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Chapter 3

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Kat worries about the kiss.

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“W-Why did you do that?” Gerard asked, looking shocked “I’m your art teacher!”
“I know but… You held my hand… I thought that you…” I didn’t know what to say “I thought that you liked me the way that I like you.”
“Well I…”
“And you were being so sweet to me!” I cried “Why would you be so sweet to me if you don’t like me?”
“I do like you!” He said, running his fingers through my hair “I think you’re amazing. But like I said, I’m your art teacher.”
“I don’t care.” I told him “I’m in love with you!”
He sighed “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
“No, please, don’t walk away!” I cried, grabbing his hand as he turned away “You make me feel better. Please don’t leave.”
“That’s exactly why I need to leave!” He whispered “You can’t date your teacher. I’m sorry. I’m going to have to go.”
He let go of my hand and walked away. I took a deep breath, tears welling in my eyes. I walked up my drive, let myself into the house and slammed the door shut behind me.
My Mom yelled from the living room “God could you keep it down? I was trying to sleep!”
“In the living room?” I asked, suddenly in a really bad mood “Why don’t you go up to bed?”
“Maybe I don’t want to!”
“Why do you have to act so childish?” I yelled “Maybe you should go out and get a life!”
I ran up the stairs before she could reply. I knew I was acting just as childish as she was but I was so angry. Not at Gerard, he’d acted maturely. I was mad at myself for kissing Gerard like that. God knows how he must’ve felt…

The bell rang the next day for art and I blushed bright red. Chris was ill so it was just me and Alicia. “What happened with Gerard yesterday?” Alicia asked.
I shook my head “I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“Oh come on,” Alicia begged “I’ll tell you what happened with Mikey!” She started going on about how Mikey had gone back to Alicia’s house and they’d made out on her sofa “So come on, tell me what happened with Gerard!”
I sighed and told her everything. Alicia put her arm round me sympathetically “Don’t worry, he’ll be dead professional about it. He must be used to stuff like this. I mean come on, he’s gorgeous!”
“But I’m in love with him!” I cried as we walked into the art room. Luckily Gerard wasn’t there yet so I could carry on telling Alicia “He makes me feel… Well, safe.”
Alicia looked confused “Don’t you always feel safe?”
“I’ve felt a bit well empty since my Dad walked out.” I told her “And when I’m around him, I don’t feel so empty anymore.”
“That’s kinda sweet.” Alicia grinned “I’m sure he feels the same way. He’s just worried about his job.”
“Would us dating effect his job?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think the principal would be too happy if he found out.” Alicia shrugged “Look, don’t worry about it. I’m sure things will work out.”
It was great to have a friend to talk to about this kind of thing. It was great to have a friend at all.
Gerard entered the room carrying a stack of papers “I marked all of your ‘person sitting next to you’ portraits. I’ll hand them back.”
He handed them round. When he handed back Alicia’s, he avoided looking at me. But when he handed me mine he looked me in the eyes and asked “Can I talk to you after class please?” I nodded “Thanks Kitty Kat.” He winked at me and continued to hand out papers.
Alicia grinned “He likes you!”
“He probably wants to tell me that he won’t be hanging round with me anymore…”
“He called you Kitty Kat!” She whispered “And he winked at you! That’s got to mean something!”
“Okay class!” Gerard said “The topic we’re going to be working on is portraits. So for our first official lesson I want you to start drawing a person you admire. They can be famous, a family relative or just someone you know.”
He handed round blank pieces of paper “Well come on, get drawing!”
“Who are you going to draw?” I asked Alicia.
She shrugged “What does he mean by admire? Fancy or look up to?”
Someone else clearly thought this because they put their hand up to ask him. “Someone you look up to.” He replied “And by that I don’t mean someone taller you.” All the blonde girls laughed like loons. They clearly fancied him “Just anyone you want to be. Someone who inspires you.”
“I think I’m going to draw Mikey.” Alicia blushed “Did you know he’s a bass player? Well not officially, he just loves playing the bass. I love playing the bass too. We have so much in common.” Alicia prattled on about Mikey while we drew.
I didn’t say anything; not really listening to what she was saying either. I was thinking about what Gerard wanted to say to me after class.
The bell rang at the end of the three hour lesson. Alicia waved goodbye to me and left for lunch like the rest of the class. I walked to Gerard’s desk “You wanted to talk to me?”
Gerard stood up and walked round the desk to stand with me “I just wanted to say that… I love you too.”
“Y-You do?” I asked “But you were so mad at me last night…”
“I wasn’t mad at you. I was mad at me.” Gerard sighed “I was just worried. I thought maybe you were too young for me.”
“Am I?”
“No, you’re only six years younger than me.” Gerard muttered, leaning closer towards to me “But I still don’t want the principal to find out. So could we maybe keep this relationship a secret?”
“Even from Alicia and Chris?”
“They can know so long as they don’t tell anyone.” Gerard replied “I love you Kat.”
“I love you too Gee.” I replied.
Gerard looked around to check there was no one about. Then he leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss.

[A/N] – I guess Alicia has kind of morphed into Alicia Way… There’ll only be one more chapter. This was gonna be the last one but I thought I’d give yew one where you’re actually in a relationship :3
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