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This is the end!

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Written In Third Person.

Mrs. Way, Mrs. Iero, Mikey, Zoe, Ray and Bob were sitting around a table. It had been 10 years today when Gerard and Frank had passed away. A lot can happen in 10 years. When their fathers heard of their deaths they started spending a lot more time with their ex-wives. Mikey never really forgave his father but he wasn’t as angry at him for leaving. Zoe and Mikey had got married 5 years ago and Ray and Bob followed a year after.
They all managed to stay strong through the rough first year. As Gerard and Frank looked down at them from their place in the spirit world a small smile on each of their faces holding hands. They could be happy like this, not being judged by anyone and being together. Something they had both dreamed of for a long time.

A/N Thankyou for reading and this is the end. I should be starting my next fic soon. Who knows it might even happen today. I hope you enjoyed the story and I'm sorry the epilogue isn't in my opinion very good. So yeah my first chaptered fic complete.
Again thankyou for reading and reviewing
~Transmission Exploder xoxoxo
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