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Chapter Three-Recuperation

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It become quickly apparent that no one in the house had been asleep through the night. They had all been waiting.

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Chapter Three-Recuperation

Disclaimer: Yeah, you guessed it. I'm not J.K. Rowling. GASP. I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters. Not mine. Never has been, and sadly, never will be. Sigh. Belongs to the incredible J. K. Rowling.

Mad-eye, Arthur, Mundungus, Bill, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George where sat around the table. Arthur and Ron were engaged in a game of chess, Fred and George where whispering to Mundungus about buying something dangerous and in no doubt illegal. Mad-eye was drinking from his flask and Ginny was staring at the door, and Bill was watching his sister, she had seemed happy earlier on but as it got past the time Remus and Tonks where due back to report Harry happy and well, she had gotten paler as if she knew something bad was going to happen.
Bill had also noticed this in Ron, who had been very happy earlier on when his mother had said Hermione was coming to stay in a few days, but was now trying to distract himself in chess.

Arthur was back at the house. Lately he had been so busy; he was only seen early in the morning and late at night. He had the evening off and so had decided to play against Ron in chess. Ron needed a distraction from worrying about his friend.

As everyone's eyes started to droop the front door was heard slam loudly and Tonks yelled for the order, everyone in the house ran to the hall, after quite a struggle to all get through the doorway to the hallway. Mrs. Black’s screeches where heard but blocked out as they listened to Tonks, who’s usual pink hair was now brown and plain as though she had forgotten the bubblegum shade.

“We need madam Pomfrey, here, now… Remus is coming with him.” She said frantically. Arthur hurried off into the kitchen towards the fireplace. Mad-eye hurried towards the door as if to open it for Remus’s arrival.

Tonks felt sick with worry. Then eyeing Ron and Ginny’s faces, looked over to Molly who was just as white “Ron, Ginny, upstairs” Mrs. Weasley said worriedly.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!” Both teenagers cried. Ginny was trying hard not to shake. Ron looked as if he would hex the person who tried to make him. They had no idea what was happening but judging it had something to do with Harry and the colour f Tonks’ hair; it wasn’t good.

“We really don’t have time for this” Tonks said sympathetically as Molly now shaking pushed the teenagers up the stairs, who both looked as though they didn’t know whether to go up peacefully or run back down, Molly struggled with a angry Ron as Fred and George each took one of Ginny’s arms and one brother whispered “He’ll be fine, he always is.” Fred and George put a hand under each of Ginny’s arms and half lifted her up the stairs.

As both underage children were in there rooms, all adults cleared out of the way of the doors as madam Pomfrey arrived. Mad-eye straightened up and an uncharacteristic wince appeared on his face. The door then opened and Alistair mad-eye moody pulled off the cloak and everyone in the hallway took a shark in take of breath and flinched as Remus set Harry down on the temporarily bed the nurse had placed in the sitting room. Molly rushed to Harry’s side, tears streaming down her face. Arthur put a caring arm around her shoulder.

“What happened?”The voice of Albus Dumbledore was heard, it appeared no one had notice him arrive, he looked very grave.

“We don’t know exactly, he wasn’t entirely…conscious, if that’s the right way of putting it, when we arrived. ” Remus answered.

“He didn’t seem to know what happened or where he was, or who we where, headmaster.” Tonks added grimly.

The room and hallway was very quiet, Arthur was by his wife, comforting her, and madam Pomfrey had beads of sweat plastering her face as she mumbled pointing her wand at Harry before freezing suddenly, “You said, Potter was staying with muggles” She said to no one in particular, but they assumed she was talking to the headmaster.

“He was” Confirmed a new voice and Professor McGonagall appeared wiping flow powder of her robes before stopping short at the sight of Harry and appeared unable to say anything else.

“Well, how come the boy has been subjected to the cruciatus curse, several times in fact over the summer?” The nurse said turning around to face the crowd of people in the hall.

