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The Forgotten Primarch of Chaos

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The Emperor created twenty Primarchs during the Great Crusade. During the Dark Founding one was created in secret and was thought to be lost until now.

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Ranma/Warhammer 40K Crossover Ranma/Warhammer 40K Crossover Fanfiction
Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma ½, Warhammer 40K or any other characters used. Ranma 1/2 belongs to Lady Rumiko Takahashi. Warhammer 40K belong to Games Workshop. This story is created solely for entertainment purposes and no profits are gained from this.
Ranma ½ Timeline: Nodoka Saotome doesn't know that Ranma and Ranko are the same one and happens just before the magical mirror girl and Saffron incident. Ranma Saotome has beaten practically everyone like Taro, Prince Herb, Ryü Kumon etc.

The Forgotten Primarch of Chaos
By Montymouse
Prologue - The Dark Founding
"If I have seen further than other men it is only because I stood upon the shoulders of Giants"
Quote Isaac Newton.
Timeline: Far, Far into the Future somewhere near 40th Millennium
"There cannot be peace among the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter throughout the entire universe."
During this period of unrest and savagery there been a constant struggle for dominance and survival in this harsh dimension. Wars have been fought over countless worlds and interstellar battles ravage the galaxy for millions of centuries. Human and Alien alike fought each other for reasons long forgotten, millions of innocent people might lose their lives in a single day while entire worlds were destroyed in a blink of a eye as they fought for the their survival

Back on Ancient Terra, somewhere near the Northern Hemisphere stood the massive Grand Palace of the Emperor of Mankind. Deep within the walls of the grand palace resides the Golden Throne, the Emperor's final resting-place. The Emperor's shattered body was kept in check by a life preserving stasis field as he silently watched the events happening around him. He was unable to do anything, as his body was beyond all restoration/technology's ability to restore. Despite being unable to move physically, his mental and psychic powers survived. When he was first integrated into the Golden Throne, he was able to communicate semi-coherently for brief periods of time to his remaining loyal servants and Primarchs. Later the Emperor lapsed into complete silence, which has remained undisturbed now for almost twelve thousand years. Around him, he could see thousands of his loyal servants carrying out his so-called will and guidance to try to keep a sense of order within the Imperium and the universe. He allowed the fable High Lords of Terra to rule the Imperium on his behalf while his mighty Imperial armies prevented the race of Mankind from becoming a lost and forgotten just like the once mighty and civilised known as the Eldar. All this was enough to keep the mighty Imperium from breaking apart.

For twelve thousand years, he had remained silent and motionless on his throne of power watching the struggle between his faithful and loyal servants against impossible odds. Despite being placed in stasis, the Emperor psychic powers still remain active as he still retained his full consciousness and awareness but on a higher level of existence where he kept a watchful eye over the universe. As he was watching the Imperium forces halting another Chaos incursion, he suddenly felt a great disturbance within forbidden sector of the universe known as the Eye of Terror. He knew that the four Dark Gods of Chaos were up to something big, as they had on that treacherous day when his favoured son Horus turned against him. The forces of Chaos would have succeeded that time if it wasn't for the Emperor himself and his loyal armies preventing the forces of Chaos from achieving total victory but at a terrible cost to the Imperium and most importantly to himself.

As the Emperor sat there motionless on his constructed Golden Throne with his thoughts and memories, there has been one thought that still continued to plague his mind ever since the creation of the Primarchs and the Space Marines. The Emperor could see there was still enough strength and determination for the race of Man to survive...and yet the resolve was slowly weakening as new alien forces entered into the great struggle for dominance.

Every day mankind had to endure constant wars both internally and externally as new threats and dangers emerge from the shadows but as always mankind had always seemed to remain strong and vigilant.

Since the Age of Strife, when the Emperor himself was able to move freely and was not confined to the Golden Throne, he began a special but highly classified project to create genetically engineered powerful mortals called Primarchs. At the age of the Imperium when the Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes helped forged the Imperium from the scattered remains of humanity. The Emperor wanted Godlike Generals to lead his vast armies across the galaxy to rid the race of mankind from Alien infestation that plagued Mankind for the ten thousand years. In order to do this the Emperor himself started a experiment to created Godlike mortals by usage of early techniques and technology in gene - alteration in order to boost the a normal mortal to rival the gods themselves.

These Primarch would be designed to have powers far beyond even the incredible abilities of the Space Marines. These Godlike mortals would be ten hundred times stronger, faster and more intelligent than any normal mortal could achieve, their psychic abilities would be unmatched apart from those of the Emperor himself. Samples of genetic tissue taken from the foetal Primarchs were used to create the genetic banks that would provide the blueprints of the very first gene seeds that would lead to the creation of the race of superhuman warriors, the Space Marines. These Primarchs would play a vital and crucial role in the early history of the Space Marines and the Imperium.

Imperial history books and databanks recorded officially that the Emperor created a supposed twenty of these God like mortals in order to reclaim the lost galaxy and lead Mankind as the dominant race.

