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New story I'm working on.

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  • Auditions

    (#) KilljoyMCRmy 2011-11-06 04:17:31 PM

    Name: Emily Eleby
    Part:new girl
    Physical description: under developed, small boobs small hips, 5'' blue eyes, brown hair with red streaks, a bit skinny but not anorexic
    Personality: hyper with friends but very shy around bee people, a by of a dare devil ad won't not do a dare, she loves roller coasters and anything high up or dangerous like bungee jumping
    Tattoos or piercings:tattoo on get left hand of a broken heart, half of it coloured black and the other clear. Both ears pierced in 3 places
    Signature outfit: band tees and ripped skinny jeans!! Converses
    Sorry it's short but it's really late where I live, thanks I hope Im in t :)
  • Auditions

    (#) KilljoyMCRmy 2011-11-06 04:27:13 PM

    New not bee, and bit not by,
  • Auditions

    (#) DeathDefying 2011-11-06 04:34:04 PM

    Name: Elousie (Ellie) Owens

    Age: whatever you need

    Part: Gerard's girlfriend

    Physical description: 5'7", slim and toned. has big grey eyes surrounded by eyeliner and mascara. dimples and fair skin with the occasional black lipstick. has dark brown with blue tips, wavy, goes past shoulders like this:

    Personality: funny, easy going, a little perverted and a quick thinker. great at combacks. independent and does her own thing. sassy. sees art. creative. the kind of friend that always has your back. likes to pull pranks and mess around with people. a little awkward and messy. hopeless romantic. bold, cheeky, unique, easy to talk to, a little geeky, lives in her head and likes to express herself in art. kind and is always laughing at something. stubborn and doesn`t like change. likes to tell jokes and say random things, and talks to herself sometimes. does what she thinks is right and never goes with the flow. she's sweet and rambles alot when she's nervous or embarassed. She smiles alot and blushes at all the wrong times. Sometimes seems happy when she really isn't. Pretty outgoing to most people, but at the same time can be painfully shy. Easy going, quick witted. A smoker and a drinker Daring and creative. knows how to have a good time. Laughs easily and smiles with all her teeth. She stares at the fridge for hours without finding anything to eat. Likes to watch t.v. She's bright and bubbly and can make friends with anybody. Stands up for herself and her friends. She's the one that gets them into bad situations because she's a big talker.

    Tattoos or piercings: has a nose ring that she takes on and off, no tattoos

    Signature outfit: a pair of high waisted shorts with stockings underneath with a pair of docs, and a diy skull cut top. a guitar pic necklace given to her and a shit load of bracelets.

  • Auditions

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-11-06 04:43:53 PM

    Name- Jezabel Dean but she insists that you call her "Jez" as she hates her full name and she will swear/hit you if you use it.
    Age-Age: whatever is best suited for the part.
    Looks-I`ve split it up as there is quite a lot of info. I go overboard with everything. Sorry
    She has quite long, dancers legs, a good size, not stick thin but not overweight either. Average height, but very under-develouped-no hips/breast,something she is very self concsious of.
    Hair Colour: naturally a caramel brown but she dyes it a blacky blue colour. (You know where it is black but has a blue sheen to it?)
    Hair Style: just reaches her shoulders, cut into lots of different choppy layers giving it a very cut at appearance. A sloping fringe that sits just above her left eye. Naturally straight. Worn usually down or in two low, messy bunches with lots of strands down framing the face.
    Eye colour: emerald green that light up when she smiles/laughs
    she is very pale skinned and hates summer as she tans quitr easily.
    .): normally wears very little make up but always has on: eyeliner-either black, blue or purple. Not too much though so she looks like a racoon. Red lipstick-proper red, like holly red. And a little foundation. Has a scar on her forehead from chicken pox and she hides it with her fringe. Very short nails as she bites them a lot. They are always painted either a red, blue, black or dark purple
    tattoos/piercingsGoing across the top of her left foot in black, fancy writing is “I`m on my way to believing” the deathly hallows sign on the inside of her wrist. I wasn’t sure how to describe so I posted a link.
    She has her ears pierced several times, and a Monroe piercing.
    Personality: stubborn, kind, sarcastic. Loves little kids and animals. Talkative but not too in your face. puts her feet in her mouth sometimes though by accident. Tries to look on the bright side when possible. Loves sports, especially swimming and Tae Kwon Do. Very interested in lots of different things, loves reading and listening to music. Not easy to figure out, think she will do one thing and she often does another. Hates all the isms and can be quite violent and isnt afraid of fighting people, even if they are bigger/stronger than her.
    outfit-she loves clothes and altough she has a load of band tees and skinnies which she wears for just lounging about the house, she is normally wearing soem kind of gothic corset style dress or top. She may often seem a little overdressed, but she really doesn`t care. Always wears some kind of jewlery, normally two spiked braclets and a necklace with a guitar pick on it she got at her first ever concert. Always is weraing her beat up looking pair of doc martens with black laces with multicoloured stars on them.part-whatever you think fits best, thanks for considering me.
    have fun writing, think the idea is really cool.
  • Auditions

