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Spoiled Chelsea Teen, Elissa, needed something to snap her back down to reality - and with the help of three unlikely friends in the form of The Midnight Beast, can she become grounded again?

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“Elissa, where the hell are we going?” Her best friend, Amelia Vermont, asked as she walked through Buckingham Palace Road in London. A small gust of wind started to blow, almost causing Elissa’s sunhat to fly away from her head, but she strongly pressed it to her head and then storming off ahead once again.

“Anywhere but here.” Elissa sighed, walking towards Green Park, and along the grassy walkway. A couple metres away was a food and drinks stand, which sold various sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and salads, as well as ice creams, dispensed drinks and other confectionary.
“What was so bad about what Hollie said?” Amelia asked, which she then quickly went on to regret.
“I’m sorry, did you not hear her? She basically said that I all I do is live off my parents money, that I don’t work, that I’m a spoiled little brat! Sorry if you think I’m overreacting, but I don’t care. What she said was uncalled for.” Elissa Huntingdon stated as she made her way over to the drinks stand, before quickly asking for a medium pepsi drink. In a rush, she almost threw her spare change at the person behind the counter, and grabbed the paper cup filled with soda.

Amelia sighed as she noticed how close to tears Elissa was. She honestly couldn’t see what was so bad with the whole idea of Hollie called her spoiled... Deep down, she knew Elissa was actually quite spoiled, and had been since she was born. She was the typical Chelsea teenager and even though she had a job in the Topshop in Oxford Street, she still had an unlimited withdrawal balance from the bank of Daddy.

“Do you think you could slow down a little?” Amelia asked, causing Elissa to throw the two finger salute back to her. “You know what, Elissa?”

Elissa quickly snapped her head around to face her best friend. With a sigh, Amelia just opened her mouth before closing it again.

“You’re a pathetic little bitch. I’m sick of you.” She stated, before walking in the other direction. Elissa didn’t bother chasing after her – instead, she just walked straight forward in a huff. Within a couple of minutes, she’d left the park and was walking towards the tube station, with a huge force of anger laced around each step. Forcefully, she slammed down her canvas bag onto the side of the counter near the tube maps, and started to rummage through her bag for her travel card.

“Where the fuck are you..?” Elissa mumbled to herself, causing a few odd stares from people next to her. It was no use – the travel card wasn’t going to appear and she’d probably have to buy another. Great.

In one swift movement, she pulled her bag from the side and turned around and walked straight out before colliding with a male figure, about 5 or 6 inches taller than her.

“Shit!” The male said as he realised he’d successfully knocked the bag out of Elissa’s hands, along with all of its contents. Elissa, close to tears, ducked down to the ground to try and quickly pick up all of her things that had fallen out of her bag – including an iPhone with a now smashed screen, makeup, her keys and other essentials that Elissa needed.

“My phone!” She almost yelled at the figure, who by now was looking very distraught. He quickly ran a hand through his curly, black hair, before handing Elissa a couple of things he had picked up for her.
“Shit, I’m so sorry!” He explained, his face turning red quickly.
“Sorry isn’t going to fix it, is it?” Elissa stated with a tear slowly running down her cheek.
“Please don’t cry... This is my number, if you ring me tonight I’ll help you get a new one. I’ll pay for most of it, if not all of it? I’m so fucking sorry!” The male said, before grabbing a tube map out of his pocket and then ripping a corner off, and scribbling his number and name down.
“You don’t have to. Insurance must cover it or something...” Elissa mumbled as she wiped her tear away and sniffed slightly.
“Still ring me, though?” The male, who was now identified as ‘Stefan’, asked. Elissa raised an eyebrow before Stefan realised what he’d said. “Oh God, I meant to tell me that the insurance is covering it... not like that!”

Elissa laughed slightly before putting the slip of paper into her purse and then shoving it, along with several other items, back into her bag. Only when she was sure she had everything that was hers back again, she slung the bag over her shoulder.

“Are you gunna be okay?” Stefan asked, and Elissa nodded.
“Thanks for this...” Elissa replied as she flashed the phone at him, but then quickly smiled to assure Stefan that she was joking.
“Once again – I’m sorry. But ring me later so then we can sort everything out if we need to.” Stefan stated, before turning away slightly.
“Thanks.” Elissa said once again and then smiled, before turning away herself.

For a moment, the only thing on Elissa’s mind was her lack of a working phone and her strange encounter with a stranger. Then, however, she realised her dilemma – she had no method of getting home, and couldn’t even ring a friend or her dad to come and pick her up. Shit, she thought.
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