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Into the ocean end it all...

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"Brendon can you just come up to the hospital? I really need someone to talk to."

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I pulled a chair over to Ryan's bed. "Dammit Ryan, please wake up." I pleaded putting my hands on my face. It had been about three days. Why wasn't he awake yet? "Ugh I'm gonna call Brendon I need someone to talk to." I pulled out my phone and dialed his number.
"HUULLO WHORE!" Brendon screamed into the phone.
"BITCH!" I screamed back laughing.
"Whats up skank?" He asked through another laugh.
"I'm at the hospital." I explained.
"Oh god what happened? Are you ok?" He asked concerned.
"Y-yeah I'm fine." I stuttered at first. Why? I didn't even know.
"Then why are you at the-"
"Brendon can you just come up to the hospital? I really need someone to talk to." I said.
"Uh yeah sure I'll be right there." He made it sound more like a question. I hung up and started crying. What if he never wakes up? No shut up you can't think like that! But I have to I love him! So don't think like that of course he'll wake up, don't get yourself worked up over it! Oh god I was arguing with myself in my own mind. Was I going crazy? God Brendon please get here soon.

OH EM GEE I'M BACK YEW GUYS! I'm sorry I haven't been updating any of my stories I just had some family stuff to deal with, but I'm back! So r&r because you love me!
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