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Chapter Seven

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It's WAR! Who will believe Mace first? The Ripper or those betrayed by Deep Pocket?

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It's War! part 7 by: Whipblade

Biker Mice From Mars


It's War!

Part Seven

/By: Whipblade/

Mace looked up at the blurry image of a mouse. "please...." he begged.

"Shut up!" Carbine snapped punching the rusty furred mouse across the
jaw. "Where is she?" she demanded for the umpteenth time.

"I don't know..." Mace sobbed.

"Let me at him!" Stoker's angry voice snarled pushing Carbine aside.
"Stupid son of a bitch!" the older brown mouse cursed. Steel fists slammed
into Mace's weak body.

Tears of pain fell from the rusty colored mouse. "stop." weakly he quivered.

"Grab his ears." Stoker ordered.

Carbine, normally one to give the orders, followed. The two pulled with
all their might on the two ears.

Scream of agony escaped Mace.

"He glued it on?" Stoker mused grabbing a hold of the limp antennas.

A gurgle of pain followed by vomit was the reply.

"Maybe he got a species change." Carbine mused.

"Doesn't get us any closer to Harley." Stoker frowned. Cold eyes narrowed
in hate at the rusty mouse.

"We need a ripper." Carbine said turning her back on the mouse with
vomit splattered on his chest.

"There any still alive?" Stoker asked closing and locking the cell door.

"Only one I know of that is alive and trained in the tactic, but I have
no clue if he ever used it before." Carbine admitted.

"Who'd that be?" Stoker asked.


Throttle looked at Stoker standing not so calmly beside Charley.
"You want me to what?" he asked almost disbelieving his ears.

"I need you to rip a mouse." Stoker replied.

"Rip? As in tear to shreds?" Charley inquired.

"No." Throttle's soft voice said. "To rip memories and thoughts from
another mouse."

"Whoa, isn't that dangerous?" Vinnie asked recalling horror stories
of his youth.

"Yeah, it is." Throttle replied. "very."

"So why does Throttle have ta do it?" Modo asked Stoker.

"Because he's the only one trained enough." Stoker replied.

"Only one?" Throttle blinked back his shock. "What about the others?"

"Their all dead." Carbine stated walking into the room. A taunt chain
wrapped in her hands. "Can you do this Throttle?"

Swallowing hard. The tawny mouse nodded. "yeah, I can."

"Dead? All of them?" Vinnie turned to Stoker. "There was dozens."

"Throttle's the last one, unless he trains someone, we wont have a Rip
tactic anymore." Stoker softly replied.

"Lucky rats." Vinnie growled.

A whimper caught all the mice's attention.

A black haired almost fully grown mouse, with starting dark whiskers
around his face was literally pushed into the room. His silver fur glistened
with the artificial lights. "This isn't fair. We're mice!" the male shouted
to the mouse behind him.

"Right." Rimfire snapped pushing the kid further into the room. "The
other one is holding out. I can't get to him with this one near." Rimfire
said pushing the kid to Carbine.

"What's your name?" Modo asked the grown teen with hard eyes.

"Flea." Flea snapped before a chain wrapped around his neck, courtesy
of Carbine.

"What's going on?" Charley asked. Never have seen prisoner mice before.

"This ones in cahoots with a rat. That's why we need Throttle, neither
will talk." Carbine replied curtly as she held fast to Flea, careful
not to choke him too much.

"Throttle?" Flea whimpered watching Rimfire and Stoker leave. "Throttle?"

Throttle stepped closer to the unfamiliar mouse. "You know me?"

"Yeah." Flea nodded lightly. "You saved my tail a few times. Stoker
won't listen, he doesn't want to. We're not rats."

"Shut up." Carbine snapped kneeing the youth between the legs. Whimpering,
Flea buckled.

"HEY!" Charley stepped forward.

"Easy sweetheart. Prisoners don't get any royal treatment." Vinnie's
hand rested on the humans shoulder.

Throttle frowned unable to place Flea.

Stoker returned along with Rimfire, between them a dirty, bloody rusty
furred mouse with gray terrified eyes.

Charley gasped.

Vinnie, Modo and Throttle froze. "Mace?" They growled together.

Mace looked up at the three, best he could with two swollen eyes. "bros?"
he choked out in a dry voice.

"Bro this!" Vinnie snapped upper cutting the mouse hard.

Stoker's metal tail wrapped around Vinnie's arm. "We need to find Harley
first. Then you can kill him."

Mace reeling in pain spat out more blood and another tooth.

Throttle stepped forward. Without a word he pushed Vinnie aside and
grabbed the filthy rats cheeks. Clutching the matted fur in his fists,
the tawny mouse close his eyes. His antennae's glowing a strange red, then
he touched foreheads with Mace.

Withering in pain, Mace whimpered and cried as Throttle held him fast
in place.

A whirl of bright colors whisked past Throttle as he forced open Mace's
mind. It rested on a memory surrounded by wanting.

Throttle himself, as a teenager sat quietly beside
the older red mouse looking at the many buttons and dials in the small
communications room.
Beside him Mace, slowly showing him how to operate
the controls. One late night, with radio silence being a big issue for
all Army and Freedom Fighter personnel.

