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The room was very dirty. That didn’t bother Gerard, but he felt out of place. He was wear a suit and tie, the usual attire for the office that he used to work at.
“Do you… have any clothes… that I could borrow?”
“Oh, sure- of course.” He tossed Gerard a pair of jeans and a Queen shirt. The jeans had holes in them. Figures.
“How much do you know about Time and Prophecy? “, he asked.
“I know that Prophesiers decide what’s gonna happen to you, but that about it.”
“Okay. You’re a Thinker. Up until 8:46 this morning, you were a Doer. You no longer exist in the eyes of the government. The Time Keepers are the ones that decide what’s gonna happen and when. Take today, for instance. They decided that. The only way to be a Thinker is to cheat your prophecy or be the child of somebody would did. Make sense?”
“How is cheating a prophecy possible? I thought they were inevitably.”
“Not necessarily. In order to do cheat it, you need to either be REALLY GOOD at hacking, or have a mole on the inside.”
“I don’t have either though…”
“You have me.”
“I just met you. I don’t even know your name.”
“I’m Frank, and I know everything about you. Your mom’s name is Donna, you love dogs, and you watch horror films every night after work. I know you were held at gun point when you were 15, and that you went to art school for 4 years, then threw it away and became a secretary because it was, in your words, 'such a fucking waste'.”
“How do you now all that stuff?”
“I know your Prophesier. He’s my dad.”

Gerard changed into the tattered clothes and looked in the mirror. He at least matched his surroundings better...
"You have to stay with us now", Frank said. "Your mother thinks you died in the attack. If you go back, they'll find you and you'll die. Not only that, but we will, too."
Gerard sighed. What about Kat? "Alright. But I want to know something. Why did you save me? If I can't see the ones I love ever again, why didn't you just let me die?! I was in love with somebody! I'm NEVER going to see her again."
"I know, but love can be recreated- life can't. For all those that lost love today, they'll learn how to love again. But the ones they lost, they'll never get back. People died because of the government. Lives have been destroyed, love has been demolished, and hope isn't with them. I saved you because you were born with a desire to do great things. We will do the greatest thing anybody could ever do. We're going to fight back. For the people."
"That was beautiful. Who wrote it?"
"Kim Richards, but that's beside the point. We have to find the Original Prophecy. If we find it, the world will be restored. There won't be people deciding who dies anymore. This prophecy will tell what was decided already."
"You do know I'm Agnostic, right?"
"This has nothing to do with religion. Time and Prophecy are completely separate from it."
"Whatever. Count me in."
"There's a problem, though. The Original Prophecy was intentionally lost hundreds of years ago. They got rid of it due to its graphic nature."
"Then how do we now it still exists?"
"Because if it didn't, the world would have ended."
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