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No More Rescues For This Tomboy!

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When Akane gets the foolish idea that she could defend herself from future kidnappers, Ranma comes up with a cunning plan to show just how dangerous it could be to get abducted by an evil perverted...

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Prisoner of the Iron Mask
Part 1: No More Rescues For This Tomboy!

"Don't be stupid, you tomboy!" Ranma was not in a very charitable mood as he dodged Akane's kicks and strikes through the Dojo.

"So I am stupid now, am I?" Akane was not very happy either. "And why? Because I asked you to help me become a better martial artist? I guess it was stupid of me to ask you for help."

"I am just saying that you don't need to be able to fight. You have me!" Ranma tried to explain. "You just sit tight when some prince or pervert abducts you, and your father will make me rescue you in no time"

"At Jusenkyou I swore, that I would no longer idly stand by while you fight." Akane brought up the vow she had made while she was a prisoner of the phoenix people.

"And look what it got you: You knocked out the poor guide and almost got yourself killed when you got into a fight way over your head." Ranma did not understand this. Couldn't she see, that she would only get hurt if she started to take on the idiots by herself?

"If you don't want to train me I will find someone else," Akane declared.

Ranma really did not like the idea of someone else training Akane. Not one bit. So he shot back: "Fine if that makes you feel better, do whatever you want. Not that it makes any difference. We both know, that I will have to rescue you again the next time some prince from a lost kingdom with a tomboy-fetish comes looking for a bride."

"You think that I can't take care of myself? I am a martial artist, too! I don't need your help you stupid pervert!" Akane was so angry by now that she had stopped trying to hit him and was just shouting at him.

"If that is what you think, then no more rescue missions for you." Ranma would make her admit that she needed him.

"I would not dream of it. In fact I forbid you to interfere in my fights. And I will tell daddy not to waste any of your precious time by making you go out and watch me defeat my next challenger!" Akane was in full stubborn tomboy mode right now.

"Fine!" Ranma declared. Sooner or later she would back down and admit that she needed him.

"Fine!" Akane did not sound like she would back down anytime soon.

Ranma had been regretting his fight with Akane for over a week now. Why did she have to be this stubborn? Why couldn't she just get over her "I am martial-artist, too!" nonsense?

What if she really tried to take on the next idiot to kidnap her? She would get her ass kicked. And possibly worse.

Ranma would have to make sure to just be coincidentally in the area and challenge the guy to a fight on a totally unrelated reason. Just because the stupid tomboy was so stubborn he would have to make up some lame excuse to ensure, that he would not be going back on his word.

And what if he wasn't there to save her? If Akane had managed to convince her family, they might not make him go after her in time. She might even convince her kidnapper not to send a challenge letter to him. Ranma might never learn about her abduction until it was to late!

Ranma was really worried.

And it looked like the next idiot might already be in town. Ranma's intelligence network (Konatsu) had informed him that a group of foreigners from some tiny semi-mystical Kingdom were setting up a lair in Nerima. They probably were looking to kidnap a bride for their prince.

Ranma thought that he might try to give them an alternate target for their bridal search. Ranma's girlside was so much cuter than Akane after all, but somehow this tactic had never worked very well in the past. All the weird foreigners inexplicably zeroed in on the uncute tomboy instead of going after any of the more beautiful and feminine girls in Tokyo.

What would Ranma do? He couldn't just stand there and do nothing while those idiots prepared to abduct his fiancée.

He briefly toyed with the idea of simply letting them have the tomboy and trust that sooner or later she would break down and scream for help absolving him of his promise. Unfortunately Akane could be very stubborn. It would take a lot to make her admit that she needed Ranma's help. It would certainly take more than Ranma could allow anybody to do to her.

Eventually an idea occurred to Ranma. He might not have been as good as Nabiki when it came to these things, but one did not grow up the son of Genma Saotome without learning a thing or two about spotting loopholes.

Ranma had only promised not to rescue Akane once she got herself kidnapped. Nobody had ever said anything about not going after potential abductors preemptively.
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