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Skylines and Turnstiles

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You're not in this alone...

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Gerards P.O.V

I woke her up at 7.00am because it was her birthday and we had to catch a ferry at 7:45.
"Sam! Get up now!"
"Whatever Gerard" she mumbled into her pillow.
"But we've got a ferry to catch!"
"Ugh. Fine. I'm up!"
She pushed me out of the way and ran into the bathroom. I chuckled and changed into skinnies and a avenged sevenfold t-shirt. she came out of the bathroom in purple skinnies and an iron maiden t-shirt. She smiled at me and grabbed her purse and phone.
"Let's go"she smiled.
"Happy birthday by the way" her smile. changed to a frown.
"Ugh. Don't remind me"
"September 11th is the worse day of the year" she rolled her eyes.
"If you say so"
"By the way can we please go to the world trade centre later?"
I smiled.
"Of course"
We walked out of the hotel and down to the port and hot on the boat.

Sams P.O.V

We had talked a lot over our time in New York. I'd began to remember the angel in the hall and how beautiful he was.
"So...teach me your Moms song" he said curiously.
"Um. Okay.
I never said I'd lie and wait forever. If I did we'd be together. I can't always just forget her. But she could try. At the end of the world. Oh the last thing I see you are never coming home, never coming home. Could I ? Should I? And all the things that you never ever told me and all the smiles that'll never , ever..."
I sang quietly.
"Is that it?" He asked.
"Um. Yeah."
"I think we should make up some more..."
"Um. Okay."
"Okay...never ever...get the feeling that you'll ever..."
"All alone and I remember now...Erm"
"At the top of my lungs , in my arms..."
"She dies, she dies"
" the end of the world, oh the last thing I see you are never coming home, never coming home,Should I?Could I? And all the things that you never ever told me and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me."
"Never coming home, never coming home. Should I? Could I? And all the wounds that are ever gonna scare me for all the ghost that are never gonna catch me..."
"If I fall..."
Our lips got closer.
"If I fall down..."
Our lips grew closer, and closer until his eyes widened at something behind me.
"What is-" I was cut off by a huge bang and screams. I turned to where everyone was looking.A plane had crashed into the world trade centre.A large scream escaped my lips.
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