More colors swirled as Throttle jump forward in the traitors memories.

'Can't believe we got out of that with our
tails in tact
.' Mace sighed falling hard into his soft bunk. 'I
don't think I ever want to be in the field again.'

'aww come on Mace. It wasn't that bad. 'Sides.
You got yourself a kid
.' Throttle replied with a smile.
The sleeping lump of youth snuggled in a corner
in the room.
'Yeah.' a pause, Throttle sat down beside
Mace on the bunk. 'this mean each time I go in the field I'll bring
back a kid?'
Mace asked.
'It happens more times than not.' Throttle
frowned looking to the youth on the floor. 'why is he down there?'
'Didn't want to risk being on the bed when
the bombs start to drop
.' Mace replied resting his head on the tawny
mouse. 'be nice when the wars over.'
/'Yeah./' Throttle draped his arm around
his bro.
The rusty furred mouse planted a kiss on the
tawny cheek.
A blush erupted on the tawny's face.
'Too bad your still just a kid yourself.'
Mace smiled, playful gray eyes gazing at him.
'Says who?' Throttle challenged.
'That blush on your face and I bet you're
still a virgin.'

Tawny fur blushing, Throttle looked away.
'Yeah, you are. That gal in the Army your
sweet on is going to enjoy training you in bed.'

'Unless you want to learn something before
you get all clumsy with her and embarrass yourself.
' Mace's fingers
played across Throttle's lap.
Shifting, the tawny mouse gasped when his fly
was unzipped and his cock handled. 'Want to learn something?'
'yeah' squeaked Throttle.

Throttle skipped further, swirling colors and flashing lights till he
rested on a memory of a prison.

The crowded cell, filled with Freedom Fighters,
a kid and the pacing rusty furred mouse. Furious at what was happening.
"You'll wear a hole in the floor." Flea
"Maybe I want to." Mace snapped.
"Take it easy sergeant, Char will be back."
Phantom soothed.
"Yeah? Before or after Chassis?" Mace
snapped bitterly. Then sighed. "Sorry Phantom."
"It's okay. That rat just rubbed you the wrong
" Phantom soothed. "No one could simply claim to be you and
get into the Freedom Fighters."

"I dunno Phantom. I've only been there a month."
Mace said gripping the iron bars. "The only one I know is Throttle.
Everyone else is in here."

"The only one?" Phantom raised a brow.
"You know plenty of others."
/"Not intimately/." Mace shook his head.
"And we had words before I left too." shoulders slumped he turned
to Phantom. "I called his girlfriend a single-track-minded bitch who
only cared about her needs and Mars."

Wincing Phantom hugged Mace. "It's okay, we'll
get out of this, some how."

"I hope so." Screams echoed from down
the corridor. "I really hope so soon.

Throttle pulled out of the mouses mind. Blinking back the nausea from
the Rip, Throttle let go of the rusty furred mouse.
Mace fell to the floor, holding his head and moaning.

"Throttle?" Stoker called not daring to touch the tawny yet.

Ringing in his ears started to sound like his name. Blinking back the
dots of colors in his sight, he looked to Stoker.
"He doesn't know where Harley or Deep Pocket is." Throttle muttered
still not moving. Taking a deep breath he cracked his neck and knelt down.

The glassy eyed mouse looked up at the tan. "That hurt."

"Sorry." Throttle apologized. "How long were you prisoners?"

"Six years." Flea spoke up. His tail flicking in agitation.

Hands on knees Throttle titled his head studying the mouse in front
of him. "How did the rat get you to talk?"

"He didn't." Mace looked up, blinking back tears. "The one with him
wasn't all rat. It did the same thing you did."

"A half-breed?" Throttle asked.

"Yeah." Mace winced. "Short antennas."

"They can't rip like a mouse. They can only go so far back." Throttle
paused and frowned. "One month, maybe two." sighing, Throttle wiped his
forehead. "It's okay bro." Standing up, Throttle held out his hand
to Mace.

Rusty red furred hand uncertainly reached up and took it. Smiling at
the firmness Throttle offered, Mace stood up. "You could have asked.."

"Still don't believe you." Snorted Stoker.

"Let Flea go, Carbine. He isn't a rat." Throttle stated.

Carbine released the grown teenager. Gasping for air, Flea stumbled
forward before moving to more or less hide by Mace.

"Are you sure?" She sneered eyeing the mouse.

"Yeah.... I am." Throttle moved to the table, taking a seat, he realized
both Mace and Flea kept close to him.

The three sat at the table, Throttle still trying to figure out what
he saw in Mace's head. "Phantom called you Sergeant.." Throttle muttered

"Yeah..." Mace sighed. "We found where James was taken. A sand raider
hide-out -our prison- Heavily guarded, one tower in the center. Middle
of open territory. Lucas put me in charge..... He and Chaos went ahead,

"YOU?!" Vinnie laughed. "Why you!?"

Mace hung his head. "Cause I'd be the first one to lead the group back
to base....." he muttered.

"You mean rabbit?" Stoker froze, his ears raising, stiffening. Remembering.

