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new school

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its kats first day of school and guess who's in her kitchen?

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sorry if my story sucks lol my first time writing. so please review to let me know!

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I rolled over and groaned. "Ugh I hate you alarm I hate you with so much passion" I said to the alarm. It kept beeping and I kept staring at it angrily. Yes I was staring at it. I was hoping it'll explode like the movie Rubber. Next thing I knew my mom barged into my room. She yanked my alarm clock out of the plug and threw it on the floor. She breathed heavily. "I hate that alarm clock!" my mom said looking at it on the floor. I sat up and said " I can tell mom but you owe me a new one"

My mom looked at me the anger leaving her face. "Fine. Just as long as it's much more quieter than that one" With that she left my room closing the door behind her. I laughed silently. Oh my mom was nuts.

I decided that I shouldn't wait so long to get dressed. I picked up my alarm. It was broken since it had a crack on the front. "Mom you are crazy" I said silently.

I couldn't believe my mom destroyed my alarm clock. Not that I could blame her though I hated it to. Another thing I couldn't believe was that it was my first day of school.

If no one liked me like at my old school then so be it. I wasn't going to change for no one. No matter what.


I made my way towards the kitchen. I was hoping to see a sight of a plate of waffles. Instead I saw him in my kitchen. Frank Iero. In my kitchen. The waiter from Olive Garden. "Uh hi?" I said unsure of what else to say.

My mom and Frank turned to look at me. I blushed and tried not to see his beautiful hazel eyes. "Good morning sweetheart" my mom said.

"Um Frank how do you know we live here?" I asked suspiciously. It would be weird if he said he followed us.

"Your father gave him the directions to the house" my mom said with a smile on her face.

Really? We barely knew him! Am I the only sane one in this house?

"I also don't live to far away. I was planning to wait for you at the corner but I realized I had no idea how you would get there so I came here" he explained.

"Oh well I usually I get to school by walking" I said.

I hadn't noticed that my mom set down a plate of chocolate chip waffles. "Here you go dear" My mom said.

"Hmmmm waffles. I like" I said. I took a piece off and placed it in my mouth. Something was missing but I didn't know what. My mom placed a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup. I immediately grabbed it and poured some.

I looked at Frank and saw an amused look. "That's sure a lot of chocolate you got there" Frank said.

"My aunt and my mom got me into eating my waffles like this" I admitted. Ever since I small and each time my aunt came to visit or when we went to see her I'd always see her eating chocolate chip waffles with chocolate syrup. Of course my mom would join in and eat some to. Not so much like my aunt.

Frank laughed and said "Really? Your mom doesn't seem like the chocoholic type"

"Nope she isn't my aunt is" I said smiling at the memory of her.

"You seem pretty fond of your aunt"

"I am! She understands me since well she's still a rocker along with my uncle"

"Wow must be nice to have that" Frank said trying not to frown.

It was then that I noticed he had a Misfits tee. "You like misfits?" I asked curiously.

"Yes I do. Do you like them?"

"I actually never heard their music before"

he was about to say something till my mom walked in. "Your still here? I thought you'd be walking by now. Both of you will be late if you don't leave now" my mom said rushing us.

I got up grabbed my keys and said "where's my backpack? I had it by the door" I went to look inside the closet but it wasn't there.

My mom went upstairs without saying anything and came back with my purple backpack. "Oh"


It was quiet on the way to school. Say something Kat! I thought to myself. "Um so do you love Jersey?" I asked. I mentally rolled my eyes at myself.

Frank chuckled and said "Yes I do, there's something about Jersey that makes me love it the way I do" I smiled at the answer. He was so sweet.

"That's so sweet" I said. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I could feel the butterflies in my tummy.

"Have you gotten your schedule yet" Frank asked curiously.

"Not yet. I was hoping you could come with me since I'm really shy to go on my own"

"Yeah sure I don't mind at all. The guys can wait till brunch"

"The guys? Who are they if you don't mind me asking?"

"My friends who are also outcasts like me and you. There are the Way brothers. Gerard Way is the older one he is 18 and he's an amazing artist. Trust me when I say amazing he like draws anything that comes to mind. His drawings are mostly of comic characters of his own. There's Mikey Way he's 17 and the younger brother of Gerard. He's pretty nerdy if you ask me hahaha but don't tell him I said that. He's really cool. There is Ray Toro he's 18 and he has the most awesome hair ever. Him, Gerard, and Bob are the oldest among the group. Then there's Bob who's well really quiet and weird but we all love him hahaha" Frank explained.

"They sound like really cool people Frank" I said smiling.

He stopped in front of me and I looked at him. He had the smile of a little kid opening presents on Christmas day. "They are my best friends and the only people that ever accepted me for who I am at that crappy school" he said smiling

"I never got accepted the only people that ever did was my family" I said giving him a small smile

"Well I accept you for who you are Kat" Frank said

I looked up quickly and looked into his eyes. His hazel eyes told me the truth.

"Thank you"

"Your welcome"

We stood there standing till Frank said "We should get going" I nodded him and followed


The school was medium sized and I had a feeling people would pick on me again. I could feel the nervousness in my tummy and I felt like throwing up. What if it was like back home? I couldn't be able to take the loneliness again. Frank didn't seem to notice my nervousness and I wondered if he was thinking about something.

We were at the office and we both went in. The lady at the desk looked bored and well old. "Hi I'm Katerina Flores and I'm new here" I said blushing. Damn I hated being shy.

The lady looked up at me and wrote my name down in the computer. "Hmmm Katerina Flores you say?" "Yes ma'am"

"A junior this year"

"Yes ma'am"

"Do you need your schedule?"

"Yes I do can I get please?"

She typed something down and the printer started printing. "Here you go have a good day bye" she held out the paper and I took it.

"Thank you"

As soon as we walked out Frank said "What classes do you have?"

I looked it over and said "AP Algebra 2, Pyshics, P.E., Art, Social Studies, and Ap English 3"

"Damn AP English and AP Algebra?"

"Yup I'm pretty good in English"

"Well I have PE, Pyshics, and Social Studies with you" Frank said smiling at me.

"That's great!" I said smiling back.

Sadly the bell rang and ruined the moment. "Do you want me to show you your first class?"

"Yes please Frank"

We walked to the science building and found my class.

"Hello how may I help you?" the Pyshics teacher asked. The teacher was a lady she was slightly taller than me. She had long red hair that went past her shoulders.

"Umm uh" I stuttered out a couple of students stared at me and snickered.

"She's a new student here her name is Katerina Flores" Frank said.

"Oh hello Katerina I'm Ms. Jones" she said nicely.

"Hi Ms. Jones" I said quietly.

"Well I'll see you in second period Kat" Frank said leaving.

Damn I'm alone here now.
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