spirit of you Zanpakuto and this is your soul scape my boy. Your thoughts, feelings, morals, ethics, beliefs, everything that you are makes up this place.” The tall man stated continuing to smile politely at the you.

“If this place is my soul then why do I need a tour. Can I just change things so I already know the layout?” Harry asked curious about the nature of his surroundings.

“Ha ha ha. Don't be silly Harry. Trying to change anything in here is tantamount to trying to change who you are as a person. The place will slowly shift and grow as you age of course and any major changes in your beliefs or ideals will have major effects on this place, but trying to change it with will power alone is just silly. People do change of course history has proven this however history has also proven that those changes have to be forced upon them.” The spirit explained to the boy. “Everything here is a reflection of some part of you Harry. The large empty city reflects your room to grow, the wooded nature of that same city demonstrates the importance of that growth. The building behind us represents your acquired knowledge.” He concluded gesturing once again to the large structure behind them. Walking down the grass paved road they stopped in front of a courthouse looking structure which following the theme of the world was made from living growing trees. “Here is where your morals and ethics reside Harry. The laws and rules you hold yourself to are kept here and this is where most of your moral debates take place. And over there.” he gestured to a school building further down the road. “Is where all your theories are stored. Any information you have acquired but are not completely sure of is in there. All of that data is easily corrected and changed before finally moving to the library back the way we came.” The finely dressed spirit lead Harry down a side street some ways before stopping in front of a large building that stood out from the rest. This building was built from large black stones and was walled off from the rest of the city bye thick steel barriers. The sight was terrifying, sickening and wholly unattractive when placed against the beauty that surrounded it. “This is the most important stop unfortunately. The building before us is the prison. A rarity in most soulscapes that don't house multiple personalities. In there is something that should not be here thus your soul forcefully contained it by building a prison from all of your negative personality traits. Your temperament, your hate, your envy, your impatience, and any other character flaws you can think of are used to hold in that thing. I've only been in there once and I can't really tell you exactly what it is but I do have a theory.” The man explained causing Harry to grow more concerned with each word. A prison in his soul holding back something that shouldn't be there. A chill ran up the emerald eyed boys spine just looking at the imposing structure.

“What's in there then?” Harry asked almost not wanting to hear the answer.

“A small piece of and evil mans soul harry. I don't know how it got here or who it belongs to but I can tell you that it is a problem. A problem that must be eliminated.” The man made sure to impress upon Harry the importance of the matter. Turning away from the prison the duo began moving deeper and deeper into the city slowly making their way to it's heart. After several long moments of walking and polite conversation about the significance of what Harry had seen in his soul so far they finally reached the center of the city. Before them was the most breathtaking thing Harry had ever seen. A massive lake of white blue water glowing with power extended as far as the eye could see walled off in the center of this lake was a smaller lake of glowing emerald green water. Above the lakes was a Massive tree larger and more majestic than any that had been seen so far. It's base was made up of millions of roots stretching out over and into the lakes of water branching out further and further as they went. The tree itself gave off an ethereal blue-green glow. “This Harry is your Magical core the very center of your being. From here flows your life's energy this tree is connected to every structure in the city feeding energy from here. The blue water represents your spiritual energy while the green one represents your magical energy. The purpose of this tree is to mix the energy together and ensure it goes where it's needed. Without it you would be unable to use magic or even sustain life. Were it not for the threat that comes from the prison this would be the most important place in your soul.” The spirit elaborated. “Now I'm afraid our time is up I'll see you again soon Harry.” The spirit said. Before Harry could ask what he meant the spirit shoved harry into the pool of spiritual water effectively shaking him from his meditation.


Arriving in the library hoping to find information removing soul pieces Harry found himself staring at the sight of Hermione buried behind mountains of books parchment scattered around her covered in notes. Carefully approaching the admittedly pretty bookworm Harry saw that she had fallen asleep amongst her research. Moving to check on the girl Harry had noticed that most of the books that Hermione had were centered around spirits and soul magic her notes occasionally rambling on about some weird hunger. Shaking the girl awake he began to call her name.

“Hermione, Hermione wake up. What are you doing anyway I almost couldn't see you through all the books.” He said a laugh in his voice at the last statement.

“Oh hello Harry what are you doing in the girls dorm?” she asked sleepily before realizing she'd fallen asleep in the library, again.

“What's got you so interested in soul magic anyway?” Harry asked curious wondering if any of these books could further elaborate on his Kido or give him training advice.

“Oh um well I just herd some older students talking about and got curious. I tend to get carried away when I have something to research.” She half lied causing Harry to tilt his head to the left in thought.

