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Waking Up

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Thanks to everyone for everything! Here's the first of the new chapters.

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Okay everyone, well this isn't the original chapter I had written as the next chapter, but I thought that I needed to write another chapter to bridge the two.


I opened my eyes and the first thought I had was 'What happened last night?'
I looked around and immediatly felt bad. While I was sleeping on the couch Alex had been sleeping on the floor. Wow Mikey. Way to be a gentleman. in an unlikely twist of events, I had woken up first.
To try to make up for the fact that I had sprawled across the entire couch, I started making coffee. After the coffee was made I was surprised that the smell of freshly brewed coffee hadn't been able to wake them. Did someone knock them out with date-rape drugs or something?! Seeing as no one else is in the house I decided that date-rape drugs were not the most likely cause. I looked at Gerard and Frank, who were entwined on the couch. I'm glad that their happy together. It was starting not to be so weird seeing one of my best friends holding hands with my brother, but it was still a tad bit awkward at times though. Especially when Gerard starts making out with Frank infront of me. It's not as much about the fact that two guys kissing as it is that it's awkward to see a sibling making out with anyone, let alone one of your friends. Another thing that's awkward is when Gerard asks me for advice on what to wear. I mean he doesn't say anything like 'Hey Mikes, how do I look?' He says 'Hey Mikey! Do think Frank will think I look sexier in this pair of skinny jeans with this jacket, or this pair with that jacket?' I mean how the hell should I know what turns Frank on? And surely by know Gerard must have noticed I'm not exactly the most fashion orriented person.
My train of thought is interrupted by a gentle whimper. I turn to see Alex's eyes flutter open.
"Mikey?" she said gently.
"Yeah?" I whispered back.
"What time is it?" I looked over at the clock.
"Seven fifty-two."
"Really?" Alex said in a shocked voice. She never slept in that late.
"Yeah. How late were you guys up?"
"Well Gerard and I fell asleep about the same time." she said sitting up. "It was sometime around four. Frank was asleep by two,. and you were out around one. Do I smell coffee?"
"Yeah. Um, you want some?"
"Yeah. Thanks." she said as I handed her the mug. She seemed to not be fully awake yet. "So, what's up?" she asked quietly.
"Nothing much."
"No really, you look like you were in deep thought about something."
"I was just thinking about Gerard and Frank."
"What about them?"
"Just that I'm glad their happy together. Well, that and about how awkward it is when Gerard's getting ready to go on a date with Frank." I replied. " He's always like 'Hey Mikes, does my butt look okay in this?' or 'Mikey what color eyeliner looks best with this pair of shoes?', or the worst: 'Mikey, do I look sexy in this? Because I really don't want to look bad for Frank and he always looks so perfect! Is it dressy enough because I'm taking him out to dinner and it's on the fancy side.'" She giggled quietly and then clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from waking the love birds on the couch.
"They are a cute couple though." she said thoughtfully. "Can't you imagine them moving to New York and getting married?" she had this adorable little smile.
"I never really thought about them getting married, but I can see Frank in a wedding dress." She giggled quietly again.
"Someone asked me the other day if I thought I'd ever get married." she said queitly. This, of course, made me insanely curious. It was stupid though, because what's she supposed to say. 'I told them I wanted to marry you'? Either way my mind wouldn't let it go.
"What'd you say?" I said, trying to keep it as casual sounding as posible but miserably failing. Smooth Mikey, you are the King of Non-consipicuousness. Wait, wouldn't that be inconspicuousness? I told my invoice to shut up before I went insane.
"That I didn't know whether or not I'd get married. That it didn't matter. I just want to be happy with who I am and live life to it's fullest. If I find someone I'm happy with, then why not get married, but if I don't I won't be all bent out of shape about it. You know?" I nodded slowly.
"That's really deep." I said in partial awe.
"Thanks." she replied with a small smile. "What about you?"
"Only with the right person."
"How will you know?"
"I know that I'll know when I've found them. It'll just be like there's someone in the world that is just too special to lose."

Hey guys. I just found out some pretty heavy stuff while I was writing this. That's way the mood changes so quickly. I hope you enjoyed the chapter, the next will be longer. 'Kay, I feel like I just need to kind of taking stock of my life now.
Turns out this really sweet kid that I know who's always kind of the life of the party because he's funny, is dealing with some family problems. It's hard for me to believe that he's always been as upbeat as he is while he's been dealing with something so rough. I won't get into details, but I guess it just kind of makes me think. Night guys
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