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-11-06 04:45:18 PM

    Oops, sorry it is "jezebel" not "Jezabel," I spelt it wrong, sorry.
  • Auditions

    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-11-06 04:46:09 PM

    Name-Jasmine Price. Age-whatever fits. Personality-nice, shy sometimes, can break a bone if she needs to, defends friends, creative, has a good imagination, day dreams alot, writes alot, hyper sometimes, and is a party animal. Physical description-long straight dark brown hair with purple highlights, dark brown eyes that show some kind of emotion, pale skin that tans easily, 5'4 and skinny. Part-Gerard's girlfriend. Tattoos or piercings-none because of her fear of needles. Signature outfit-a band tee with a skirt or skinnys. if a skirt fishnet tights with knee high boots. if skinnys then converses with fingerless gloves. and she always wears a silver heart shaped necklace for good luck. Hope I get in.
  • Auditions

    (#) ZombiexCupcake 2011-11-06 05:11:17 PM

    Name: Issy Getto
    Age: 18 but whatever you need
    Part: Mikey's Girlfriend :)
    Physical description: short, i have jet black hair with pink/green/blue streaks, blue eyes, super skinny
    Personality: energetic, happy, over-emotional sometimes, hyper, very protective over friends
    Tattoos or piercings: i have a lip ring and two piercings on each ear, i have a bunch of tattoos too many to tell
    Signature outfit: black mini skirt, rolling stones crop top, pink studded belt, knee high black converse, black/white fingerless gloves, nerd glasses
  • Auditions

    (#) GotSparkle 2011-11-06 05:14:47 PM

    Name: Stella Rose
    Age: whatever Gee is
    Part: Gee's GF, pretty pwease?

    Physical description: blonde, like platinum blonde, with purple, turqouise, black, an pink streaks on the underside. Nice tan, but not that orange you get. somewhere between pale and golden. Blue-purple eyes -yes, this is possible, as a mutation, mine look purple usually- wears black eyelner, and some form of glittery eyeliner usually.

    Personality: loyal, loves to make people laugh, and is very bubbly. Loves to party.Has a hopeless romantic side, and loves her art. Musical, and will ranomly scrawl out lyrics.

    Tattoos or piercings:a heart with a treble clef going through it for a belly button peircing, a tatto that reas "never have I ever" on her wrist -on the inside-, and "there is freeom in vunerability" on the other wrist. ears periced.

    Signature outfit: dark denim short shorts, a cute corset style top, usually black, purple, or red, and heels or converse.

    PS: I'd so love if you pickedStella for Gee's GF, as I lovelovelove your stuff!
  • Auditions

    (#) QueenOfNewYork 2011-11-06 05:23:07 PM

    Name: Kristal Bowman
    Age: 19
    Part: Ronnie's gf
    Physical description: neon pink hair, brown eyes, 5'7
    Personality: loud, crazy, very bright and bubbly, loving and caring
    Tattoos or piercings: i have my lip pierced and my belly button. I also have a tattoo on my wrist of a bird flying and falling apart leaving behind feathers. its epic.
    Signature outfit: pink skinnies, black converse, beatles (yellow submarine) shirt, black leather jacket

  • Auditions

    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-06 05:32:52 PM

    Name: Wynter Oh
    Age: 17
    Part: Mikey's girlfriend? :D
    Physical description: long straight black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes,, skinny, pale, 5'6
    Personality: a little witty, doesn't like to smile a lot, day dreams a lot
    Tattoos or piercings: a small cute black bunny with neon green ears on her left ankle
    Signature outfit: black band hoodies or dark blue windsor hoodie or neon-green T-shirt with a black jacket, black skinny jeans, black and neon green converse

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