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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/11/01 - Updated: 2011/11/01 - 106 words


  • Personalised Stories!

    (#) Gerard_inspires_me 2011-11-01 01:43:36 PM

    Name: Kyrsten Seeley (K-EE-rsten)
    Age: 16
    Looks:Black wavy 'emo' hair with brown tips, green eyes, kinda heavy, around 5'8,
    Style: band tee-shirts, colorful skinny jeans, tons of wristbands (to cover up SI (old or new..)), headphones are always in
    Personality: seems hyper and happy, but once you get deeper and get to know her shes quiet and shy. Kyrsten doesn't let many people in to see the real her, yet makes you feel like everyone knows everything about her. She plays base and sings a little bit. Kyrsten's parents are divorced, she has one sister. Her sister is the perfect one (both parents agree on this one and only thing). Her parents always put her and her sister rght in the middle of everything and if one of them does ANYTHING about it, it is cinceived as taking a side and the parent will stop talking to them. Kyrsten's never been on a date, let alone been asked out. She is extremely self-conscious and hates everything about herself, except what she can do with her base. She hates her looks, her personality, and always thinks that everyone is out to get her. Shes overly nice, thats just how she was raised. its hard for her to be mean to people she hates/ hate her.

    (If you want a pairing) Who do you want to be with: Gerard (high school please?)
    Story genre/theme: Romantic drama
    A basic idea for what you want to happen: I want it to be Gee like... saving the broken new girl at school... and dramatic, but adorable :)
    A song to go with the story: Savin' Me- Nickelback
    Anything else: SI= Self-injury
    like I said.. it could be old or new.. but i think it would be more intersting if it was newer stuff... especially if Gee caught her doing it.. somehow.. :P thank you!!!!

  • Personalised Stories!

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-11-01 06:21:48 PM

    Name:Tanner Riley
    Age: Frank's age
    Looks:short, has emo-like black hair with long fringe, big dark-brown eyes,two lip rings, lightweight,wears a ton of eyeliner, has scar running down side of face and scars on arms and legs
    Style:grey ripped skinnies, black converse with neon doodles all over, black lacy fingerless gloves, wears a beany, wears a black t-shirt with gold lettering saying DEMOLITION LOVER
    Personality:bouncy,energetic,outgoingacts like a bunny, funny, gets scared or angry easily,very observant
    Who do you want to be with: FRANKIEEE!
    Story genre/theme: uh romantic drama comedy? RODRAMEDY!!! :D
    A basic idea for what you want to happen:I ran away from abusive parents and I see MCR at a gas station and they take me in and I fall in love with Frank but my ex-boyfriend finds me and tries to kidnap me and hurt me, but in the end Frank saves me! :3 cuteness!!
    A song to go with the story:The Sharpest Lives
    Anything else: I can speak Italian, I don't mind being picked up,
    Thanks a bunches!!!
  • Personalised Stories!

    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2011-11-10 03:07:00 PM

    Name: Gabriella Adrianna Rae but just call her Gabe
    Age: 16
    Looks: Dark auburn hair that comes down to her elbows and is parted to the left of her face, baby blue eyes, a lip ring, big boobs, really skinny but if you call her anorexic she'll rip your face off, 112 lbs,
    Style: scene
    Personality: funny, quiet until you get to know her,random, gets depressed easily, really self concious, hates being touched by people she doesn't know and will declare any touch from someone she doesn't know as rape, energetic (kind of).
    (If you want a pairing) Who do you want to be with: Gerard
    Story genre/theme: Romance, Drama
    A basic idea for what you want to happen: Gabe is about to commit suicide and she calls her best friends Gerard and Frank. When they come over they find a note on her bed saying she is going to jump off a bridge. They go to the bridge and see her about to jump, and Gerard confesses he loves her and she said that she loves him too but she was going to kill herself because she she couldn't love someone who doesn't love her back, but as she's getting down off the bridge she slips and falls and gets put into a comma. Two weeks into the comma she wakes up and the doctors tell Gerard that she didn't have long to live so he stays with her in her last hours and holds her and kisses her. Frank, Mikey, and Ray come along and say goodbye to her and she dies in Gerard's arms. (yes very sad) But then about a year later she begs god(idk if you're religious or not) to give her another shot. Then she goes back to the day she was going to kill herself and calls Gerard over and tells hims she loves him and they spend all day together and watch the sun go down together in eachother's arms and then they kiss(awwww). (sorry it's alot but I wanted to be descriptive)
    A song to go with the story: How to save a life- The Fray
    Anything else: Noope:3

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