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The Dilema

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Another one bites the dust :D

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I thought everyone would like to know the costumes of everyone at the party before I go on.

Mikey - Spiderman.
Bob - Superman
Ray - Batman
Faith - Zombie
Bryan - Dracula
Mel - Cinderella
Nina - Catwoman
Rachel - Witch
Frank - Elf
James - Wolverine
Tanner - Mrs. Lovett (From Sweeney Todd)

Chapter 4.

Faiths P.O.V

I watched as the life of Rachel slipped away from us. She looked so peaceful and yet she was dying. Why did it have to come to this? Why did a mistake we made years ago turn into the death of us? I mean that's two of us gone in 10 minutes. It's at least 9 hours until sunrise and we have no way of getting out of here alive if we are all split up. I mean who knows who else could be dead right now.

That's when fear overtook and I broke down. Ray started crying uncontrollably, that's when I knew she was finally gone. Tears spilled from my eyes, two of my best friends had just been killed. They were gone. Nothing left but an empty shell. No real life anymore. Just a soul that will walk the world eternally lost.

"Ray, come on we gotta get out of here. We could be next" I whispered as calmly as I could.

"No, I can't leave her alone" Ray cried. He wasn't going to listen to me. He probably wouldn't leave her but to save both of our lives right now I'm pretty sure Rachel would be kicking Ray out of the room.

"Ray we really need to go. She is gone" I said trying to reason with him.

"No" He said with tearful eyes.

"Ray come on, we need to go" I said standing up. I didn't wanna leave Rachel and Bryan but they were dead and we needed to get out of here so that we didn't die either.

Everything happened so fast after that. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just couldn't believe it. Ray was grabbed from behind and dragged into the darkness but I jumped down and grabbed his foot. Too late though, he was dragged out of my hands. I tried to grab him again but I heard the stabbing sounds and I knew it was too late.

"Run" Ray screamed at me.

I did exactly that and I ran up those stairs as quickly as I could. I ran down the hallway and into the foyer where we all said to meet up and I was surprised to see everyone back already.

"Where's Rachel, Ray and Bryan?" Gerard asked curiously. I just looked at him and he just knew.

"FUCK!" He said punching the wall next to him. Riley flinched from beside him. Everyone else just looked so drained. Frank put his head in his arms and cried. Mikey comforted Mel who had been crying since she worked it out. Bob looked like he was going to cry.

"Ray was the greatest guitarist we could ever have the honor to play with. Rachel was the life and soul of every party we ever threw together. Bryan was our little emo pride and joy. They will be missed" Bob said finally breaking down into tears. Nina got up and walked over to him. She cuddled into him and they had a little moment. I guess they had made up.

"We can't split up again. We just can't because we are getting picked off and if we stay together we have a much better chance of fighting him off" Mikey chimed in. That was a good idea.

"My best friend, just gone. He was the only one out of this group who still talked to me and now he's gone" Riley said to no one. She just looked into thin air. Not making any movement, unless to wipe away the tears that fell down her face. Gerard pulled her into a hug but she never even moved to him. She just stayed staring into space.

"We can't just sit here all night and wait for him to kill us" Nina spoke up. "We need to make some sort of plan"

"Guys, I don't think he's working alone. Earlier when I went out for some air I walked by the room and I heard him talking to someone. The voices were familiar but I couldn't make put faces to the voices" Riley said finally breaking out of her trance.

"Maybe we should stick together and come up with some def-fence in case he has more people in on this" Tanner thought out loud. Frank finally looked up and his face was bright red from crying. Tanner just gave him a kiss and he smiled weakly to her.

She grabbed his hand and he finally spoke. "Guys, we are all getting out of here and once I find this motherfucker, I will rip his throat out and make sure he meets his grave next to his brother. I lost a brother of mine tonight, maybe not blood but they were all like family to us. He will pay" Frank said angrily. I had never seen Frank like that before because he's usually so happy and hyper.

Suddenly there was a loud thump.

Rileys P.O.V

Something was coming down the stairs slowly. It sounded like footsteps. Riley was the closest one to the stairs so I grabbed her and pulled her back just in time for a body to fall down all the stairs. Ray. Riley screamed as he landed at her feet. The blood poured out of his wounds and covered the floor at Riley's feet. She screamed again when she realized the blood was pooling around her. Gerard pulled her back but she kept screaming. We were all to busy occupied with Rays body attacking us we didn't notice someone writing on the wall behind us.

"You're next Nina" was written in blood, presumably Rays blood.

FLASHBACK 6 years ago

"Do you think this is really a good idea?" I asked the group. "We could potentially ruin a persons life" I said feeling a little down. I was being used as the main pawn for this prank.

"He's like in love with you so you're our best shot of getting revenge for everything he done to us" Frank beamed. "No more wedgies, beating us up, stuffing me in lockers. No more constantly harassing us and threatening to kill us" Frank had a point.

"Okay but I don't want to have to touch him much" I said feeling a little embarrassed.

"Don't worry, he won't come near us once he's been humiliated" Mikey giggled feeling great about the idea.

"For god sake Rachel let Ray have a minute to breathe" Bryan moaned at them. He totally has a crush on Rachel, he won't admit it but I know it. She just gave him the finger and continued making out with Ray.

Nina and Bob came back into the room with their hair all ruffled. I just looked at Frank who was giving suggestive looks to Bob. Who just winked as his sign of 'yes we just banged'

I smiled to myself feeling like this was the happiest place I could ever be. I turned around to face my beautiful boyfriend and smiled at him. He grinned back and kissed me gently. I was so happy...

I looked at the blood stained wall and more tears fell from my eyes. Nina was not next. I won't let it. I went over to her and grabbed her hand. She just smiled weakly to me. I couldn't loose her again. I just got her back. I just got them all back.

Out the corner of my eye I seen someone at the top of the staircase. I turned around and looked up. The figure pulled something out of their jacket. I strained my eyes to see what it was and realized it was a gun. No one else had noticed yet and by the time I could communicate the discovery, a shot had been made.

I watched the blood fly in all directions. It hit me in the face. It hit us all. Parts of flesh and brains flew out into the air and in our direction. I felt sick. I felt like breaking down. Then I realized the figure may still be there and ready to make another shot. I turned around but he was gone.

I turned back to the corpse of my best friend. Dead and in pieces. I couldn't deal with this anymore. I wanted to go home. I wanted out.

Bob ran over to the remains of the corpse. Stunned and shocked. He cried. He cried more than I've ever seen a man cry before. He collapsed on the floor in a fit of tears and kept repeating Ninas name over and over. We all shed tears for them both. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. Bryan, Ray, Rachel and now Nina. Who the fuck is next? I wish I never thought it.

I looked around realizing we all still weren't here.

"Guy's where's Jay?" I asked frantically.

"Omg he was here a minute ago" Mel said through her tears.

"Not him too" Mikey cried out.

I turned to Gerard and looked into his eyes. He just looked so lifeless and sad.

"We're gonna die" I said only loud enough for him to hear. He didn't respond or say no to that. He didn't say anything.


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