“That’s impossible” Several voices said simultaneously before looking from her to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore sighed heavily, “I shall discuss the matter with Harry when he has recovered.” He answered simply.

Madam Pomfrey worked into the early morning to stabilise Harry, before announcing he was in a coma like state and shouldn’t awake for at least one or two weeks but that he was going to be fine.

In the mid morning most of the order left to get to work before Arthur and Bill went to talk to the youngest children who were both sitting in Ron’s room, Ron on his bed, Ginny on the floor leaning against Harry’s.

When the two men entered both children looked up but didn’t say anything both looked worried and tired.

It become quickly apparent that no one in the house had been asleep through the night. They had all been waiting.

“He is going to be ok.” Arthur said quickly, as both children were thinking the worse judging by their grim expressions.

“And?” Ginny said steadily.

Arthur went to speak but after looking at their expressions’ turned to Bill.

“However Madam Pomfrey gave him a lot of potions and so he is going to be pretty out of it for a while. “

“When can I see him?” Ron asked anxiously.

“He is going to be moved up here in a minute” Arthur said then after taking a guarded breath finished “But he does look a little different right now-”

“How?” The children asked simultaneously.

Bill let out a sigh “Erm…he has a bit of bruising but madam Pomfrey doesn’t want to do too much to him today so will clear that up when in a few days or when he is awake.” He said guardedly.

“Your mother wants you to both eat your breakfast first while they move him here.” Arthur finished lamely.

Twenty minutes later, both up and dressed, Ron and Ginny sat around the table with their dad, their mum, Bill, Fred, George, Tonks and Remus. No-one was eating much and when Madam Pomfrey interrupted to put down a large box on the table, containing over 50 potions to be given to Harry in the next few days, everyone lost their appetite . They sat in silence until Mrs.Weasley announced Hermione was due later that day to stay for the remaining days of the summer. When the dishes were done Ron was first to leave the table and went straight to his and Harry’s room to see his best friend. Ginny, Fred and George left the kitchen next.

“What’s happening about the Dursleys?” Ginny asked as soon as they where out of hearing distance.

The twins both looked at each other then back to their feet as they all climbed the stairs. “Oh come on, just because I’m not in the order-”

“No, it’s just that-”Fred began.

“Nothing, ok, Dumbledore went to see them and got Harry’s school stuff, it was hidden up in the attic apparently. We don’t know what he said to them but nothing else is going to happen to them.” George said seriously.

Ginny nodded angrily but held her tongue.

“Soooooo….” Fred said mysteriously, but a weak smile was now on his face.

George smiled seemingly knowing where Fred was headed “Why is our little Ginnykins so worried about Harry.”

“We’ve thought it over a lot the last few days” Fred carried on.

“I mean you’re not usually so protective over your letters” George joined in.
They smirked at each other as they watched Ginny blushed scarlet.

“No, she isn’t usually, then we remember how worried you were before Remus and Tonks went to find Harry.”

“And what made you feel better” George said looking slightly more serious.

“None other than curling up in his very own bed” Fred continued, with a mock expression of shock.

“And then we thought back to when you were little-er and you spent the whole summer talking about him then would go all shy when he would talk to you. Remember the butter dish incident.”

Ginny stood with her back to her brothers her hand frozen on the doorknob.

“Yeah, we saw that.” One of the twins said happily. Both of their eyebrows were wiggling like crazy, as if they had a mind of their own.

“You…!” Ginny seemed to have lost the ability to speak in sentences, she was angry, so instead she whipped out her wand and turned to face her brothers.

They simultaneously put their hands up to her in a sign of surrender before winking at her and entering the room, followed by Ginny.

As Ron heard the doorknob turn he quickly stepped away from the other side of the door and to his own bed, a weird expression on his face which he quickly removed as they entered.

The sun was hidden by an array of clouds, so the room itself was rather dim its only source of light coming from the window in-between Harry’s and Ron’s beds, but nothing could have prepared them for the stomach-churning sight of Harry. His feeble body was laid perfectly straight on the bed, his glasses, repaired, lay on the small chest of draws next to his bed and his hair had been carefully pushed out of his eyes and even by Harry’s standards it was messy, wild and out of control.