"Yeah... second time out in the field, wasn't too thrilled, especially
with Flea there." Turning his head, Mace looked at Stoker almost accusingly.
"I wish you hadn't let him come."

Modo frowned. "Mace.." he cautiously started. "How did you get captured?"

Mace winced. "Because I was stupid. Instead of leaving like a good little
solider, I stayed. We waited a full night and day, Hoping Lucas would return....
they didn't." He sighed. "I couldn't go back, empty handed... not without

Stoker stepped forward, his ears fell. "You hated James" It was
more of a question then a statement.

Carbine was silent, she could tell Stoker and Modo both were slowly
recalling a time when Mace first joined the Freedom Fighters. A time she
was still just a privet in the Army.

"Yeah, but you didn't." Mace sighed. "He was an annoying prick, but
he was still a Freedom Fighter.... " slumped down, sad gray eyes looked
over to Carbine and Stoker. "I thought we all were. Should've known something
was up when those damn rats came."

"How did James , Lucas and Chaos die?" Stoker asked, worried he didn't
want to know the answer.

"I don't know, not for sure any ways, I only can guess. I never seen
their bodies till much later, they were dead before I even thought about
launching an attack." Mace admitted. "I do know the females were the first
ones taken, tortured, raped and killed, their screams stretched on for
weeks before death finally claimed them. No one said anything..... not
a word."

Stoker gave a nod, tears in his eyes.

Carbine pinched the bridge of her snout. Slipping between Flea and her
mouse, she sat down beside Throttle. "Tell me about these rats?"

"Two of them, one named Deeps, the other Tanner." Mace started.

Throttle's ears perked, he stiffened.

"Deeps, I know there was more to his name, but no one called him anything
else, he was a pure rat. Brown and gray, with cold hard eyes that'd make
you're fur crawl. He had a steel trap for a mind too, pure evil." Mace

"Deeps watched us, all the time for a whole week. He would literally
sit out side of our cell and watch our every move. No one fed us or watered
us, and we only had a hole in the ground for a bathroom. He never said
a word, never slept within sight either." Flea mentioned. "Just watched
with that damn smug smirk stuck on his face."

Modo and Vinnie both caste each other knowing looks.

"What about the other one? The ripper?" Carbine pried.

"He was definitely a half rat, half mouse fellow. His ears were obviously
docked, his snout looked like a rat who encountered one too many walls.
He hid his antennae's under a do-rag. Tan, deep tan, calloused paws. Wasn't
very pleasant either." Mace sighed, looking to Flea.

Flea forced a small smile on his lips, it lasted less then a second.
"He picked Mace out of the group, the Sand Raiders forced us back and took
Mace down the hall. The two rats followed, they were both stuck up, like
they was better." Flea's hands clutched into tight fists. "We all heard
screaming, the sobbing, crying.... they kept him for days down there. I
prayed to every Martian Over seer I could think of that'd Mace would come
back.... and he did." Flea turned to his bro. "Beat up, tortured and bleeding."

Mace swallowed hard. "That's where I saw James, Chaos and Lucas' bodies."

"Mace, What did Tanner do? Step by step." Throttle asked, he somehow
managed to find his steady calm voice again.

"Unlike you, he didn't just grab me and tear into my whole life. He
kept doing it in small amounts. Going back further and further each time.
After each rip, he'd go over to Deeps, and.... share... with him."

"Share?" Throttle pried.

"He'd use his antennas to share. Near the end, Deeps started to talk,
sounding just like me. It.... he.... was terrifyingly real." Mace shivered.

Throttle bit his bottom lip. "That's not a rip Mace, that's a transfer."

"A transfer?" Carbine inquired curiously.

"Mice can only do it to other mice, but half-breeds have the upper hand,
they can share with mice and rats." Throttle started. "What Tanner did,
was take small does of Mace's memories, and plunk them into Deeps brain.
It has to be done in small amounts otherwise you'll literally fry both
brains." Removing his shades, he rubbed his eyes before replacing them.
"That explains a lot."

"When did the switch occur?" Carbine asked unsure she recalled the timeline

"Mace wandered back about a couple or three weeks after Lucas set out.
He was a ripe mess. Wouldn't let anyone look at his cuts and scrapes either."
Stoker said, his eyes glazed as he remembered battles lost. "It was after
that, that Harley started to shadow Barrette, our medic...."

"Barrette?" Flea perked up remember the she-mouse. "That's the one who
was..." his ears fell, he shied quietly.

"Yeah Flea, she was the one who you walked in on.... erm....dressing."
Mace smirked reaching over and rubbing his hair. Turning, he looked somberly
to Stoker. "Did she make it?"

"Not very many did." Stoker turned, he strolled out of the garage.

"Stoker?" Flea called.

"Let him go." Mace sighed bruised arms resting on the table." He needs
to be alone."

Charley came forward with her first aid kit. "Mace?" She looked at the
beaten mouse. "Follow me, we'll get you cleaned up."

The bruised mouse smiled. "Thank you." Raising he followed, as did Flea.
Vinnie not far behind.

Throttle could tell Vinnie didn't trust Mace. After all this time,
even he had a hard time swallowing their return, and innocence.


......More to come!....

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