Unofficially, the actual number that the Emperor created was twenty-one instead of the supposed twenty that was recorded. As the Emperor was in the process of creating the first of these saviours of Mankind, he suddenly received a psychic vision that something terrible would happen to the Imperium he would create in the future. He saw that the empire he would create crumble away to nothing and he would be helpless to protect his people. Taking his vision as a foresight of the future, he started to create a single heir to the throne by splicing his own genetic code and DNA onto one of the unborn infants. By doing so if anything was to happen to him, there would be at least someone to be his successor. This one infant would become more powerful than the rest of the Primarchs and the Emperor himself. As history unfold itself, an unspecified disaster occurred during the final procedure in the creation of these Primarch. This resulted in all twenty-one Primarchs in their infant stage to be scattered across the universe before they had the chance to become fully-grown.

Imperial history recorded that during the early years of the Imperium, that the Emperor himself began the Great Crusade with his vast loyal armies to reclaim the galaxy back for Mankind (Basically the whole Galaxy). As more and more of the galaxy was reclaimed and bought forward into the Emperor's light, he eventually came across the missing Primarchs. As each Primarch was discovered and collected on rediscovered worlds, they found out that most of them had invariably had risen in status and power due to their genetically enhanced minds and bodies. At the end of the Great Crusade, the Emperor was eventually reunited with all the Primarchs except for one.

The twenty-first Primarch was never discovered by the Emperor or his loyal armies and in the end, the Imperium declared officially that he died somewhere in the vast regions of space. The Emperor himself didn't really believe that this Primarch had died as he still felt the weak psychic bond with this twenty-first Primarch that indicated to him that he was still alive.

The Great Crusade lasted for about two hundred years where some of the bloodiest battles were fought between the Emperor's finest and the Alien forces. The worlds rediscovered by the Emperor's armies had been cut off from Earth for millennia. Some worlds had degenerated to barbarity while others had developed into sprawling hive worlds. The majority of the worlds discovered were found to be under the domination of aliens or became corrupted by the evils of Chaos. It took the combined efforts of the Emperor, his Primarchs, Space Marines legions, the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy to reclaim them for the Mankind and the Imperium.
Twenty Space Marines Legions officially took part in the Great Crusade. It was rumoured that the Emperor created more than the number stated but there was insufficient evidence to prove this claim. Out of all the twenty Primarchs that took part in the Crusade it was the Primarch Horus of the Lunar Wolves that proven himself to be the best. It was during that time that the Emperor appointed him Warmaster as he thought that Horus was the one that would become his successor because of his success and record. With that he favoured Horus the most above the rest of the Primarchs, little knowing that the forces of Chaos had already found him and their seed of corruption was sowed into Horus. The Gods of Chaos were waiting for the moment to strike the Emperor and the Imperium at their weakest point as they allowed them to reclaim more and more worlds, stretching the armies of the Imperium thinly across. Then the Dark Gods would strike with Horus as their chosen champion against the unprotected Earth and crush the Emperor with one swift blow.

Around about the 31st Millennium, it was the moment that they had waited for years. The four Dark Gods united together with a single purpose: total annihilation the Emperor and the Imperium. This period of conflict was known as the Great Hersey as nearly half of the twenty Primarch and their respected Space Marines companies turned against the Emperor and his remaining loyal Space Marines. Leading the revolt and rebellion against the Emperor was Horus who had the full support of the Dark Gods.

In the end, the fate of the Imperium and Mankind was to be decided by single duel.
Horus former Primarch of the Sons of Horus (Lunar Wolves) aka Warmaster of Chaos verses the Emperor of Mankind. The outcome would decide who would be undisputed Emperor of Mankind and if Horus won then Chaos would reign supreme, as mankind would join the Elder as a lost race. The fight between these two powerful individuals was fought in both the material universe and in the warp, their bodies and their spirits battling for survival.

The Emperor won ultimately but at a terrible cost. The total consequences of this rebellion left the once mighty Imperium shattered in ruins and in chaos. It was had been assumed by everyone, even the Emperor himself, that Horus former Primarch of Lunar Wolves would become the Emperor's heir to the throne as he seen to be the most gifted of all the Primarchs but history shows it was not to be.

It will take a quite a while for Imperium to regain its stability and it would be impossible to bring back the former glory of the Imperial before Horus Heresy.
There was one question that was still remaining unanswered.

What really did happen to the missing Primarch?

Did he perish before he had the chance to fully-grow?

Did the Dark Gods of Chaos manage to corrupt him like Horus?

Was he lost in the warp?
Maybe the Primarch was transported through a tear in the chaotic warp stream and emerged into an another dimension!

Hmm...Let us speculate that he was transported to 20th Century Earth, Japan, Juuban district. AND...where a certain traditional Japanese woman with a Katana discovered the infant Primarch. Who raised the infant as her own child.

She then named the young infant...Ranma Saotome

So this is the story of certain pigtail Martial Artist, little knowing of his true heritage.
End of Prologue
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