His face was covered in bruising and if the bed sheet had been pulled lower if was obvious they would see more. The most shocking difference was the hand shaped bruise on the teenager’s neck.

Fred and George sat either sat of Ron who was watching Ginny watch Harry, who remained perfectly still. Aware of eyes on her, she sat over on the window sill, making her the closest to Harry’s frail figure. Her frame her silhouetted against the window, casting even more of a shadow in the room.

They all played a game about what they would do to the Dursleys if they met them in an alleyway or dark room, Fred and George won with the most unique idea, which involved some illegal fireworks, a goblin and a box of Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans. Ginny found her eyes wondering over to Harry before she had even noticed, this annoyed Ron slightly ‘I mean if it was mutual it would be ok, good even, but its not and she is just going to annoy my best friend or hurt herself’ he thought to himself. Fred and George were thinking along similar lines.

‘If only he…they....’ Fred thought.

‘But with a little push in the right dirrectio-' George said in his head, despite the fact that he had a devious smile upon his face.

‘Ginny would kill us thoug-‘Fred thought suddenly.

‘But if we do it discretely’ George replied silently.

‘Then it’s ok, right?’Fred thought all the while thanking god for twin telepathy.

‘Right!’ They agreed mentally.

The door flew open, interrupting all chains of thought, in the doorway stood a girl with brown fluffy hair wearing a blue cardigan and pair of jeans. She had her bag clutched in one hand.

“Hermione!” Said Ron slightly happier and getting up to be hugged by the witch.

She dropped her bag noisily on the floor; from the sound she had more books than clothes in it.

“Hermione.” Ginny said more quietly than Ron, in consideration for Harry. Although she looked happier nonetheless. She then gave her a hug as well.
Fred and George nodded to her instead of opting for a hug.

Hermione’s eyes then fell on Harry and she stopped, and then rushed to his side.

“Harry!” She whispered in horror.

“He’s out cold” One twin piped in.

“A coma thing, Pomfrey said she couldn’t wake him so we have to ‘wait until he is ready’ but she did give him some potions” said the other imitating the school nurse.

“Bill said it- the coma- was because of the medication” Ginny said guardedly, not moving from her place near Harry.

“Oh…well…yeah” A twin said lamely.

The room was once again encased in a haunting silence, Hermione and Ron were stood by Harry’s bed talking in whispers about what they thought may have happened and Ginny sat cross-legged, her eyes unwillingly not moving from Harry’s unopened ones. After a while Ron left the room to get some lunch leaving the girls.

“What have you been doing so far this summer, Ginny?” Hermione asked moving to sit on the other side of the large window sill.

“Nothing.” Ginny said vacantly.

“In one of the letters you sent me, you said you and Dean had broken up. I asked why but you never answered.” The friend said.

Ginny turned from Harry to face her “Does it matter?” she enquired quietly before looking back to Hermione.

Hermione looked from her brown eyes to Harry’s limp figure and simply answered “Yes”.

Ginny turned back to look at the boy lying still, but didn’t answer.
They were both quiet. It didn’t take long for Hermione to deduce she wasn’t going to get an answer out of her.

“The one thing about Harry most people don’t know is that he is incredibly slow and usually doesn’t realise things until it’s too late, just be there for him, give him time and see where that gets you.” Hermione said as she got up, take a hand to Ginny and pulled her up and they both headed down for lunch together.

A.N Hope you enjoyed it that seemed like a good place to stop. Ill write some more now, I am having such a non teenager summer honestly I never leave my room now, I got my year 10 GCSE results back they mainly count for stupid percentages I have a great range A* in history and C in maths- Need to re-sit that one-Opps. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter, remember to review, and please forgive any spelling mistakes. I am thinking of a name change for the story. If anyone had any ideas i will gladly consider them
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