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Chapter 6 - Boyfriend

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"No-one's ever kissed me before."

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Me and Gerard stood in the queue waiting for the doors to open. I turned to Gerard “Come on, tell me who we’re seeing!”
“I thought you’d have guessed by all the tee shirts the fans are wearing.” Gerard smiled “Surely you can figure it out for yourself.”
I looked around at all the tee-shirts the fans were wearing and then suddenly I heard a loud group of people start singing. They were singing ‘Seize The Day’ by Avenged Sevenfold… My mouth widened “We’re seeing Avenged Sevenfold?” I asked. Gerard nodded “Oh my god, they’re like my favourite band in the entire world!”
“Oh trust me, I know.” Gerard grinned “Tonight is gonna be awesome.”
“You’re taking me to an Avenged Sevenfold concert!” I cried, still not quite over it.
People in the queue were turning to stare at us. “Are you okay?” A random fan asked.
Gerard put his arm round me “She’s only just found out she’s seeing Avenged Sevenfold. She’s a little over excited.”
The fan laughed “Are you two like a couple then or something?”
Gerard waited for me to answer. I grinned “Yeah, we’re a couple.”
The fan nodded and turned back to her friends. Gerard grinned at me “So we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now?”
“Yeah, I guess we are.” I told him.

After the concert, Gerard dropped me off outside my house. “Thank you so much for tonight.” I smiled “It was the greatest night of my life.”
“It was the greatest night of my life too.” Gerard replied with a grin.
He leaned over to kiss me goodnight. I sat there then suddenly pulled away from him “I’m so sorry.” I whispered.
Gerard sat back “It’s okay.”
“No one’s ever kissed me before.” I told him “I… I’m just nervous.”
He took my hands “Don’t be nervous. It’s my first kiss too.”
“Really?” I asked. He nodded “Oh, okay.”
“So… Do you wanna try again?” I thought about it and nodded. He leaned over again and this time I let him kiss me goodnight.
It was amazing! Definitely the best part of the night. After a few moments he pulled away and smiled at me “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
“It was amazing.” I admitted “So, when’s our next date?”
“How about Saturday night?” He asked “Are you free that night?”
“Yeah, I am.” I told him “Pick me up at six?”
“It’s a date.”
“What are we gonna do?”
“It’s a surprise.” Gerard told me “Tonight was fun because it was a surprise. So Saturday night will be just as fun.”
“Okay, I trust you.” I laughed “Night Gerard.”
“Night Stacy.”
We hugged and I stepped out of the car. I practically skipped up the drive and through the front door. “Hi Mom!” I called.
“Hi Stacy!” Mom called back “Come into the living room! I wanna hear all about it!”
I blushed and walked into the living room. Mom smiled at me “Come on, tell me what he had planned.”
“He took us to Burger King.” I saw the look on her face “I know it’s not your first choice but I love Burger King and somehow he knew that. Then he took me to an Avenged Sevenfold concert!”
“Seriously?” Mom asked, smiling at me “Did you tell him that they’re your favourite band?”
“No, he just knew!” I grinned “He seems to know a lot about my favourite things even though I’ve never told him.”
“What did you guys talk about?”
“Our past and stuff.” I told her “He was really interested in everything I had to say. And then…” I blushed, considering whether or not to tell her “He kissed me goodnight.” I said before I could stop myself.
My Mom squealed sounding scarily like Lexi and Lexa “He kissed you goodnight! Oh what was it like?”
“Mom…” I moaned, blushing even redder “I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“Oh by the way you’re spending the weekend at your Dad’s house.”
“Oh…” I said “But I’m going on a date with Gerard on Saturday night.”
“Then I guess you should either cancel on Gerard or cancel on your Dad. He seemed excited about spending the weekend with you.”
I moaned and ran up the stairs. Now what was I supposed to do? Cancel on my Dad or cancel on my boyfriend.
After an hour’s thinking about I phoned my Dad “Hey Daddy, I was wondering… Is it okay if I go on a date on Saturday night?”
“Oh that’s fine Hun!” He replied “What time’s he picking you up?”
“Oh that’s just fine. Just give him our address so he knows where to pick you up from! And you can tell me all about him on Saturday.”
“Yeah… Okay…” I laughed “Thanks Dad, I love you.”
“I love you too. Bye!”
“Bye Dad!”
I hung up the phone, text Gerard that he’d have to pick me up from my Dad’s house and left him his address. I wondered what Gerard had planned for Saturday…
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