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When The Gay Met The Knight

by PanicFan 2 reviews

Brendon meets Dallon on the bus.

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Brendon immediately made a fool of himself upon stepping into the bus. He tripped on the step, sending him sprawling on the dirty aisle. The majority of the bus laughed. Brendon dusted himself off and started scanning the rows for a seat. He saw the bus driver shake his head at him as he walked down the aisle. All of the seats were taken, except for those in the very back. He walked as quickly as he could, avoiding the stares of the other kids. They were no older than 12. He reached the back, and to his surprise, there was an older guy back there. He looked like he was in his early twenties, and had brown hair (that he couldn't help but notice matched Spencer's perfectly) and eyes as deep and blue as the ocean. The boy's eyes lit up when he saw Brendon, and motioned for him to sit down on the seat next to him. "Hey, I'm Dallon!" The boy said excitedly. "Finally a kid my age!" Brendon smiled, and sat down on the cracked leather seat. Dallon talked about he was the oldest kid there, and he always felt like such a loner. "You'd think by 23, you'd stop going to summer camp, eh?" He said jokingly.  "Why do you still go?" Brendon asked, gazing absentmindedly out the window watching the landscape roll by. "Well, I went here as a kid, and when I was old enough, I became a counselor. And now I've worked my way up to senior counselor!" Dallon answered, proudly puffing out his chest. Brendon laughed. " must be very...religious." He said nervously. Dallon shook his head. "Nah, I don't do all that shit. Just my dad owns the place so I don't really have a choice."He explained. Brendon breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe this guy was friend material after all. Dallon used his hands a lot when he talked, and Brendon had to move his face out of the line of fire multiple times. Brendon made some comments here and there about how he's in a band. Dallon seemed really interested in that. Turns out he did music too. "Just me though. In my basement. I call it, 'The Brobecks'. On iTunes but never got signed." He said, shrugging. "So, what are your band members like? Ryan, Jon, and...." "Spencer." Brendon said softly. At the sound of Spencer's name, he choked up little. Fallon could easily see the look on Brendon's face, so he steered the conversation out of dangerous waters. "Are you guys stalked by paparazzi and stuff?" Dallon asked, a grin on his face. He seemed a little wistful. "The paparazzi doesn't give an damn about us. It's the fangirls you gotta watch out for." Brendon laughed.  Dallon smiled. For the rest of the ride they talked. And Brendon temporarily had his mind off Spencer and Ryan, because he was to busy being lost in Dallon's deep blue ocean eyes, and didn't mind the least bit.
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