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Chapter 9

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Rays P.O.V.

Finally! I was able to get a job at some pizza place. Ive been looking for a job ever since I graduated. Its been hard looking for work in New Jersey. I start tomorrow and I am so ready. This is my last day of doing nothing. I decided to go the store and buy junk food. I looked for my keys. I found them near this picture. I picked it up. It was a photo of me, Gee, Frankie, and Mikey. Wow I never relized how much I miss them until I saw this picture. Ill frame this later. I headed out to my car. Befoore I could even turn on the engine, I got a text from Frankie.

Frankie: hey ray r u busy?

Ray: nt really. rnt u @ skool?

Frankie: i am bt kan u do me a fave?

Ray: sure wat is it?

Frankie: kan u pass by my house jst to c if my moms home?

Ray: ok, ill txt u wen i check bye

Frankie: thnx

Ray: learn ok? LEARN!

Frankie: ill try...

Ray: -_-

Frankie: :/ srry late

I turned on the engine and drove off. I wonder why Frankie needs to know if his mom is home when he could just call her? Oh well I already said Ill do it. I pass by Frankies house. I didnt see his moms car. So I guess that means no. I send Frankie a text.

Ray: srry man shes nt home

Frankie: oh...ok thnx anyways...

Ray: wats rong frankie?

Frankie: i jst feel sick

Ray: want me to pick u up?

Frankie: no im cool, thnx...i g2g

Now I wonder how Frankie got sick. And how come his mom isnt home? All these questions left unanswered.

Mikeys P.O.V.

Me and Gee got lunch.

"Gee?" I asked him.

"Whats up?"

"Can you tell me whats wrong now?"

"I wanna tell Frankie but Im not sure."


"I feel like its gonna break his heart."

"What is?" I asked eagerly.

We took a seat on the stair steps.

"Last night I didnt come because I was mad." He took a pause. He looked behind me and I turned.

"Hey Gee! Hi Mikey!"

It was Amber. Next to her was Violet. I took a goog look at her. We locked eyes. Those wonderful, beautiful eyes captured me like if I were under a spell.

"Violet this is Mikey."

Finally I broke eye contact with her.

"Hey Violet."

"Hi." She smiled at me. Her smile melted me inside.

"Um...youre really pretty." I told Violet.

"Me!?" she said sounding shocked.

"Yes you."

"Thanks..." She said blushing. Amber smiled at Violet. And Gee smiled at me.

"C'mon, lets go get something to eat." Amber told Violet.

She linked arms with her and they left.

"Sounds like baby bros in love!"

"Im not sure if its love. I just like her."

"Mhm..." Gee said with a grin.

"Gee! I mean it...Im not sure if its love. I just like her."


I thought for a moment. I like her right? I mean, love is stronger feelings. Just then I remembered Gee was telling me something.

"So why were you mad?" I finally asked him.

He stops eating and drops his sandwich.

"I saw Tom." he said flatly.

"What!? Did he do anything!?" I asked already mad.

"No Im fine. Its just that he said that Frankie cant do better than that asshole." he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Thats mess of Tom. I think you should tell Frankie. Because eventually Frankies gonna find out. And itll hurt him to find out from someone else other than you."

Gee just sat there in silence. I saw his eyes well up.

"Gee! Are you ok!?"

Gee wiped his tears.

"I am. I just dont know what to do..."
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