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Chapter 11 - Prom Dresses

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Stacy goes shopping with Lexi + Lexa

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Gerard dropped me off outside my house at ten on the dot. I smiled at him “Tonight was really fun.” I said “Mikey’s a really nice kid.”
“Yeah, he is.” Gerard replied looking thoughtful “Stacy, is it alright if he starts hanging out with us?”
“You mean outside of school or in school?”
“Both, but not on dates and stuff…” Gerard took a deep breath “He only cares so much about this stupid school quiz because he doesn’t have any friends. They all think he’s weird. I’ve heard the things they say about him.”
“Sure he can hang round with us.” I said, opening the car door “I’ve gotta be going now. See ya!”
Gerard leaned over and kissed me goodnight. I got out the car and ran inside. My Dad was sitting in the living room “You’re five minutes late home young lady.”
“Actually I got here at ten.” I told him “But Gerard was asking me something.”
“So where did he take you?” Dad wants to know “Was it fun? Did you kiss? Did you snog? Did you do more than snog?”
“Dad!” I cried, giggling “He took me back to his place and I met his little brother. We played on their Xbox and just talked.”
“Well that sounds fun.” Dad said “Now what are you gonna do?”
“I’m tired, I think I might go to bed.” I replied “Night Dad.”
“Night Sweetie.”
I walked upstairs and jumped onto my bed. I got into my pyjamas and checked my phone before going to bed. Two new messages.
Prom dress shopping tomorrow, remember? Be at your Pa’s house at around 11AM? BE UP! – L xx
It was off Lexa. Lexi wasn’t really into texting and preferred calling people. Lexa hated calling people and loved to text people.
The other message was off Gerard I love you :D – G xx
I smiled to myself and text back telling him that I loved him too. Then I climbed into bed and fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

“Stacy!” My Dad yelled, waking me up “Your friends twin one and twin two are here!”
“Oh crap!” I muttered, clambering out of bed.
I pulled off my pyjamas, pulled on some purple skinny jeans and my Black Veil Brides tee-shirt. I ran down the stairs two at a time and into the living room. Lexa and Lexi were standing there waiting for me to finally show up downstairs.
I smiled at them “Sorry, how long have you been waiting?”
“Five minutes but it’s five minutes too long.” Lexi huffed.
Lexa huffed too “What part of ‘Be up!’ do you not understand?”
“What ever happened to ‘Morning Stacy, it’s so nice to see you up and boy you look nice today!’?” I asked with a small smile.
Lexa sighed but smiled and hugged me. When she pulled away, Lexi gave me a hug too. “We’re going shopping for prom dresses.” Lexa told my Dad “Since Stacy has now decided she’d like to go.”
“Oh, is Gerard taking you?” My Dad asked, looking amused.
I rolled my eyes “Let’s get outta here.” I said quickly “Bye Dad, I’ll see you next week!”
“See ya Sweetie!”
We skipped out of the house “Your Dad is so nice.” Lexi said “I wish our Dad was like that.”
“My Dad’s an old softie.” I replied fondly “So where are we going for prom dresses?”
“All over the place I guess.” Lexa laughed “What did you and Gerard do last night then Stacy?”
“I met his brother.” I told them both “His name’s Mikey and he’s really nice. By the way he’s gonna start hanging round with us at lunch and shizzles…”
“Is he cute?” Lexi asked.
I shrugged “He’s alright but he’s a bit nerdy.”
“Oh well.” Lexa smiled “I’m sure he’s awesome…”

[A/N] - This chapter is short because now I'm back at school and I feel busy all the time ;/ Sorry!
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