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Wide Awake and Breathing

by Wicked_Lovely 4 Reviews

Life and death, will always lead you into love and regret.

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Horror - Characters:  - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011/10/27 - Updated: 2011/10/28 - 1901 words - Complete


  • Playhouse

    (#) patdfan01 2011-10-27 08:23:23 PM

    Fantastic update! Oh, and I was wondering if you epwere thinking of the song 'Build God, Then We'll Talk' when the story said

    "a dash of asbestos and formaldehyde."

    Because it definetly sounds like it.
  • Playhouse

    (#) AnotherKnifeInMyHand 2011-10-28 12:44:44 AM

    Wow great job with this chapterand i agree, you're getting really good reception with this story. I'm definitely enjoying it.

    and i spotted the panic! line.

    The ending to this chapter shocked me. I really can't wait for more. I thought that Spencer was going to die considering what Ryan said previously.

    I'm looking forward to your fluffy oneshot. I have no idea why you're doing it when the population hits 7 billion but it should be good.
  • Playhouse

    (#) TheAnonymous 2011-10-28 03:12:06 PM

    Amazing update! I saw the Build God reference! Oh and I absolutely loved, like spazzed a little, the completey white room's painted flowers. Ah, it was so beautifully written, I picture it so well!

    And I am looking foward to anything you write in the future!
  • Playhouse

    (#) PartyPoison 2011-10-29 02:25:52 AM

    really enjoyed this chapter. It’s interesting how you have two different story lines going on at once, yet they will eventually collide and share the same disastrous ending. (With how your other stories have ended and where this story seems to be going I can only guess that this will not have a happy ending.) Seeing what is going on with the every person at different times adds to the dimension and depth of the story. It’s as though you are letting us know more than most authors do about what the characters are going through and how they react to certain events. It’s truly brilliant to read.
    While reading many books and stories I’ve come to think there is a line when it comes to description. Some people are way behind it and don’t put nearly enough of it into their stories. Others go too far across it and make the story almost painful to read because every single little detail is written about everything and anything. In your writing you have a nice balance. Although it may vary from story to story or chapter to chapter it still tells how things are and how they happened exactly without going so far into detail that it becomes boring. But yes, sometimes description is a very good thing when trying to make it seem as though more has been written then what actually has to fill the page up a bit. I’ve certainly done that before.
    Urg, time. Wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t necessary to sleep? Then hours wouldn’t be wasted unconscious and so many more things could be done. Everyone would have almost over double the amount of time we have now to live and do things. Unfortunately it becomes hard to function properly when going too long without sleep.
    Recently it’s been more like ‘You lose some, you lose more” for me, but that may just be my horrid luck at the moment. Can only hope you get more time to do things, would do more if I could. Will be waiting for the next chapter, it’s one of the few things worth looking forward to.
    +The oneshot idea seams wonderful. Sounds like something that would be worth reading.

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