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My sanity is in question?

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I'm not crazy. No, I'm really NOT. (Oneshot!)

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Just go and tell him my brain kept having crazy thoughts. I don't know why.

I mean, I'm not crazy. No really, I'm NOT crazy. I have multiple personalities and, at the moment, one wanted to tell on me.

Not a chance. I thought back. I have MPD, not memory loss.

When Frankie and I had become best friends, he though I was just really random. Gee, my big brother knew, but he wouldn't tell anybody.

Not even Frankie, who was his friend as well. He knew I'd die if he did.

Maybe this version of you. My other personalities were trying to kill me now? Great. Just what I need.

I rolled my eyes and shut my brain off, a trick I'd learned for school. Which explains a lot.....

There was a quiet knock at my door. “Yeah?” I asked quietly, not finding the energy to raise my voice too much.

“Hey...” Frankie poked his head in. “Can I come in?” he looked at me, spread out on my bed.

“Was Edgar Allan Poe batshit crazy?” he smiled a bit and came in, closing the door behind him. “Sup?”

He sat on the floor, crossing his arms over his chest. The music I'd had going bumped out of the speakers. “Mikey........are you okay?” he looked up at me like I was gonna strangle him. “I mean, you haven't been talking as much or eating lately.........”

I looked a little closer at him, shocked that he'd noticed. Not even Gee had noticed me not eating. His face was a little red. “Yeah, Frank. I'm fine. Why?” my voice sounded a little dull, but I ignored it.

“I'm worried about you, Mikes.” he dropped his hands in his lap. “You're acting like.......” he trailed off, playing with his fingers.

“Like what?” I raised my head a little. His fingers stopped moving and he took a deep breath.

“Like you're depressed. You're not depressed, are you?” he looked up at me, his sparkling eyes locking on mine.

“Nope. Wanna go watch TV or something?” I pushed myself up. He watched me closely, his brown eyes narrowing.

“No. Mikey, I know somethings wrong. And I will find out what it is. You know I will.” he pushed me back down to sit on the bed and sat next to me.

“Frankie, really. Nothings wrong.” my voice trembled with fear. Of course I knew he could find out. All he had to do was find my journal or look through on of my sketch books.

“You're a shit lair, Mikey.” he put his hand on my knee. “Tell me. I'll take it was easier than if I have to find out on my own.” something about his eyes made me gulp.

“Okay. Okay.” I took a deep breath and told him everything. He listened closely, his jaw dropping and his eyes filling with tears.

“So, you're like, four people in one?” he looked at me. I nodded slightly. “That's pretty awesome. Do all of you have names?”

I blushed and nodded. “That's like asking a mom if all her kids have names. But yeah, we all do. Me, the one you're talking to now, I'm Mikey. The same kid you've been talking to. Well, mostly.”

“Mostly?” he tilted his head a little, his hair falling into his eyes. “Who else have I talked to?”

“Well, I don't know. That's the problem. Certain things set off the others. I'm usually in charge of what I do. How all have I acted around you?”

His face scrunched up as he thought. “Like this, like a kid, and kinda like you liked me. A lot.” he smiled at the last.

My face burned even more. “Right........You've met Jay-Jay, the kid, me, Mikey and it sounds like Alfred.” I hid behind my hair.

“Hmmm.........Alfred, huh?” I looked at him from under my hair. “I like Alfred. And I like you, too.” his hand on my knee tightened.

“So you're not scared?” I looked at him. “Or confused or annoyed?” he shook his head. “But you'll never know who you're talking to. And I hope to god you never meet Ivan.” a shiver ran down my spine.

“Why? Who's Ivan?” he took my chin in his hand, making me look at him now.

“Ivan is......evil. He scares the shit outta everyone, including me. I've named him after Ivan the Terrible, that crazy Russian dictator or whoever he was.” I waved my hands out to the sides.

“And what exactly makes Ivan come out?” he leaned closer to me slightly, holding his weight on my leg with his hand.

“When people mess with you or Gee or any of our friends.” I was shaking by now. Frankie moved his hand to mine, somehow not falling on me.

“Then I'll make sure no one messes with us around you.” he whispered, his hands tightening slightly. “Promise.” he breathed, his lips pressing against mine softly.

Out popped Alfred, who just had to take this opportunity while he could. I let him ride to the side, not letting him take over totally.

Now Frankie fell on top of me, pressing me into the wall. Not like I minded. Nor did Alfred, who was moaning loudly in my head. Shut up, Ally. I thought at him.

Jay-Jay was running around, his untied sneakers squeaking quietly, making me laugh silently. Thank god I couldn't find Ivan in my head. Or our head. Whatever.