“Well I have a book on similar magic you might find useful. I'll lend it to you if you promise to return it.” Harry said causing Hermione to nod in slight confusion. Usually it was she who was lending out books not borrowing them. At least not from other students. Holding put her hand she felt Harry place a book in her hands but she saw it faze through her leaving behind another book a lot like the one Harry was about to give her. It was thick and bound in dark black leather with the words Mortuus Magica written in crimson above a white picture of a blank doll-like marionette. Beneath the picture was the word Bount. Grabbing up his book from under Hermione's hands he dug through the book noticing the locked chapter on Bounts and Fullbringers were missing. The Bount one was obviously in Hermione's hands so who had the Fullbringer chapter. Looking up he could already see Hermione had disappeared into the world of Bounts.


Alex was wielding his Fullbring's release form a long curved blade with a series of bleeders on the blunt end near the tip The blade strangely floated above the handle attached only by a thin piece of metal. Below the blade was a deep red stone thin tendrils of grey metal wrapping around it. Extending from the stone is a thin hand guard. Another red stone is embedded in the pommel. So far he had been able to coax two abilities from the sword. First he could create a blade of red energy by swinging his sword while releasing energy from it. The blade would not dissipate until it either struck it's target or Alex forcibly dissipated it. The second ability extended not just to the blade but also to his hands, by touching an object he was able to push his own energy into the item causing it to become unstable and explode a few seconds after he stopped touching it. So far he was unable to re-absorb the energy and so had to be sure he wanted to blow up whatever he used this power on. Harry walked in just in time to see Alex seal up his Fullbring back into his blunted practice sword.

“You?” Harry asked incredulously. Shocked that Alex had been the Fullbringer. Quickly scanning the room Harry asked him. “Where is the book.”

“Over there.” Alex said pointing at a table on the far side of the room. Looking down at the ground in shame sure that his friend hated him now. Harry walked up to the book and tried to pick it up but his hand passed right through it like air.

“Just like I thought.” Harry murmured to himself turning to Alex. “Keep the book Alex it's no use to me. I cant even read it.” Harry said causing Alex to look up in surprise. “To repay me for it though you can do me a favor. I need a sparing partner to help me fix up technique with my spear.” Harry stated making his dark haired friend grin large enough for it to literally reach his blue eyes. Not only did he get to keep the book he got a sparing partner as well win-win. Nodding his agreement quickly Alex drew out his training sword and watched as Harry released the transfiguration on his Zanpakuto.


Later in the Gryfinndor common room Harry was in his favorite chair reading when Sam marched up to him drew herself up to her full height and made a deceleration that would have lasting repercussions on the rest of his life.

“Harry James Potter.” Sam began instantly gaining Harry's attention. She never used his name so he figured this had to be important. “I've decided that your going to be my first boyfriend.” She finished causing Harry's eyes to bug out and most of the common room to go quiet. Grabbing Harry's head between her hands Sam brought his face to hers and began snogging him. Pulling back there was a faint dazed look to both their faces before Harry shook himself out of it a second later and spoke up.

“There's something I need to tell you Sam.” He started taking her hand and leading her up to his dorm room silently signaling Alex and Hermione to follow them.


“OK let me get this straight.” Sam began pointing at Harry. “You can cast some kinda wandless ghost magic called Kido and have a weapon that makes you stronger after you learn it's name.” Harry nodded. “You can turn that metal beating stick into a super sword that can shoot lasers and blow shit up.” Alex shrugs. “And you are some kinda soul eating vampire who has a weird power you don't know about yet that you channel through some kinda doll thing.” Hermione nodded quickly still giddy from finally figuring out why she looked at nearly headless nick like a nearly headless cheeseburger. “Cool!”
Sam burst out reaching for her new boyfriend. Shaking his shoulders in excitement she begin talking quickly in her drawling southern accent. “Yah gotta let me see that book babe. Maybe I can shoot lasers from my eyes, or maybe I can fly, oh what if I can breath fire. That would be so cool.” She gibbers out in excitement. Harry takes out the book and hands it to Sam who takes it and holds it for a second before the book fazes through her hands leaving behind nothing. Looking down in disappointment Sam Throws her head back and whines out. “No fair. I want cool super powers too.” She complains like a child denied her favorite candy. Smiling a little at her antics Harry pulls Sam into a little hug and pecks her on the head. Watching the pair as Sam snuggles deeper into Harry's robes no one noticed that even though the last chapter in the book hadn't been unlocked the words on the book had changed for a brief moment. Not Yet.

AN: Done. Not as long as my last couple chapters but that seemed like a good place to stop for now. That scene in the common room was inspired by something I saw last week while I was at the park a pair of kids no older than Sam and Harry Basically acted out that scene word for word. Except for Harry's name of course. I don't have much to say here so I'll let you go here. Bon Voyage
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