My heart jumped as Frankie pulled away. Awww!!! Alfred whined. I shoved him back and sat up with Frankie. “Well,” I breathed, holding him in my lap.

He wrapped his arms and legs around my torso, burying his face in my shirt. A moment of peaceful silence, even in my head.

It was broken by a loud bang from the front yard. We both jumped. “Gee!” we yelled and jumped up as fast as we could.

Gee was at work at the moment, actually he should be home by now. I hadn't notice the time until now.

I tore the door open. Gee was laying on the grass, his face facing up and all covered in blood. He's dead! Oh, god, please don't let him be dead!

My feet had moved me to his side before I told them to. I fell to my knees. He blinked and looked at me. “Mikey, go inside!” he tried to warn me.

“Yeah, go inside so we can finish kicking your fag brother's ass, ya little twig.” someone laughed from behind me.

Let me out, boy. I froze as Ivan spoke softly in my ear.

No. Nonono......

Oh, yes. I lost control. From the sidelines with Alfred and Jay-Jay, I watched in terror as Ivan made my body work in ways I couldn't.

Something swished through the air behind our head and my long fingered hand flashed out. The sound of metal against flesh made me flinch.

We stood slowly, turning to face the some of the stupid meat-heads from school. The iron pipe was in Ivan's hand now. The things he could do with it would keep a sane person up for weeks at night in fear.

Oh please, Ivan, don't. Not in front of Frankie!

Who? That boy? He sighed. Very well. He threw the pipe away. We'll do this with our fists!!

Before I could stop him, he swung our right hand, which was balled up in a tight fist, with expert moves. It smashed into the face of the one who had had the pipe. My knuckles burned slightly as his teeth tore my skin and his nose broke under the fist.

Ivan.....don't tear us up, now. Just him.

Can't do damage without getting some. He thought simply, twisting as one of the three left standing reached for us. Our foot buried in his stomach.

Ivan stopped after that, just stopped moving. “Now, if either of you want to end up like these two,” he kicked them both, “I suggest you take them away from here and not speak of this. At all. Or I will come after you.” It was my voice.

But Ivan's words, which made the fact that it was coming from our mouth all the more terrifying. They tripped over themselves as they rushed to get their buddies and get outta here.

There ya go, Mikey. Your family's safe blah blah blah....... Ivan faded away and I stood on the blood stained grass.

Almost as if it were called, the sky ripped apart and it started raining, washing away the blood on Gee, the grass, and me.

“You okay?” I held out my hand to him. He took it and let me help him to his feet.

“Yeah. Are you? Let me see your hand.” I laughed as he limped in front of me and turned for my hand.

“Shut up and let me help you, you idiot.” I dragged him to the bathroom and cleaned him up. He had a few deep cuts, but most were pretty superficial.

He flinched and jumped as I put the bandages on them all. “Oh, relax you baby.” I smiled at him.

“Seriously, let me see your hand.” I sighed and held it out to him. He took it lightly and turned it to look at the cuts.”Doesn't look too bad. But you really shouldn't let Ivan take over like that.” he started taping up my hand.

“Like I can help it?!” I shouted, making him flinch a little. “You know how hard I have to try to stay in charge! And you know that that,” I waved my free hand toward the front of the house “is just the thing to set him off!!” he finished with my hand and hung his head.

“Yeah, Mikes, I know. Sorry, but when he gets out.....I don't know. I don't like him. It's like you're not even there....” he dropped my hand and sat on the edge of the bathtub.

“I am there, Gee. Just not right up front. Kinda like a car. I'm in shot gun while they're driving. Hell, if I hadn't of told him to not use the pipe-” I trailed off as he blanched. “Never mind.”

He stood and left the room. I followed a moment later. Frankie was sitting on the couch alone, staring at his lap. “Hey. You okay?” I sat on the couch, as far away as I could.

“Was that Ivan?” he murmured, still looking down. His whole frame was trembling.

“Yes.” I whispered wistfully. “That, out there.” I waved at the door. “That was nothing compared to what he wanted to do. Now, are you sure you're not scared of us?” I scooted closer to him a little, our legs touching.

“Of all of you? No, just Ivan. Now you and Alfred are just fine. More then fine, actually.” he smiled at me, putting his hand on my leg and leaning closer to me.

Our lips touched for a moment. He pulled back and smiled. I lay us down sideways on the couch, his back against my chest.

I put my arms around his fragile waist and kissed his cheek and neck. We fell asleep quickly, me tired from the fighting and him probably tired from everything that's happened in the last thirty minutes.

Another oneshot! No, I really don't know. But this is just an off the top of my head random thing I came up with while eating Booberry.

Yeah, can't get much more random than that.

Hugs and Tastebuds,
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